Together with Adventurers Worldwide - Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME

13 May 2020 09:00


Who can participate?

All Adventurers who love Black Desert


Event Date


Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME 

May 30, 2020 (Sat) 


Where will it be held?

To Be Announced


★ Hooray! Announcing Black Desert’s 1st Online Ball! ☆

With everyone around the world practicing social distancing, we invite Adventurers worldwide to an online ball!


After much thought while in the midst of event preparation, we decided to hold our first-ever “Global Ball” through the form of an “Online Event” to let Adventurers of NA/EU meet Adventurers from across the globe.


Living up to the title, “Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME”, you’ll be able to meet Adventurers from Korea, Japan, Russia, North America, Europe, Taiwan, South America, Turkey, the MENA region, and Southeast Asia from the comfort of your own home.


Many regions, united by the love for Black Desert… ♥ 

Keeping in mind that we may all speak different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds, we did our best to create a meaningful and festive event for all Black Desert Adventurers. (๑˘ꇴ˘๑)


We wanted to bring together Adventurers worldwide, and share what's coming up for Black Desert. On top of that, we wanted to host a variety of fun-filled events for everyone!


We hope you’re just as excited as we are!


This will be for PC and console players in Korea, Japan, Russia, North America, Europe, Taiwan, South America, Turkey, the MENA region, Thailand, and Southeast Asia.


Don’t miss this extraordinary chance to join your fellow Adventurers worldwide who all enjoy Black Desert in their own, unique ways!


Plus, we’ve prepared a place to be with you in the Black Desert world, so we can soothe the pain of not being able to see you in-person.


Where could that be?

Find out the answer to that question by checking out all the details of [Princess Jarette's Invitation] below!


■ What is [Princess Jarette's Invitation]?

  • [Princess Jarette's Invitation] is a ticket that lets you enter the online space specially prepared for the Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME.
  • Up to 200 Adventurers will be selected from everyone who submits their story in the [Princess Jarette's Invitation] survey linked below.
  •  Adventurers with [Princess Jarette's Invitation] will get together in a special place on the day of the ball to enjoy the event and participate in a Q & A session.
  •  Adventurers who are selected for [Princess Jarette's Invitation] will receive in-game rewards (title and items).
  •  The entire Heidel Ball: AT HOME will be broadcasted live on Youtube and Twitch, so anyone can join from the comfort of their home even without [Princess Jarette's Invitation].


Though we are sad that we cannot enjoy the event together in real life, we hope that Heidel Ball: AT HOME will be a fun opportunity to spend time together as characters in the game.


[Princess Jarette's Invitation] Survey Period

May 12, 2020 (Tue) [After Announcement]–May 18, 2020 (Mon) at 07:00 UTC


Number of Winners

Up to 200 Winners for each region


Winners Announcement Date

May 20, 2020 (Wed)


[Princess Jarette's Invitation] Delivery Date

During the maintenance on May 27, 2020 (Wed)


[Princess Jarette's Invitation] Survey Link 

[Go to the application]


★ Special Event

In the survey, please provide a video message of something you want to say to Adventurers worldwide!

We will select videos to be used in our celebratory video for the Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME, so we hope you’ll participate in the celebrations!


P.S. If your video is included in the celebratory video, you’ll receive a Special Goods Package!



※ Notices 

  • More information regarding [Princess Jarette’s Invitation] will be provided at a later date in the [Princess Jarette’s Invitation] winners announcement.
  • In-game rewards (title and items) will be announced in the [Princess Jarette’s Invitation] winners announcement.
  • Up to 200 Adventurers will be selected from participants who properly complete the [Princess Jarette’s Invitation] application.
  • The [Princess Jarette’s Invitation] winners will be announced on our official website on May 18, 2020 (Mon). However, this date is subject to change depending on the circumstances.
  • Winners of the [Princess Jarette’s Invitation] ticket will be contacted separately by email.
  • The [Princess Jarette’s Invitation] ticket cannot be given away to someone else.
  • Pearl Abyss and Kakaogames reserve the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. Any changes made to the event will be posted on this event page.
  • Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.
  • Violating the Terms of Service may result in your disqualification and withdrawal of any prizes/rewards even after the winners announcement has been posted.
  • If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Submit a Ticket].
  • Please contact Customer Support if you would like to remove information from your event application or if you would like to cancel your application.
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