Heidel Ball: AT Home - Global Q&A ENG Part 3

30 July 2020 14:00

Sorry to have kept you waiting again!

Here is the third batch of unanswered questions during the Q&A session at Heidel Ball: AT HOME held back on May 30th.


Please keep in mind some of the plans answered on the question may have already been made into our game! 

Thank you once again for such great questions.


Q. Right now, Conquest War in the NA region is very caster reliant and most competitive guilds will not take in players unless they play a Wizard or Witch. Do you have any plans on making the other classes besides Witches/Wizards more competitive in large scale fights?

Q. Are there any plans to improve the situation of Node War being dominated by casters? Possibly make battles more similar to what you’d read in a medieval fantasy novel?  

A. When we looked at the data for the past couple of months, we found that the kill/death ratio was on the high side for Ranger, Wizard, Sorceress, Tamer, and Witch. We examined several possible reasons and determined that the Black Spirit’s Rage skills had too much of an impact on Conquest War, so we’ve been adjusting some of these skills accordingly. Additionally, the (up to) 5,000 HP buff in Conquest War ended up increasing the importance of the already important Wizard and Witch, which is something we’re also looking to improve through changes to the Conquest War specifications. 

We believe that making changes to the actual Conquest War itself is more important than the significance each class holds. We previously announced the central changes in part 2 of the Q&A, and we will do our best to implement these changes to the game as quickly as possible. We are also looking into a variety of other means of making sure you can enjoy Conquest War’s core experience, such as making more unique skills that can be used by guild masters/officers or new tactical elements with the goal of providing relatively weaker guilds the feeling that this is “worth a try” or “worth the challenge.” Instead of approaching this problem with a focus on melee, ranged, or caster classes, we will strive to make it possible for each guild member to enjoy their role with their class. In the meantime, we will be placing more importance on improving Node and Conquest War. 


Q. Are there plans to increase the number of pets we can have out at a time? 

A. While we will consider it, we currently don’t have any plans to increase the number.  


Q. Ash Forest, a hunting ground that recommends at least 300+ AP, is a place where Adventurers can’t defeat monsters efficiently even with a full PEN (V) set. Don't you think an improvement in gear progression is needed, so that Adventurers can progress their gear faster?

A. Ash Forest was created with the intention of being a “challenge” rather than being a hunting ground where you just efficiently defeat monsters, so we plan to maintain this concept. However, as we mentioned previously, we found that the purpose for “challenging Ash Forest” was too weak, so we’re preparing an update to boost it.  


Q. Can we have the “Newly Discovered Treasures” event as permanent content?   

A. We feel that making this event permanent would be a bit too much as it would devalue the concept of treasure items and the effort Adventurers put into obtaining them. While we will consider shrinking the time in-between event cycles, we believe the treasure items can only be called “treasures” if their value is maintained. It’s why we pay close attention to their value, but on the other hand, we will look into adding lighter items that have limited abilities (such as the number of times it can be used) and other more targeted methods.   


Q. Guilds that are victorious in Conquest War and occupy a castle can’t participate in other PvP content (Node War). Could you consider letting these guilds participate in Node War even if it’s limited to Tier 4 Nodes?  

A. By becoming the lord of a region, the guild agrees to be bound from “combat,” so instead of allowing this guild to participate in Node War, we are considering a different form of PvP within the current structure. In the past, we made it so that guilds that occupied Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia would automatically declare war upon each other to alleviate this situation, and we will look into ways of further expanding this. 

We set up the present structure of Conquest War with the intention of giving more guilds opportunities, so we currently don’t have any plans to change this spec of Conquest War. If the structure is revamped into a “hopscotch”/”capture-the-zone” form, there may be further changes including changes to the present structure. 


Q. Are there any plans for giving Dream Horses new appearances, colors, or exclusive gear? 

A. While we do have things being prepared for Dream Horses, we are still debating how to plan it out as content, and we promise to reveal it to you once it’s ready (however, we don’t have any plans for exclusive gear). 


Q. How about letting us engrave more stuff like PEN (V) gear? Something like Family names on Dream Horses!  

A. We haven’t considered this before, but we believe this is a great idea. It might not be right away, but we’ll set a schedule and push ahead with this idea. It’ll also probably have a different feeling from how gear engraving works. 


