[Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 29th 2020

28 April 2020 15:49

Dear Players,

We will perform our weekly maintenance as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 29.04.2020 

Duration: 4h Server Down: Server Up:
Global 8:00 UTC 12:00 UTC
Central (EU) 10:00 CEST 14:00 CEST
West Coast (NA) 1:00 PDT 5:00 PDT
East Coast (NA) 4:00 EDT 8:00 EDT


  • Springfest event will start.
  • Wacky Toshi's Research event will start.
  • The World Boss Garmoth's attack pattern will be changed.
  • Dispersed damage effect will be removed from Sorceress, Valkyrie and Archer.


Ending Events:

  • Mystical Ellie's Water Festival 2020
  • Finto's Juice Challenge


Special notice:

Please note we will perform a server restart for 2 hours next Wednesday (May 6th) instead of performing a regular maintenance. For any new Pearl Shop offers anew, please restart your game client after May 6th 09:00 UTC to have these shown. Check out our official website for more information!

Due to serial maintenance performed on Monday May 4th, there will not be a server restart performed this Wednesday May 6th. Please restart your game client after May 6th 09:00 UTC to have new Pearl Shop offers shown. Check out our official website for more information



Patch Notes including improvements and new features can be found on our Website after the maintenance.

Follow us on Twitter/Facebook to stay up to date.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Best regards,

BDO Team

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The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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