Make Your Own Rules, Arena of Arsha

25 July 2017 12:00

Arena of Arsha is a special battle arena where YOU become the operator to hold PVP matches. Starting today, engage in glorious battles with you hosting and setting up every part of the matches! Stage your battles, choose your own teams, and step into the fierce and feisty, Arena of Arsha.


Guild Masters can set a specific date to claim the right to run the Arena of Arsha, and when the reserved date comes the operator can invite adventurers to participate in Team Matches or Team Survivals.

In order to reserve the Arena of Arsha, guild funds are required, but spectating or participating adventurers only require the invitation of the operator regardless of his/her affiliated guild.

Arena of Arsha differs from the Red Battlefield in that you can choose to form your teams with adventurers who you want to engage in battles with, and also set specific match time, number of rounds, and regulations of the matches.

Spectators can simply watch the real-time matches live. 


▲ ‘Arena of Arsha,’ the ultimate PVP battlefield.


Reserving Arena of Arsha

In order to host a PVP match in Arena of Arsha, you first need Operator Rights.

Operator Rights can only be granted to Guild Masters or Guild Officers.

First, you have to choose the date in which you want to hold your match.

Click ‘ESC - Arena of Arsha’ to check the details and reservation status of Arena of Arsha in the server.

If you successfully reserve the date you want to hold your match, you will be able to rent the Arena of Arsha for the whole day of your reservation.  

Reservation is possible for all dates within 1 week from the current day, and reservation costs 10 million silvers of guild funds.

Canceling can be done at any time but the deposit cannot be refunded.


▲ Click ‘ESC - Arena of Arsha’ button to check the status of reservations in the connected server.


If there are no preexisting reservations, choose the date in which you want to make your reservation.

Arena of Arsha operates in each server respectively.

If your desired date of reservation for Arena of Arsha is already taken, check other servers for availability.

However, Arena of Arsha is unavailable in the following servers: All Olvia Servers, Velia 1, Balenos 1, Serendia 1, Calpheon 1, Mediah 1, Valencia 1, Valencia 3) 

If you successfully reserved on the date of your choice, you need to receive the rights to run Arena of Arsha on the reserved day.

Press ‘G’ to open up Guild window and click on ‘Host AOA’ button.

Operator Rights can be borrowed or returned.


▲ Press ‘G’ to open up Guild window and click on ‘Host AOA’ button


If you have claimed the Operator Rights, you can prepare for matches by entering Arena of Arsha.

Click ‘ESC - Arena of Arsha’ to move to the battle arena and set the rules of your own matches and invite adventurers to join


Preparing for Match

Click ‘ESC - Arena of Arsha’ again while inside the Arena of Arsha to open up Match Settings window.

Through this window, you can invite other adventurers to join your matches.  

Among your invitees, you can choose a Suboperator who will assist you in running your matches.

The Suboperator can Invite/Kick Out participating adventurers and also manage the actual matches.

Click on a character’s name and click ‘Promote’ to grant the relevant character the role of a Suboperator.

Inviting characters after checking ‘Invite Spectator’ or ‘Invite Suboperator’ will allow the designated characters to join Arena of Arsha as a Spectator or a Suboperator, not as an Invitee.


▲ Type in the other adventurer’s character name and click ‘Summon’ to invite the designated adventurer to Arena of Arsha.




Kick Out

Change Teams

Match Settings



























Invitees will be shown on the Waiting List.

Adventurers in the waiting list who will participate in the actual matches can choose teams.


The Operator can right-click on the characters’ names from the waiting list to assign teams, or the adventurers can choose their own teams. 

As long as the actual match has not begun, the participating adventurers can always shift back to Invitee mode.  

If you’d like to restrict Participants or Spectators, click on the Lock icon in the upperleft corner to close Arena of Arsha window.

Once Arena of Arsha window is closed, no more adventurers can join even if he/she has received invitation from the Operator

(The adventurers who already entered as Participants or Spectators are safe).


▲ (View as Operator) Right-click on the characters’ names from the waiting list


to kick out or grant the role of a Suboperator.

If you are a Participant of the matches, you can move to the team of your choice.

