[Serial Maintenance] Serial Maintenance May 4th 2020

04 May 2020 10:00

Greetings Adventurers,


We'll be performing serial maintenance on the following servers in two different time periods.

Please note you can still access and play Black Desert Online by entering servers that are not under maintenance during these times.

Date: Monday, May 4, 2020 

Maintenance Time

Servers affected EU

Servers affected NA


13:00 CEST/11:00 UTC/04:00 PDT~

(Estimated Duration: 2 hrs.)

EU_Arsha (PVP)

EU_Olvia 1,3,5

EU_Balenos 1–6

EU_Mediah 1–6

EU_Valencia 1–6

NA_Arsha (PVP)

NA_Olvia 1,3,5

NA_Balenos 1–6

NA_Mediah 1–6

NA_Valencia 1–6


15:00 CEST/13:00 UTC/06:00 PDT~


(Estimated Duration: 2 hrs.)

EU_Olvia 2,4,6

EU_Calpheon 1–6

EU_Velia 1–6

EU_Serendia 1–6

EU_Kamasylvia 1–4

NA_Olvia 2,4,6

NA_Calpheon 1–6

NA_Velia 1–6

NA_Serendia 1–6

NA_Kamasylvia 1–4


  • Server stability

  • Resolving known issues. 



  • Serial maintenance time and list of servers affected may change. 

  • Please move yourself to a different server where maintenance is not being performed and refer to the server list and in-game announcements for details.

  • Altar of Blood will be inaccessible during serial maintenance.

  • Guild mission in progress will be cancelled once the serial maintenance is performed, and guild mission count will not be restored.

  • Details on known issues can be found on Patch Notes. 


[Special Notice]

Due to serial maintenance performed today, there will not be a server restart performed this Wednesday May 6th. Please restart your game client after May 6th 09:00 UTC to have new Pearl Shop offers shown. Check out our official website for more information!


[Updated for EU]

Our tech team has found an issue with some EU servers, so they will remain closed until further notice:

  • EU_Olvia 5
  • EU_Olvia 6
  • EU_Valencai 1
  • EU_Mediah 1
  • EU_Kamasylvia 1
  • EU_Kamasylvia 2
  • EU_Kamsylvia 3
  • EU_Kamsylvia 4
  • EU_Balenos 1
  • EU_Calpheon 1
  • EU_Velia 3
  • EU_Serendia 1
  • EU_Serendia 5

We will keep you updated as soon as this issue has been solved. Apologies for the inconveniences.

[Updated for EU/NA]

The following compensation for maintenance will be sent today:

  • Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1
  • GM's Blessing 3 (1h) x1

Please check your in-game mailbox (B) before May 11th, 23:59 UTC before the items expire. Note the arrivial of your reward items may take up to a few hours.

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