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06 February 2018 17:00

Join the Black Desert Online Partner Program

Greeting Adventurers,

We’re happy to announce that we can finally share details about our newly introduced Black Desert Online Partner Program. It’s been in the works for some time and we’re happy that we can finally share details.

The Black Desert community is full of passionate players who create amazing live streams, videos, commentary, and content in many shapes or forms. The Black Desert Online Partner Program, is one of the ways we support content creators. Support includes featuring on our official channels so that partnered creators can build awareness for their channel(s) and expand their audience.

Post launch and after the first content creators have joined the program we will regularly evaluate to improve it.

That sounds cool, how can I get started?

In order to apply for the Black Desert Online Partner Program, you’ll need to visit this site and fill in the requested details. On the page, you’ll find an outline of the perks we offer and what we are looking for in a Black Desert Online Partner. We’ll be regularly reviewing applications and accepting new partners to the program, so keep a close eye on your email (including your spam folder) if you have submitted an application.

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