Q. Will you add new regions with rules that differ from those of the existing regions? For example, a region where PvP and PvE are mixed together or a Bartering specialized one.

A. The currently in-development Thornwood Fortress is going to be an instanced content like the Red Battlefield, but afterwards, we plan on expanding more field content rather than instanced content. There might even be new ways to enjoy PvE or PvP in specific regions as you described in your question. Black Desert’s strength is content that utilizes its vast, wide-open world, so we will continue to expand upon this content in the future. We hope to announce more details in the upcoming winter or next year. 


Q. Everyone just focuses on AP in the current meta. Are there any plans for improvements?  

A. In terms of PvP, we are aware that the skill damage of each class has increased significantly after the release of Succession, which placed a greater emphasis on AP and reduction in DP efficiency, resulting in combat quickly ending. This might be an extension to our answer for the question regarding evasion, but it is also something that is being debated as we consider several possible options. For instance, putting a different HP reduction variable in skill damage (make HP decrease slower) to give you more time to react or changing the damage reduction formula to cap the amount of incoming damage based on DP.      

However, we will be approaching this extremely carefully, because it could have an enormous impact on our Adventurers’ gear and efforts. 


Q. Are there any plans for a firearm-using class? There’s a firearm featured on the Pila Outlaw costume set and the Iron Buster Awakening weapon for the Berserker, but we have yet to receive a class that makes usage of a firearm in a primary manner.

A. We apologize to our firearm desiring Adventurers, but we currently have zero plans for such a class. If by chance Black Desert were to undergo some radical changes that shifts its worldview in the next couple of years, we may reconsider this, but we feel this isn’t the time to discuss it yet. For now, we will strive to add more new and amazing classes that are appropriate to the world of Black Desert and can appeal to more Adventurers.  


Q. Are there any plans for adding new accessories for PvE, such as the Kagtum Submission Ring?

A. We do have plans to add accessories that reduce monster damage as necessary. However, we haven’t set the update date for them yet.   


Q. Are there any plans for a separate gear/outfit management tab as posted previously on Reddit? 

A. We don’t have any plans yet for a separate “wardrobe closet.” Nevertheless, due to the amount of feedback we’re receiving globally, we decided to consider the possibility of expanding the Pearl Inventory itself once again. 


Q. One particular aspect of ocean content that is somewhat vexing is keeping sailors from being sick, because when you end up engaging, willingly or otherwise, in naval warfare, your sailors end up going down to 0 hunger very quickly, putting them at high risk for sickness. Are there any plans to improve or somewhat relax the costs of these diseases?

A. Compared to ship equipment, it takes much less effort to level up and improve sailors, and they’re also a system with outstanding abilities, so the current disadvantages placed on them are aimed to bridge this gap. We would be grateful if you could think of sailors with great abilities as items that are at high-risk of being destroyed. However, regarding whether or not your sailor has caught a disease, we do plan to make improvements for the kind of cases in which, for instance, you can’t tell if they’ve caught disease without opening the menu.    


Q. Is it possible to get more class swapped outfits, like the Halloween outfits? I personally really wish for a Khamsin Outfit for Dark Knight.  

A. We see the Halloween outfit event as one of the events that we are most proud of. We’re not planning any further outfit events yet, but we’ll attempt it again if that’s what our Adventurers want.    


Q. Are there any plans to add different ways to facilitate gear progression for players stuck at soft cap?  

A. Regarding the need to upgrade from TET (IV) gear, unless it’s the highest-level of content, we’ve set most of Black Desert’s content so that it can be enjoyed with just TET (IV) gear in order to reduce the pressure of having to progress your gear further. This is the reason why we added things like the Adventure Log that can raise your AP and DP without requiring you to enhance your gear, and we will continue expanding on this kind of methods that can make your character stronger without having to enhance. We’re also looking into other ways beyond just the Adventure Log. Nevertheless, these perks will be designed with not just Adventurers who are at TET (IV) or below in mind, but for all Adventurers.    


