Hoist your Sails!

17 January 2018 10:00

Hoist your Sails!


Dare to get your hands on Vell’s Heart?

Hoist your sails and get ready for the colossal sea boss headed your way! (Vell will make its appearance at sea on January 28th). Please keep in mind Vell will spawn every Sunday at noon (12:00PM CET & 12:00PM PST).

Velia is quite uproarious about the mysterious creature that appeared in front of the sea recently.

Igor Bartali the Chief of Velia town is now recruiting adventurers that are willing to research on Vell’s Realm.


In order to prepare for Vell’s upcoming threats, complete the quest and obtain an Old Bartali Sailboat!

What do the specs look like for this sailboat?

  • Durability: 700,000, Power: 1,000,000, Weight: 500LT
  • Mount Inventory: 1 Slot (Cannon Ball for Ship only)
  • Upon firing a cannon, durability will decrease by 5,000.
  • Event Period: January 17th After Maintenance ~ February 14th Before Maintenance.

During the event period to rent out Old Bartali Sailboat, this series of event quests can be accepted WEEKLY. This means you can re-accept the event quests 1 week from the moment you accepted them previously.

Complete the Preceding Quests

In order to complete the Event Quest to obtain an Old Bartali Sailboat, you need to proceed with all Serial Quests that research on the mysterious creature in Velia.


Talk to Black Spirit in Velia with your character that has level 50 or more.

If you obtain a quest [Event] Noisy Shore from Black Spirit, you can proceed to next serial quests.

Quest Title

Obtain Subject

[Event] Noisy Shore

Black Spirit

Mysterious Creature

Velia Vigilante

A Fish from the Great Ocean?

Igor Bartali

Records on Vell’s Heart


Lopters’ Scale


Vell’s Fine Powder


Among the serial quests after accepting the quests, Records on Vell’s Heart and Vell’s Fine Powderyou can complete the quest objective by clicking following choices from talking to Alustin.

You can also complete the quest by talking to Alustin when the quest objective has been given.

Complete Event Quest

If you complete a quest Vell’s Fine Powder, you can summon Black Spirit and obtain the event quest.

Black Spirit will ask you to find Igor Bartali the Chief of Velia town that is looking for an adventurer who can investigate Vell’s Realm.

By talking with Igor Bartali, the quest [Event] Investigate Vell’s Realm  is completed, and you can obtain a quest [Event] To the Vell’s Realm.

Performing the quest is quite simple.

All you have to do is to talk to Croix the Wharf Manager from Velia!

After completing the quest, you can earn [Event] Ship License:  Old Bartali Sailboat.

Register Sailboat

Even though Old Bartali Sailboat is slower than Epheria Sailboat, you can easily obtain Old Bartali Sailboat weekly during the event period.

However, unlike Epheria Sailboat, you cannot recover Power for Old Bartali Sailboat.

You can register Ship License on the Wharf Menu by talking to Croix the Ferry Crossing Keeper in Velia.

Ship License will be activated if you click the Register Ship Menu and once you name your boat, it is all set to use.

▲  If you don’t have a Sailboat yet, prepare for Vell’s upcoming threats with Old Bartali Sailboat!

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