Patch Notes - 12th August 2020

12 August 2020 10:00

Greetings Adventurers, 


The pirates at Padix Island have become intoxicated by mysterious flowers that started growing on the island, making them unusually violent and powerful. Take on these pirates for a chance to get the new "Ethereal Earring!"

Speaking of earrings, if you feel like shaking up your accessory game, the new [Event] Terrmina Earring or even a PEN: Capotia Earring is available through our new event "Glimmering Earring."

And that's not all, we have even more events lined up to celebrate August in all its glory. So read on to find out more about them and the rest of the details about this week's update!



[New Events]

  • Glimmering Earring

    • Event 1: Lost Bell of the Terrmian Spirit

      • Period: August 13 (00:00 UTC)–August 24 (23:59 UTC)

      • Simply log in to Black Desert Online and play to get event items from the Challenges (Y) tab during the event period.

    • Event 2: Terrmina Earring

      • Period: August 13 (00:00 UTC)–August 24 (23:59 UTC)

      • Defeat the enemies for NPC Puri of Terrmian Beach and receive a special earring as a reward. The rewards will be useful for enhancing.

    • Event 3. Enhanced up to TRI?

      • Period: August 13 (00:00 UTC)–September 2 (before maintenance)

      • When you have successfully enhanced [Event] Terrmina Earring to level III or above, visit NPC Marsella to accept a quest and obtain the completion reward.

    • Event 4. Remnants of Restoring Hope

      • Period: August 13 (00:00 UTC)–September 2 (before maintenance)

      • Did you fail to enhance [Event] Terrmina Earring to level III or above? You can still take the items to NPC Marsella in Velia and obtain a reward.

    • Click < Here > to find out how you can get a PEN level Capotia Earring!

  • August Events

    • Event 1: Beer Time at Terrmian Beach

      • Period: August 12 (after maintenance)–August 26 (before maintenance.

      • It's time to brew some beer at the beach! During the event period, visit NPC Giorio at Terrmian Beach and complete a quest to get Golden Terrmina worth 30,000,000 Silver!

    • Event 2. Ancient Spirit Dust Pouring Down

      • Period: August 12 (after maintenance)–September 2 (before maintenance)

      • During the event period, the drop rate of Ancient Spirit Dust will increase greatly when defeating monsters.

    • Event 3. Newly-Discovered Treasures is Back

      • Period: August 12 (after maintenance)–September 2 (before maintenance.

      • Time to go treasure hunting again! During the event period, certain rare items, considered as materials to make treasures, will be available in additional areas.

    • Click < Here > to find out more about events prepared for August!

  • An Unexpected Epilogue

    • A mysterious clown has made an appearance in a place where ships float light, looking for answers to questions that keep him up all night. Find him and give him a lead, and you will be rewarded with a title you long seek.

      • August 12 (after maintenance)–August 19 (before maintenance)


[Ongoing Events]

  • Great Summer Festival: August 5–August 26 (before maintenance)

  • The Cursed Hero: July 29–August 26 (before maintenance)

  • [Tournament] Tuvala Invitational 

    • Stage 1: Round-robin. 

      • EU: from 17th August at 4pm UTC/6pm CEST 

      • NA: from 18th August at 00:00 UTC/17th Aug 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

      • The 16 teams will be split into four (4) groups of four (4) with two (2) teams advancing to phase two.

    • Stage: 2 Knockout.

      • EU: 22nd August at 2pm UTC/4pm CEST

      • NA: 22nd August at 9pm UTC/2pm PDT/5pm EDT


[Reward Distribution]

  • To continue the spirit of the Great Summer Festival at Terrmian Beach, we have sent the following coupons to all adventurers. Please check these coupons directly from your Pearl Shop (F3) > Coupon book and mind the expiration date.

    • 10% Discount Coupon x1

    • Apparel 20% DC Coupon x1

    • Function 20% DC Coupon x1



Major Update: Padix Island Revamped

  • Changed Padix Island to a monster zone with a recommended AP of 270.

    • Mutant Loah Flowers bloom at Padix Island. Cox Pirates who smell the Mutant Loah Flowers become very violent and get a sudden surge of power.

    • You can recognize these affected pirates by the "<Addicted to Mutant Loah Flower>" title over their heads.

    • After defeating a monster at Padix Island, up to two players can loot from it and get knowledge, but the monsters"<Addicted to Mutant Loah Flower>" have the same knowledge entries about them as their non-addicted counterparts.

