Autumn Season Servers Guide

26 August 2020 08:00

Autumn Season arrives September 2nd


How Do You Create a Season Character?



In order to create a season character, you must have enough character creation slots.

Go to the Create Character window, choose your character, and select season character to create a season character.

You can create only one season character per family. If you want to create another season character, you must delete the one you had previously created.

Don't forget to check out two pre-creation events going on right now:

  1. Autumn Season Character Pre-creation <HERE>.
  2. Hashashin Pre-creation event "Create and Customize" <HERE>.


What's Different About the Season Servers?


1. There is no forced PvP available in the season servers except for the Season Arsha server. The only PvP feature available is through guild wars.

2. The World Boss HP is shared with the other regular servers, so you can still defeat the World Bosses from the season servers as well.

Those adventurers who created a season character during Summer Season can also create a new season character.

Season characters can login to both season and normal servers.

(However, only new/returning adventurers can login to the Olvia server.)


Season Server Benefits



Unlike the regular servers, the season servers provide you special buffs that will allow your season characters to level up more quickly.

  • 1. Combat EXP +100%
  • 2. Skill EXP +20%

Only season characters can enter the season servers. Starting from the same point as all other players, you will feel the excitement that a new seasonal content brings you once more.

Also, although the season server provides you Combat EXP increase buff as Olvia server does, this buff does not have any maximum level restrictions in the season server, allowing you to level up your season character incredibly fast.





 You can obtain the "[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze" from <Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager> Fughar whenever you complete main quests for Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia, Grána, and Duvencrune.

Use the [Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze to get plenty of Skill EXP and grow your character by learning more powerful skills.



If you reach Lv. 10 with your season character, you will get a Leveling Aid Box as a Season Pass objective completion reward.

You receive more items from Leveling Aid Boxes as you level up your character.

Leveling Aid Boxes can be used up to Lv. 61.


Using a Leveling Aid Box will instantly grant you a Combat EXP +100% buff to help boost your character’s growth.



You can accept season exclusive quests from Fughar, one per Family.

Excluding accessories, if you equip 7 TRI (III) Tuvala gears, you will receive 7 Advice of Valks (+40), and if you equip 7 TET (IV) Tuvala gears, you will receive 7 Advice of Valks (+60).


Season Pass and the Black Spirit Pass

Pass rewards will also be available in the new season.



For the Autumn Season, a special item will be added to the Black Spirit Pass reward pool.

This new item is called a [Season] Coco Leaf.

Take the new items you collect to NPC Patrigio in Velia to exchange for some special items including a weapon exchange coupon.


What can you exchange with [Season] Coco Leaf?



[Season] Coco Leaf required

Exchange for

Available all the time


Valks' Cry x1


Cron Stone

Available via Quest offered at max 3 times per Family


Artisan's Memory x3


Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon x1


Advice of Valks (25–35) x1

Available via Quest offered at max once per Family


Advice of Valks (+50)


Caphras Stone Bundle (10–50)


[Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone


Caphras Stone Bundle (50–100)


Advice of Valks (+60)


Blessing of Kamasylve (20 Days)


Secret Book of Old Moon (20 Days)


Wizard Gosphy


Horse Emblem: Tier 8 White Horse (Female)


Manos Riding Crop


Manos Necklace


Manos Earring


Manos Ring


Manos Belt


Main Weapon Exchange Coupon


Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupon


Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon


Set of Weapon Exchange Coupon (Contains Main, Sub-Weapon, and Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupons)



Autumn Season Graduation




For those who want to level up their characters in the season server and continue their adventures in the regular servers, terms have been changed so that you can now graduate early. Don't forget the Gift Box Full of Memories containing many beneficial items and conversion items will be given as well!

However, early graduation is optional, so you can continue your adventure in the season server if you wish.
Please note requirements and exact details will be revealed at a later date.

Early graduation date and normal graduation date have been set, so please click <HERE> to see the details.


How to Convert Tuvala Gear into Boss Gear



During the graduation process, you can use the Tuvala Conversion Stones you acquire from Gift Box Full of Memories to convert Season Tuvala gear into regular Tuvala gear.

You can acquire a total of 13 Tuvala Conversion Stones, which equals to a full set of gear. (1 for each armor piece, weapon, necklace, and belt, and 2 for each earring and ring)

Using Tuvala Conversion Stones will maintain crystals and creator Family name for PEN (V) items.

Also, you can use the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon you acquire during graduation on a converted Tuvala gear to exchange it for a Boss gear.

※ You cannot use Tuvala gear with crystal inserted via transfusion for Boss gear exchange.


Tuvala Gear

Boss Gear

Tuvala Armor

Dim Tree Spirit's Armor

Tuvala Shoes

Muskan's Shoes

Tuvala Gloves

Bheg's Gloves

Tuvala Helmet

Giath's Helmet

Tuvala Main Weapon

Kzarka Main Weapon

Tuvala Sub-weapon

Kutum Sub-weapon

Tuvala Awakening Weapon

Dandelion Awakening Weapon


When you exchange a Tuvala gear for a Boss gear, it decreases the enhancement level by one.

Please refer to the table below for details.


Tuvala Gear Enhancement

Boss Gear Enhancement











  • For example, using the exchange coupon on TET (IV) Tuvala Shoes will give you TRI (III) Muskan's Shoes.
  • Tuvala gear used for [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon must be between PRI (I) and PEN (V).
  • Boss gear received via [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon will become Family bound and cannot be registered on the Central Market, but are available for
  • enhancement and Caphras enhancement.


Perilla's Star



Reward for the Autumn Season Graduation will include a new Alchemy Stone.

Perilla's Star has the following effects:

  • Damage from Monsters -5%
  • All Damage Reduction +4
  • Recover HP +1 on attack
  • All Resistance +5%
  • Movement Speed +5%
  • Max HP +200
  • Max Stamina +100


We cannot wait for you to find out the story behind Perilla's Star!

Also, we have some good news for those who did not receive the Summer Season special reward.

If you were unable to receive a PEN (V) Capotia accessory from the Summer Season, you can choose between a PEN (V) Capotia accessory or a Perilla's Star when you graduate the Autumn Season as a special Season reward.

We will share with you details of this with a future announcement.

Exact end date of Autumn Season Servers will be announced at a later date.

We hope you enjoy the Autumn Season server in the coming days!


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