Q. Will there be any changes to the Node War schedule and time when Vell spawns? 

A. The time set for Node War is the result of long-held discussion to make sure it would be at the time where the greatest number of Adventurers could participate, including those who return to home from work. Thus, we plan to keep the Node War schedule as is. 

As for Vell, the reason why we scheduled the current Vell spawn schedule was to make it a feel like finishing off a long week. While many Adventurers who can’t play during the weekends requested for Vell’s spawn time to change, we want to keep the current schedule since it is the optimal time for many more Adventurers. However, we are currently holding an event during which Vell spawns on a weekday in addition to the weekend, to help those Adventurers who can’t attend. (Vell Extra Spawn event: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/4076)


Q. Can you add more benefits to Family Fame? I don’t feel motivated enough to start other characters.

A. This is something that we want to expand upon, but we can’t give you a definite answer yet regarding more benefits. We’ll make an announcement once we finalize the direction we’ll take.  


Q. Beyond the Altar of Blood, I believe we need content that will strengthen the player community. Many players are not very interested in PvP. Are there any plans to add content for such players?  

A. Just recently, we’ve updated the Pit of the Undying to Black Desert. The Pit of the Undying was designed as a tactics-based PvE content that’s rarely seen in Black Desert; we will continue to focus and develop on this in the future. While it isn’t finalized, we are also considering introducing a token that can be used across these types of content (Altar of Blood, etc.). This is because each content can have different rewards, and this might put undue pressure on players. We wanted to reduce this type of pressure. Our goal is for players to be able to “enjoy whatever content they want”. 


Q. With new projects around the corner, some people are worried the developers will begin losing interest in Black Desert. Is there a plan for 5/10/15 years?

A. These types of concerns really break our hearts. New projects are simply new projects, while Black Desert is Black Desert. We will always focus our efforts on Black Desert in the future, because we hope to continue our journey with all of the Adventurers, and look forward to the 10th and 15th anniversaries in the future. 

And of course, new projects will also help develop Black Desert even more. New technologies, new ideas, and new experiences are all shared within Pearl Abyss, and we look forward to seeing all of them help improve us as a whole. 


Q. Why do updates seen from the Korean servers take longer to arrive on the servers of the other regions? 

A. We truly want to provide content as quickly as possible, but this is largely related to the direction of Black Desert’s update. We update weekly for Korea, and usually this content is updated the next week globally. This specific time frame includes the translation and localization process, which sometimes is too difficult to handle in just one week. As a result, while we try to maintain this weekly update, large updates (such as O'dyllita) that take longer to localize are prepared on a separate schedule. As we continue to build up our experience through this process, we hope to bring you updates more quickly. 


Q. When will the PvP system be updated? It’s not fun having to rely so heavily on skill usage and debuffs.

A. The current foundation of the PvP system, which is a focus on each class' skills, will be mostly left untouched. However, we agree with you that playing the same way every day can be tedious and boring, and that’s why we believe that PvP with a new set of rules is what is needed. We will do our best to consider how we can really make you feel the changes.  

Additionally, while it is a bit too early for us to reveal the exact update details, we are not finished with the development of each class’ unique features and skills.  


Q. Why is such a wonderful game like Black Desert still limited to the obvious and boring guild vs guild PvP? Do you intend to add arenas or other PvP systems for players to enjoy? Also, will you consider “territory wars” to break the hegemony of some of the large guilds? 

A. As announced at the Heidel Ball: AT HOME, we are planning to host Siege Wars between actual regions. For example, we held this recently for the first time with the Southeast Asia vs. Thailand Conquest War, two regions in Asia serviced directly by us. We hope you’ll stay tuned for more in the future. Besides just actual regions, the “Territory War” between Calpheon and Valencia that was previously tested in the Black Desert Global Labs is once again under development. For now, the updates for Node/Conquest War will come first, but afterwards, we plan to expand upon the “Territory War” as well. 


Q. What would you do differently if Black Desert started development in 2020? 

A. This is a difficult question to answer. We feel that our mindset hasn’t really changed from a couple of years ago. However, we have gained a lot of experience since then, and it would be truly exciting to build a new game with all this experience. Nevertheless, we aren’t sure that starting over with a new game would result in something better than today’s Black Desert. This is especially since Black Desert has only been able to come this far thanks to the help of all our Adventurers. We will always appreciate what we have now and do our best to always ensure you can enjoy our game just as if it were a game released this year. Thank you.  