    • The Loah Flower Pots in the cave at Padix Island release a heavy fragrance of Mutant Loah Flowers at certain intervals, causing the Cox Pirates around them to become violent.

    • The AP and DP of these violent Cox Pirates rise and they become resistant to guard and Super Armor effects while becoming proficient at knocking back their enemies.

    • Interact with the Loah Flower Pots and add Mutant Loah Flower Neutralizers to them to stop the pirates from being affected by the flowers' scent and undo the above effects.

      • When you add Mutant Loah Flower Neutralizer to a Loah Flower Pot, there is a chance that a large number of Mutant Loah Snakes will appear.

      • Defeating the Mutant Loah Snakes will give you a good chance of getting Ancient Platinum Coins and a low chance of getting an Ethereal Earring.


  • Added a Simple Alchemy recipe for the new item Mutant Loah Flower Neutralizer.

    • Hazelnut the General Goods Vendor of the Kuit Islands sells Mutant Loah Flower for 1.2 million Silver and Mutant Loah Flower Neutralizer for 3 million Silver.

Simple Alchemy Ingredients


  • Mutant Loah Flower x1

  • Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice x20

  • Fire Horn x35

  • Trace of Despair x70

  • Mutant Loah Flower Neutralizer

  • Added quests about Cox Pirates for the Padix Island.

    • Accept the quests from Lavine the Node Manager of Padix Island with a character that is at least Lv. 61.

  • Added a new accessory, Ethereal Earring.

    • You can get an Ethereal Earring from the Padix Island monster zone.



Ethereal Earring 

  • DP +5
  • Evasion 5 (+10)
  • Accuracy +2

PRI: Ethereal Earring

  • DP +8
  • Evasion 7 (+11)
  • Damage Reduction +1
  • Accuracy +4

DUO: Ethereal Earring

  • DP +11
  • Evasion 9 (+12)
  • Damage Reduction +2
  • Accuracy +6

TRI: Ethereal Earring

  • DP +14
  • Evasion 11 (+13)
  • Damage Reduction +3
  • Accuracy +8

TET: Ethereal Earring 

  • DP +17
  • Evasion 13 (+14)
  • Damage Reduction +4
  • Accuracy +10

PEN: Ethereal Earring

  • DP +20
  • Evasion 15 (+15)
  • Damage Reduction +5
  • Accuracy +12


  • Added a return function that can be used after the end of a Node/Conquest War.

    • You can use this function after the end of a Node/Conquest War you participated in to return to where you were before the "Assemble!" function was used.

    • The button for this function will be on the left side of the minimap.

  • Improved the Black Spirit's Safe to allow you to partially receive rewards when your character has reached their weight limit.

  • Changed Savage Rift to allow additional participants to enter during the third stage.

  • Changed the Pit of the Undying to make it no longer possible to install fence gardens within it.

    • Any installed fence gardens has been withdrawn and sent to your storage.

  • Changed the Pit of the Undying so it cannot be entered during a Node/Conquest War.



[Updated during the August 5 maintenance]

  • Added the quest [Season] Fughar's Special Gift, which will give a Black Spirit emoji as reward.

    • Complete the quests [Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad and [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World from Fughar the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager to accept this new quest.

    • Only characters that went from being season characters to normal characters can accept this quest.



[All Classes]

  • Added a new social action for throwing your Graduation Cap.

    • If you have graduated from the season servers and have a Graduation Cap in your inventory, you can use this social action.


[By Class]


  • Fixed issue where enhanced Florang skills would not work during Talent mode.



  • Fixed issue where the button for returning rented gloves did not appear when you rented Kaia Armor and Kaia Gloves with Contribution Points at the same time.

  • Added text explaining that season characters cannot transfer or receive Life EXP with coupons that exchange life EXP (e.g. Hunting EXP Transfer Coupon).

  • Added the missing effects to the skill description of Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Knockback Resistance, Ignore Knockdown Resistance, and Ignore Stun Resistance.

    • Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Knockback Resistance

      • Ignore Knockback Resistance +10% → Knockback/Floating Resistance +10%

    • Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Knockdown Resistance

      • Ignore Knockdown Resistance +10% → Knockback/Bound Resistance +10%

    • Magic Crystal of Infinity - Ignore Stun Resistance

      • Ignore Stun Resistance +10% → Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10%

  • For details on the newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here >!



