Terrmian Winterpark

16 December 2020 11:00

Period: December 16 (after maintenance)–December 30 (before maintenance)


Did you hear? Winter has arrived in Fluffy Snowflake Village! 

The first snow of the year fell over the Terrmian Beach area, so it’s time to enjoy the winter events! Experience snowy adventures at Fluffy Snowflake Village, where it snows non-stop all day long!


Event 1. Energy-giving Tree

Period: December 16 (after maintenance)–December 30 (before maintenance)



Tired from your exhausting journey, adventurer? Then come on down to rest your weary selves at Fluffy Snowflake Village. You will get an Energy Recovery +1 buff for 10 seconds every time you get close to the tree.


▲ Energy-giving Tree location


Event 2. Black Spirit Ice Statue

Period: December 16 (after maintenance)–December 22 (before maintenance)


During the event period, accept the quest ‘[Event] A Village of Frosty Winds’ from the Black Spirit (Quest > Event Quest) to find the Fluffy Snowflake Village covered in snow. 

  • Find NPC Luta at Fluffy Snowflake Village to help you sculpt the suspicious lump of ice. 

  • When you find NPC Luta, accept the quest ‘[Event] Birth of a Pretty Sculpture’, which will help you sculpt the lump of Ice.



Quest Name

Accept NPC

Completion Reward


[Event] Birth of a Pretty Sculpture (Daily Quest)



[Event] Snowflake Seed


▲ Luta

  • Receive ‘[Event] Heila's Ice Carving Tool’ from NPC Heila and hand it over to NPC Luta in order to finish up making the sculpture.

  • You will be able to sculpt the lump of ice once for every time you complete the quest ‘[Event] Birth of a Pretty Sculpture’. As more players help sculpt the ice, it will transform into a beautiful Black Spirit sculpture to decorate Fluffy Snowflake Village.

    • Let's get together and make the Black Spirit sculpture to help Fluffy Snowflake Village become as wonderful as it can be!

  • You can obtain 20 Cron Stones by growing '[Event] Snowflake Seed' in a Garden and harvesting the resulting crop.

  • Please note that the plant breeding function is not available with ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’.

  • Completion reward ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’ will not disappear even after the event period ends.


Event 3. Exploring Fluffy Snowflake Village

Period: December 16 (after maintenance)–December 30 (before maintenance)


Daily Quests

  • During the event period, collect ‘[Event] Emergency Carrot Rations’ by completing daily quests while exploring Fluffy Snowflake Village.


Quest Name

Accept NPC

Completion Reward

[Event] Protect the Ice Crystal! (Daily Quest)



  • Contribution EXP 100

  • [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations x1

[Event] Cleanliness Is a Must! (Daily Quest)



  • Contribution EXP 100

  • [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations x1

[Event] Preparing for a Festive Ball (Daily Quest)



  • Contribution EXP 100

  • [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations x1

[Event] Return Our Castle! (Daily Quest)



  • Contribution EXP 100

  • [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations x1

[Event] What Kind of Gift Do You Want? (Daily Quest)



  • Contribution EXP 100

  • [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations x1

  • Memory Fragment x1



Poa, Pona




Family Quest

  • Collect [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations x20 and show them to NPCs. Then, you can proceed the quest to receive the wonderful ‘[Event] Ice King Black Spirit’ that can be used to decorate your residence.


Quest Name

Accept NPC

Completion Reward

[Event] Ice King Black Spirit (Family Quest)


[Event] Ice King Black Spirit x1



Collect and Exchange [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations!

  • You can exchange ‘[Event] Emergency Carrot Rations’ with the stable keeper NPC Lorenzo Murray in Velia for the following items.

    • Please right click the item [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations in your inventory (I) to navigate to stable keeper Lorenzo Murray in Velia.


[Event] Emergency Carrot Rations Needed

Exchange for



[Event] Advice of Destiny

[Event] Advice of Immortality

[Event] Advice of Memory


Advice of Valks (25–35)



[Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Combat)

[Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Life)


[Updated December 22]


New Addition

Period: December 22 (after maintenance)–December 30 (before maintenance)


NPC Hocha in Fluffy Snowflake Village will now also exchange your [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations! Take 20 [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations to Hocha instead of Lorenzo Murray if you would like to get your own Cute Snowman Transformation Scroll!

  • You need 20 [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations in order to exchange for the scroll.

  • Cute Snowman Transformation Scroll summons a Cute Snowman with which you interact with to transform into one.

  • The summoned Cute Snowman will disappear if you leave it idle without transforming for 30 sec. it summons.

  • Once you turn into a snowman yourself, please mind the duration of 10 mins. and that you will transfer back if you go into water while transformed or end transformation yourself.

  • Cute Snowman Transformation Scroll has a cooldown of 60 mins.








Space Bar

Hold down Spacebar while moving forward to extend your jump up to to 3 times

  • Cute Snowman Transformation Scroll will turn you into this cute fella:




Event Notice

  • All daily quests in Fluffy Snowflake Village are available once a day per family and it resets every day at 00:00 UTC.

  • The event quests marked as ‘(Daily quest)’ can be completed once a day per family. While the quests marked with ‘(Family quest)’ can only be completed once per family.

    • Please note you need to select ‘Other Quests’ from the Quest Accept Settings to repeat daily quests.

  • All quests in Fluffy Snowflake Village can be accepted by characters that are level 50 or higher.

  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved or restored.

    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.

  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.

  • Event period and specs may change with future notice.


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