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16 December 2020 11:00


Embracing the darkness of the distorted goddess, Calpheon's last star Nova will arrive carrying her fierce Morning Star on one hand, the mammoth Quoratum on the other. 

Pre-create your Nova now and enjoy this newest addition to our roster next week!


Don't forget that Nova can be pre-created as a Season Character for the upcoming winter season next week as well!


Event 1:  Customization Contest

Period: December 16 (after maintenance)–December 30 (before maintenance)


Get ready to show us your artistic skills and win rewards! Show us your original and creative customization today!


How to Participate

Step 1. Customize a Nova in the Character Creation window.

Step 2. Click [Beauty Album] → [Take Photo] to take a picture.


Enter a title and choose a category, and press Save to register your photo to the User Gallery.

  • Please make sure you have toggled “Register in Gallery” to upload to the Gallery tab where you can confirm it. 

  • The more people you have applying your customization, the higher the chance for you to win.

  • Before the Nova official release (on Dec. 22), Nova customizations can be applied via Character Creation > Nova > Beauty Album.

  • After the Nova official release, Nova customizations can also be applied while playing Nova with Beauty (F4) > Beauty Album


Participation Category


From the Nova customizations in the “Top 50 Most Applied" category (under Top Ranking in the Beauty Album) our staff will pick the Top 5 Winners from NA and EU each.


Create your distinctive customization.

From the Nova customizations in the "Unique” category (under Gallery in the Beauty Album) our staff will pick the Top 3 Winners from NA and EU each.

  • All-in-all, 8 winners will be chosen for each region (NA or EU) for a total of 16 winners altogether.




Young Baphomet


What are you waiting for? Pre-create your Nova now!


Event 1 Notice

  • Please don’t forget to save your progress! Save your templates before clicking [Creation Complete].

  • Please make sure to take your photo for Beauty Album before pushing Creation Complete if you want to register your customization during the character creation process as you can't go back into the create character window again after you complete creating your character.

  • Create and register your Nova customization by December 22 (before maintenance).

  • Top winners from BEST OF SHOW and Top winners from BE UNIQUE in NA or EU will be chosen after the event concludes and winners may be announced via our official channels at a later date.

  • Event rewards will be sent via in-game mail with a future announcement via Patch Notes of the relevant week.

    • Currently the rewards for winners are planned to be sent out with January 6, 2021 regular maintenance.

  • We do not accept default customization or copies of customization taken from other authors; please make sure to create an original customization and show off your skills!

  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one of your submissions will be eligible to win for the BEST OF SHOW.

  • Winners of BEST OF SHOW will be chosen from the Top Ranking tab regardless of the category the submission is under in the Beauty Album. Winners of BE UNIQUE will be chosen by Staff Pick from the 'Unique' category.

  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in restriction of your account.

  • Event period and rules are subject to change with future notice.

  • By registering your Nova character screenshot(s) on Beauty Album (F4) and participating for the customization event, you understand and agree that the rights and ownership for the use of the screenshot(s) will automatically belong to Kakao Games Europe B.V. and Kakao Games USA Inc. and that the character screenshot(s) can be used at Kakao Games Europe B.V.'s and Kakao Games USA Inc.'s discretion.

  • By participating, you allow Kakao Games B.V. and Kakao Games USA Inc to share your submitted image including your in-game Family name on Kakao Games website, forum, and social media channels.


Event 2: Pre-create a Season Character Now!

Period: December 16 (after maintenance)–December 22, Tuesday (before maintenance)


Winter Season arrives next week along with Nova and to celebrate this event, pre-create a season character to prepare for the winter season and get all of the rewards below for just pre-creating a season character!


Keep in mind it does not have to be Nova you pre-create as a season character but any class is fine as long as they are Season Characters! 


Given to all adventurers who create a Season Character during the pre-creation period of one week!

[Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll x3

[Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll x3

[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x3

[Event] Elion's Tear x5

Finto's Filling Juice Fresh Orange Juice x10

Finto's Sweet Juice Sweet Wild Berry Juice x10

Finto's Fresh Juice Sour Green Grape Juice x10

Gold Bar 1,000G

Advice of Valks (+60) x1

  • During the pre-creation period ((December 16 (after maintenance)–December 22, Tuesday (before maintenance)), you can create a season character regardless of which regular server you enter.

  • Pre-creation event rewards will be sent via in-game mail (B) on December 22 regular maintenance.

    • Please make sure to NOT DELETE the pre-created Season Character before the official launch of Winter Season on December 22 in order to receive the rewards.


Event 2 Notice

  • You can participate in this event by pre-creating a season character of any class; please note it does not have to be Nova that you pre-create as a Season Character for the upcoming Winter Season.

  • The season character you have created will be able to enter and play in the season servers found in the server list after the December 22 maintenance.

  • You need to have 1 empty character slot to create a new season character.



Event 3. Hot Time Boosts

Period: December 16 (after maintenance)–December 30 (before maintenance)

  • As announced specially during Calphe:ON Ball, the following EXP boosts will be applied during the event period.





All servers

24/7 during the entire event period

Combat EXP +300%

Skill EXP +50%


Event 3 Notice

  • Hot time boost will be applied to all servers including Arsha, Olvia and Season servers (winter season to arrive next week).

  • Combat EXP boost will not stack with previous combat buff effects. However, EXP boosts from EXP scroll items, elixirs, and Value Packs will be applied additionally.

  • Skill EXP boost will stack with previous skill buff effects.

  • Combat EXP boost will not be applied to characters below Lv. 30. However, Skill EXP boost does not require a level restriction to be received.

  • Life EXP and other EXPs are excluded from this event.

  • Event period and spec. may change with future notice.


Event 4: Challenges for New and Returning

Period: December 16, 2020 (after maintenance)–January 20, 2021 (before maintenance)

  • New and Returning Adventurers who complete the following challenges can claim the golden reward via the Challenge tab (Y)!

    • You must be a "New" or a "Returning" adventurer to participate.

    • Available once per in-game family.

    • You can claim the challenge rewards via the Challenges tab even after the event period ends.





For New Adventurers

Log-in once during the event period.

Gold Bar 1,000G x1,

Horse Emblem: Tier 7 White Horse (Female) x1

For Returning Adventurers

Log-in once during the event period.

Gold Bar 1,000G x3


Event 4 Notice

  • New adventurers who are logging in within 30 days (720 hours) of having first created their Family Name are eligible for and can claim the New Adventurer Rewards.

    • If you do not see your rewards to claim for having reached the designated levels, please move out to the Character Selection window, then log back into your game to see the refreshed Challenges tab (Y).

  • Returning adventurers who have not logged in for at least 30 days (720 hours) and have not used the Web Central Market for at least 30 days (720 hours) can claim the Returning Adventurer Rewards.



General Event Notice

  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved or restored.

    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.

  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.

  • Event period and specs may change with future notice.


Service Information

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