  • Reduced the damage dealt by the <Grudge-Bearing> Green Orc Skeleton Warrior by 40%.




  • You can no longer accept different classes' season server quests for enhancing Tuvala gear.

  • Added text about instant teleportation and restrictions on parties to the quest [Crow's Nest] Crow's Mercenary.

  • Changed the quest for getting a Cursed Chest from "[I] The Mediahn Royals of the Past" to "Relieving the Darkness" in the Quest (O) window..

  • Changed quest acceptance condition in the Quest (O) window of "[Kunoichi Succession] A Strange Reunion"" to display "[Kunoichi Awakening] Oeki's Sah Chakram: Practice."

  • Changed quest acceptance condition in the Quest (O) window of "[Lahn Awakening] Crimson Glaives of Antiquity: Practice" to display "[Lahn Succession] A Strange Reunion."

  • Added emphasis to certain parts of the Papua Crinea quests' summaries. 

    • [Papua Crinea] Start for the 100 Billion Silver of Dreams

    • [Papuraora] Lazy Rock Spirit

    • [Papuraora] Panipani Starlight Meal

    • [Papuraora] Flawless Log

    • [Papuraora] Let's Starve Otters

    • [Papuraora] The Calling of the Papus



  • You can now only move the Sweet Gift Letter window by selecting its title bar.

  • Fixed the issue where the UI broke after opening the BDO Wiki window through the pop-up window that appears after reaching Lv. 50.

  • Fixed issue where long item names would break the Upgrade Gear UI.

  • Fixed issue where the button text of the following windows were not centered.

    • Savage Rift

    • Team Battle

    • Chat Filters

  • Fixed the issue where the location of Martial Spirit Shards did not show up where it was set to in the Edit UI window.

  • Added a margin to the bottom of the Settings window.

  • Fixed the issue where the text about availability and discount of an item did not appear and disappear at the same time as the rest of the text that appears when you select on an item on the Pearl Shop.

  • Updated the following UIs.

    • Minimize the Game

    • Sweet Gift Letter

  • Changed the size of the Barter Information window's scroll bar to be easier to click on.

  • Changed the icon design of "Assemble!"



  • Fixed the graphical issues with the Cantabile outfit.

  • Fixed the issue where pressing A while interacting with an NPC with no "general" quest to give triggered a hotkey.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not scroll when your mouse was over the background portion of the Skill Cooldown Slot window.

  • Fixed the issue where you could press through the windows that show up when you open gift letters (e.g. the Sweet Gift Letter window).

  • Fixed the text issues with the quest requirements of certain quests about Shai's Talent.

  • [Mystic, Striker] Fixed the issue where certain gloves were hidden behind the gauntlet and couldn't be seen when previewing the gloves at Pearl Shop (F3).

  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where sound effects of the skills in which Heilang appears did not play in the Skill Demo screen.

  • [Sorceress] Fixed the graphical issue with the lower part of the Epheria Marine outfit.

  • [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the landing motion in Spring Breeze and Prime: Crescent Barrage's Skill Demo looked awkward.

  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the time at which the CC status effect is applied was incorrect in Go!'s Skill Demo.

  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where certain hits were not being applied to the NPC in Radiant Storm's Skill Demo.

  • Changed the location of the monsters that used to be stuck in the floor or the wall of Elric Monastery.

  • Fixed the graphical issue where grass appeared to be floating at some regions between Velia and Loggia Farm.

  • Fixed typos in the descriptions of certain trade items.

  • Fixed the issue where the music stopped after a certain period of time when playing an instrument while in Screenshot Mode (Ctrl+U).



  • We are aware of the issue where [Kunoichi] Night Cat Premium Set does not appear in the Hot & New category even though it is on sale on the Pearl Shop. You can find it in the Apparel > Outfit category by setting your class to Kunoichi then scrolling down or using the search bar.

  • [Updated August 13] We are aware of the issue where the Witch and Wizard classes are performing Simple Alchemy and Simple Cooking at a slower speed than normal.
    • This issue is expected to be fixed with the August 19 maintenance.
  • [Updated August 14] We’ve temporarily disabled the Altar of Blood due to an issue where monsters sporadically do not deal damage during the Altar of Blood. We apologize for the inconvenience and we'll try to resolve this issue shortly.


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