O'dyllita Launch Events

07 October 2020 08:00


O'dyllita, the land of darkness and ancient secrets, will unfold. Start your adventure in O'dyllita now with the following events to enjoy the new area.


Event 1. Trade with the trio

Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 13 (23:59 UTC) *Updated


1. During the event period, event NPCs will appear in O'draxxia, the capital city of O'dyllita. The supply delivery NPCs Martum, Tolo, and Lerosha will trade off [Event] Supply Box items you hand in with Gold Bar 10G and offer an additional Hot Time boost. Your choice will decide which additional Hot Time boost you will get later on.



2. There are 2 ways to obtain  [Event] Supply Box items during the event period.


Event Item

How to Obtain


[Event] Supply Box

  1. Defeat monsters, gather, or fish during the event period to obtain at a chance.

  • Log-in during the event period and receive [Event] Supply Box x3 per day via the Challenges tab (Y)!

  • The event challenge can be completed once per day per in-game family, and it will reset daily at 00:00 UTC.


3. You can choose any 1 of the 3 NPCs to turn in your [Event] Supply Box.

  • [Event] Supply Box will be deleted at the end of the event period, so please make sure to turn them in within the event period.
  • [Updated 10/15] [Event] Supply Box will be deleted with October 21 regular maintenance.

Item to Turn in

Exchange for

[Event] Supply Box


Gold Bar 10G


4. When the event ends, the NPC with the most number of [Event] Supply Box received (EU and NA servers separately) will give an additional Hot Time boost. This additional boost will be given during the additional Hot Time Boost period. Check the table below for details.


5. The results at the end of the event period will decide what type of additional Hot Time boost event will be given to NA and EU servers.

  • The additional boosts will be applied during Hot Time hours.


Additional Hot Time Boost

Period: October 21 (after maintenance)—October 28 (before maintenance)


NPC with most [Event] Supply Box received

Hot Time Additional Boost

<Calpheon Supply Delivery> Martum

Combat EXP Boost

+300% on Weekdays,

+500% on Weekends


*Replaces the previous Combat EXP boost

<Valencia Supply Delivery> 


Life EXP +50%


*In addition to the existing Hot Time boost

<O'draxxia Supply Delivery> Lerosha

Item Drop Rate +50% 

(only for lootable items from defeating monsters)


*In addition to the existing Hot Time boost

  • If Martum was the NPC with the most [Event] Supply Box received for NA servers, the previous Hot Time Combat EXP boost (of 100% on weekdays and +200% on weekends) will be replaced with the boosts shown above.

  • Tolo and Lerosha will be giving boosts in addition to existing Hot Time boosts if chosen.

  • The Hot Time additional boosts (Combat EXP, Life EXP, Item Drop Rate boosts) will stack with other boost-giving items.


Event 2. Travel with Rulupee

Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 21 (before maintenance)

  • With a character of Lv. 56 and above, accept and complete the quest [Event] Faster than Anyone from the Black Spirit.

  • Find Rulupee travelling all over O'dyllita and complete consecutive quests to obtain rewards!


Quest Name 

(Must be completed in the order shown)


Completion Reward

[Event] Faster than Anyone

Black Spirit

Contribution EXP 50

[Event] Adventure - Talibahr's Rope


Contribution EXP 3000

[Event] Adventure - Starry Midnight Port

Contribution EXP 3000

[Event] Adventure - La O'delle

Contribution EXP 3000

[Event] Adventure - Salanar Pond

Contribution EXP 3000

[Event] Adventure - O'draxxia

Contribution EXP 3000

  • You must be at least Lv.56 to accept and complete the above event quests.

  • The event quests can be completed once per in-game family during the entire event period.

  • Locations of NPC Rulupee, who gives the event quests, will differ. Please use the in-game auto-navigation for the exact locations.

  • This is a series of consecutive quests that must be completed in order. If you do not complete the previous quest, you cannot proceed to the next one. 


Event 3. Flower in the Darkness

Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 21 (before maintenance)

  • Find and gather Delotia that blooms all over O'dyllita.


▲ Delotia can be spotted most often in O'draxxia, the capital of O'dyllita

  • During this event period, Manufacture Delotia x3 from the Processing window (L) to obtain [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration.

    • Please note this processing will only be available during the event period and you can no longer craft [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration after the event period ends.

  • Hand over [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration to NPC Lomin in O'draxxia to obtain [Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe.

    • Lomin can be found near Emeracia, the general goods vendor of O'draxxia.



Event Quest


Completion Bonus

[Event] Flower in the Darkness


- Deliver [Event] Delotia Flower Decoration to Lomin


[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe

  • This event quest can be completed with a character Lv. 56 and above, and can be completed once per day per in-game family



Craftable Item

Perfume of Courage x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Flawless Perfume of Courage x1

Perfume of Swiftness x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Perfume of Charming Swiftness x1

Khalk's Elixir x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Khalk's Brutal Elixir x1

Elixir of Deep Sea x1,

[Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe x1

[Event] Elixir of Deep Serene Sea x1

  • [Event] Perfume or [Event] Elixir items can also be used as materials to craft the mentioned items. For example, [Event] Perfume of Courage can also be combined with [Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe to create [Event] Flawless Perfume of Courage.

  • Effect from crafted perfumes and elixir items from combining [Event] Emeracia's Elixir Recipe with another material will not disappear even if the character is killed.

  • The resulting craftable items (perfumes and elixirs) will not be deleted even after the event ends.


Event 4. Flower of the Burning Moon

Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance)

  • During the event period, accept and proceed with [O'dyllita] Flower of the Burning Moon.

    • The first quest, [O'dyllita] Black-Robed Man, in the O'dyllita main quest chain can be accepted from the Black Spirit.

    • O'dyllita main quests can only be accepted with a character Lv. 60 or above that has completed the quest [Lv. 58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve.

  • For adventurers who have completed all of O'dyllita main quests during the event period, the following completion bonus will be given via the Challenges tab (Y). 



Completion Reward

Complete the O'dyllita Main Questline!


- October 7 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance)

- Complete all of O'dyllita main quests within the event period.

Mass of Pure Magic x5,


Advice of Valks (+60) x1


[Event] Enhancement Help Kit II x1

  • Event challenge can be completed once per in-game family during the event period. You may proceed with O'dyllita main quests with multiple characters, but only the first character that completes all O'dyllita main quests will be eligible to receive rewards.

  • If you do not see the event challenge completed even after you have completed all of O'dyllita main quests, please exit to the Character Selection screen then come back into the game to see it updated.


Event Notice:

  • Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved or restored.

    • Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information.

  • Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account.

  • Event period and specs may change with future notice.


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