Transfer of Service

12 December 2020 07:00

Greetings Adventurers,


Since its launch in March 2016, it’s been our privilege to share your adventures in Black Desert Online but it is now time for Kakao Games’ part in this to come to an end. As of February 24th  2021 Kakao Games will cease service and it will become the responsibility of the developers, Pearl Abyss. 


Many great memories have been forged over the last five years and we have the utmost confidence that many more will be created as the service continues under their management. The finer details of the handover are still being established so we will be sure to keep you informed on the process as the final date draws closer. We can already inform you that in order to comply with data protection practices there will be an opt-in process to have your game data transferred that will begin on January the 27th 2021. Exact details will be announced soon, but this will be mandatory if you wish to continue playing the game.


Be assured that we are fully committed to a smooth transition with as little disruption to you as possible, and your enjoyment and progress in the game will be unaffected. For now, nothing will change immediately, the game will be updated and as new content gets added we will continue striving to make your experience in Black Desert Online the best it can be.


You can find an FAQ on our support pages which we will keep updated as and when new information becomes available. We will also make sure you are informed through all of our usual channels, so please keep an eye out for news.


It’s been an amazing journey and one that we are extremely proud to have been a part of over the last five years but now we look forward to the next chapter in Black Desert Online and sharing our own journey with you in future Kakao Games titles.


- Kakao Games BDO Team


Service Information

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