If you enter the battle arena as a Operator/Suboperator/Invitee, you can move freely inside but can’t perform any skills or other actions.

Additionally, you will not be able to see other adventurers, but once the match begins, you will only be able to see other participating adventurers.

For the actual Participants in matches, only other Participants will be visible and not anyone else.

Spectators can watch upon the matches from the Arena of Arsha stands.

If the Operator has finished setting the number of Participants for the matches, it’s time to set match rules.

Arena of Arsha can hold two types of matches: Team Match and Team Survival.

Team Match goes in battle rounds between two teams, and Team Survival is a battle royale where various teams can fight altogether to declare one winning team.


  • Common Rule

 - Any buffs from items (food, elixir, furniture) will be nullified inside Arena of Arsha and such items cannot be used in the first place. In addition Black Spirit’s Rage will be set to 0.

 - Buffs from characters’ skills will be applied normally.

 - Both normal potions and arena-specific potions can be used.

 - When a match ends in a draw, the team with higher total HP wins.

   The team with the most HP combined will be declared the winner.


  • Team Match

 - Two teams battle each other.

 - The team that defeats every Participant of the opposing team wins 1 round.

 - Defeated Participants cannot be revived until the end of the round.

 - The team who wins all the number of rounds set by the Operator will win the entire match.

 - Participants will be teleported to the starting area in the opposing sides of the arena at the start of the round. 

 - At the end of every round, all Participants will be revived and teleported back to the starting area.

 - Once all the rounds are completed, match results will show up declare the winner.

  • Team Survival

 - Multiple teams fight altogether. (Max 30 teams)

 - The last surviving team at the end of the intense battle wins.

 - A surviving team must have at least 1 Participant remaining.

 - It’s a single-round match where defeated Participants cannot be revived till the end.

 - Victory conditions can be set by the Operator.

  i.e. If victory conditions are set to ‘2 Teams Surviving,’ the battle royale will last until there are 2 teams remaining.

  The surviving 2 teams will both be declared winners.


Operating Match

The matches can finally begin once team assignment and match settings have been completely set.

Click ‘Start Match’ to see a pop-up message notifying you that 30 seconds of preparation time has been before the start of the match.

For Team Matches, relevant Participants will be teleported to the starting area at the opposing sides of the arena when the Operator clicks ‘Start Match.’

You can buy arena-specific potions and repair your equipment from the NPCs located in this starting area.

For Team Survivals, relevant Participants can move around freely without being teleported to the starting area as this is a battle with multiple teams participating.

It’s crucial that the Participants of Team Survivals prep for battle before the match starts through the NPCs available in the starting areas.


▲ Once the team matches begin, Participants are teleported to the starting areas. 


▲ Arena of Arsha Guards Kate Aron and Pior will repair your equipment and sell potions.


Once 30 seconds of prep time ends after the Operator has clicked ‘Start Match’ button, affiliated team (i.e. Team A, Team B) will show up on top of the character. 

Once the match begins, affiliated team title will be shown on top of the character, and current team scores and remaining time will be shown on the top-center of the screen.

Participating characters in the Team Matches will have their HP shown on the left-hand side, and once the winner is decided according to the rules set by the Operator, another 30 seconds will be given before the start of the next round.

Team scores and remaining time will be shown on the top-center of the screen.

Operator can even stop the match in progress.

If there’s a defeated Participant at this moment, the operator can click ‘Revive All’ button to revive such fallen Participants.


▲ Operator can stop the match in progress forcefully by clicking ‘Pause.’ 


In this case, any defeated Participants can be revived by the Operator by clicking ‘Revive All.’

Once the match begins, Operator/Suboperator/Invitee can press ‘F5’ to go into ‘Spectator Mode.’

Spectator mode allows you to watch the match from the perspective of the Participants.

You can switch to other Participants’ perspective by continuously pressing ‘F5.’

Press ‘F6’ to release spectator mode and return to your own character’s perspective.  

Your character can have his/her back to the walls, sit on rails by pressing ‘Q’

and press ‘R’ to spectate the fabulous matches.

Unlike elsewhere, spectating in Arena of Arsha means you can enjoy the matches

from various angles and perspectives without much territorial limitations.




Make your own Rules!
Arena of Arsha