Q. Please add more uses for remaining skill points after we’ve learned all skills. For instance, a permanent buff or passives for PvE. 

Q. Will we be able to use skills points for something else besides learning skills in the future? Right now, skill points remain left over after learning the skills you need. 

A. If you think about it, we all put a lot of effort into earning skill points, but once you learn all the skills you want, you don’t really care about getting more skill points. This is what we want. We want players to no longer concern themselves with skill points once they’re finished. We’ve considered providing additional perks for remaining skill points, but we thought this would only result in unnecessary pressure to get more skill points, so we plan to maintain this direction for now.      


Q. Besides racing horses, will there be a content update for racing other animals like desert foxes? 

A. I think you might be misunderstanding the purpose of horse races. This content isn’t meant as a race where you bet certain items or silver, but is a content meant to be enjoyed for the thrill of victory from riding horses and beating other Adventurers in a race. That’s why we are currently not considering content that involves racing other animals. 


Q. What has been your favorite event so far, and why? 

A. (This is the opinion of the person writing this answer) My favorite event so far is the Mysteries of Summer. A lot of preparations went into this event, and it was exciting and enjoyable to see Adventurers worldwide talking and working together to find the answers. However, it caused panic among some of the developers, as it was quite a large event with so much on the line. There were also a lot of problems, and it invoked a lot of mixed emotions as well as confusion, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Mysteries of Summer event. 


Q. Will the Mysteries of Summer return? 

A. This event will return once we believe we can deliver a more polished event with less problems (bugs and possible unfairness from leaked information). Currently, there are no plans yet for the event to return.  


Q. Does the likelihood of being CC’d increase when you customize the appearance of your size (body, height, etc) in Black Desert? For example, do longer arms increase the range of grabs or does a larger body result in more area for skills or CCs to hit?  

A. Customization does not affect the chance of being hit. You can rest assured that you can customize to your heart’s content.  


Q. My main class is Sorceress and I run to nearby villages instead of riding a horse to increase my stamina. Is there any benefit to increasing stamina if I run on uneven/rough terrain instead of a flat road? 

A. There is no difference in gaining Breath EXP (increase stamina) from running on uneven/rough terrain compared to a flat road. However, this is a good suggestion, so we’ll put it into consideration.


Q. I really enjoy the Pearl outfits of Black Desert due to their great design. So my question about Pearl Outfits, while I understand there’s a demand, involves that there seems to be designs that don’t fit in the world of Black Desert or that there are designs that differ greatly from the game’s medieval Europe theme. These outfits are not very pleasing to the players who really love the visuals of Black Desert. Are outfits developed with a basis like “everything is okay if it sells”? While there may be players who like this kind of thing, I hope you won’t only cater to their tastes when developing outfits. I am hoping you consider balancing it out so that you consider players who like that style and players who don’t. As a similar question, why are there so many outfit designs that seem to overemphasize a female character’s sexuality to an almost ridiculous extent by showing so much skin? To be honest, I do use such outfits, but it doesn’t feel good, so I hope you don’t go too far with it. It would be nice to pick more casual or formal outfits, instead of something shiny… That’s my feelings on the matter. Thank you.      

A. This is an important question which is very difficult to answer. Outfits are usually closely related to someone’s personal preferences, so we get all kinds of feedback from around the world, and even the feedback we get from the same outfit can also be very different.  

This also has a lot to do with the type of Adventurers who play Black Desert. Various factors, such as culture, fashion, love for certain classes, and etc. seem to influence the feedback we get. Thus, the outfits of Black Desert are a result of a variety of criteria such as “seems to be from the Black Desert world”; “could exist”; “wouldn’t look unnatural”.  

We also take into account the tastes of our Adventures in our approach for designing an outfit. We will try our best to design outfits that fit into the world of Black Desert, and we will put quality and detail at the top of our list. From our point of view as the provider of the game service, we know we can’t satisfy the tastes of all our Adventurers, but we believe it is our duty to always keep researching and trying to meet the diverse needs for our game.  

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