Nova Awakening and Succession

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Queen of Thorns Stained in Blood

Nova Awakening and Succession




"Warriors who bear the thorns, you are the living embodiment of Quturan.

As long as you live, Orzeca will be eternal."



Is there any other word that presses down on your heart like “eternity?”


Father, I have rediscovered the story about the kingdom long gone,

the story you never got to tell me.

It was in the Promised Land, abandoned by the God of Light. 

The story of High Priestess Echidna who led the abandoned children to the root of Quturan.


"The thorn is the gift bestowed by the goddess with eternity as its condition."


Echidna’s children armed themselves with weapons created with the thorns of Quturan

and slaughtered their enemies.

Records stated that the blood they spilled became nourishment for Quturan 

and ushered in the glorious golden age of the ancient kingdom.

So I followed Echidna’s steps down into the dead root of Quturan.



"Only good children who overcome the trial can become the queen of thorns."


 As I went in deeper, the smell of blood and something burning pierced my nose.

And with the smell Echidna’s whispers in my ear. Or was it just my imagination?

Then, when I opened my eyes again, I found myself soaked in cold sweat.

I do not remember how I escaped. 

But father, I suddenly remembered the last night we saw stars together in Calpheon.


"Forgive my sins"

You said, as you handed me the golden key decorated with eagle wings.


"Forgive me for forcing you into eternal struggle."


This was the first and last time I saw tears in your eyes.

I didn’t understand, but your words felt so distant.

Thus, I buried the key deep into my heart.


"Do not forget who you are. You are my one and only Francesca Seric."




"Axian, the King of the Dead"


The last king of the ancient kingdom bears the bloodstained crown even after death.

He waits for the Queen of Thorns to deliver his salvation.


Father, after the day I visited the root of Quturan following Echidna’s trail,

I reread the history of the ancient kingdom every time I had a nightmare.

I awaited the promised day when I gather the abandoned followers to form an army

and reclaim the throne as I plant the young branch of Quturan.



Delore La Sylvia.

The cold star shall rise once more over my kingdom of Calpheon.


However, my nightmare became a reality before the promised day came.

The girl I saw at the root of Quturan, whom I did not believe to be real, found me.


With the power of the goddess distorted by life and death,

I seek to reclaim what is mine.


Is she the trial of the goddess Echidna mentioned?

Or is she the fruit of the sins you confessed, father?


My name is Francesca Seric, the rightful heir to the kingdom of Calpheon


She has my face, my voice, my memories, my emotions.

She wields the Morning Star and emanates the chill of the distorted goddess.


Father, pray to the goddess for my victory.

An inevitable strife for the true heir of the throne awaits,

and only one will survive to wield the thorn of the divine tree.






Nova gained a new form of power by making a pact with Axian, the King of the Dead, with the Thorn of Quturan.


Axian is a gigantic and ghastly undead creature with wings and horns. He was summoned by sacrificing Nova’s vitality and the Thornwood Guards to bring death to the land of the living.


Axian simultaneously attacks from the skies and taints the Morning Star in black to make it recover Nova’s HP and SP at the same time.


Nova can swiftly move across the battlefield more than ever as her Thornwood Guards bring destruction to anyone who defies her.


Nova is capable of exerting vast control over a large battlefield as she dominates her enemies through her command of Axian.



Succession Skills


Nova in Succession continues to make most of her Morning Star and Quoratum to deliver heavy blows to her foes in a balanced combat style.


Her growth in strength can be especially seen in enhanced movement skills along with more diverse combos between skills.


However, the most notable development in Nova’s Succession can be seen in the summoning of her new guard "Axian”.


Axian can be summoned by sacrificing Nova’s Thornwood Guards and portions of her own HP. When commanded, Axian will accompany Nova in a joint attack just as the Thornwood Guards did.


Axian will recover Nova’s HP & SP whenever she uses a skill and it will also dive into a state of frenzy if it feels that Nova is in danger.


- Prime: King of the Dead

Summon Axian, the King of the Dead, by sacrificing Nova’s HP and her Thornwood Guards.

Axian brings in the chill of death into battle at the price of Nova’s HP.



- Prime: Entangling Icy Thorns

Create a circle of icy thorns to entangle Nova’s foes.

Axian emerges from the center to attack the tied down enemies.



- Prime: Fianchetto

Rip out the thrown morning star from the ground. Axian attacks the enemies that have been thrown into the air.



- Prime: Icy Prison

Nova commands pure destruction to Axian.

Axian summons the chill from the world of the undead to freeze her enemies.






Nova acquires Sting from the duel. This weapon was created with the thorn of Quturan and empowered by the distorted goddess. She wields it freely and slaughters her enemies with it.


Sting’s wielder can switch its form between a sharp sword and formidable scythe.

Sting in its sword form is a rapier-like weapon with quick piercing attacks, while her attacks in the scythe form are ring-shaped strikes making it difficult for enemies to predict her movement.


The Awakened Nova also acquires a special resource called "Star's Breath" when she successfully hits her enemies during combat. Once she has amassed the full extent of these resources, her skills are enhanced, allowing her to unleash faster and more powerful forms of her skills.


Be careful to not get mesmerized by the grand Queen of Thorns.



Awakening Skills

Awakened Nova switches gears to Sting, the thorn of Quturan that wraps around her arm and becomes her weapon.


Sting’s standard form is like a rapier, so many of her awakening skills revolve around Royal Fencing.

Additionally, Sting can transform into a formidable scythe, which enables her to hit a large area.


Awakened Nova’s major trait is "En Garde” and the incredible boost of speed it gives her.


She is able to stack “Star’s Breath” with every skill she uses. This resource can be used to enable “En Garde” to give her explosive speed.


When she enters “En Garde,” all her awakening skills are enhanced.

More importantly, she becomes extremely quick and pours out flashy attacks.




Royal Fencing: Remise

Quick and accurate thrusts of Sting.



Point Sting forward and dash in the direction to strike the enemy.



Create countless blades of light then shoot them forward to deal astronomical damage.



Star's Ring

Summons a star by swinging the scythe around 3 times then throwing it.

Enemies near the star will not be able to move due to its gravity.



Nova Awakening & Succession Combat Video





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