Fourth Anniversary Celebration, Part 2

11 March 2020 09:00


Anniversary Gift Continues

Claim before April 8th (before maintenance)



Cron Stone x500

Cron Stones prevent enhancement level from dropping if enhancement fails.

  • Please make sure to claim the Cron Stone x500 gift from your in-game mailbox (B) before April 8th regular maintenance or it will disappear.


Event 1. Dark Rift Update: Three New Bosses


Period: March 11 (after maintenance)–April 1 (before maintenance) 

  • The Dark Rift has been updated, now with three new boss monsters available during the event period!

Dark Rift Boss


Special Reward 

(Obtain by chance)

[Event] Titium



Box of the Enraged Dead

[Event] Skeleton King


[Event] Leebur

Very Hard

What can you get from the box?


Item Name

Open to randomly obtain one of the following:

Box of the Enraged Dead

  – Giath's Helmet

  – Griffon's Helmet

  – Red Nose Armor

  – Dim Tree Spirit's Armor

  – Bheg's Gloves

  – Leebur's Gloves

  – Muskan's Shoes

  – Urugon's Shoes


  • Besides the regular loot items you get from defeating a Dark Rift boss, these three new bosses have a chance to drop a new type of box of the dead item!

    • This means Titium, Skeleton King, and Leebur will drop the regular loot such as (Remnants of the Rift, Box of the Desperate/Distorted/Silent Dead, Memory Fragment, Ancient Spirit Dust, Black Stone (Weapon)/(Armor), Dark Spirit's Greed for being defeated every time, but Box of the Enraged Dead will only be obtained at a chance.

  • The three event bosses will respawn in a slightly faster frequency compared to the previous Dark Rift bosses.


Event 2. Playtime Challenges


Period: March 12 (00:00 UTC)–March 25 (23:59 UTC) 

Play daily and get the below rewards via the Challenge tab (Y) based on your accumulated playtime during the event period. 



30 min.

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x2

60 min.

[Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll x2,

[Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll x2

90 min.

[Event] High-Quality Food Box x2

120 min.

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x2,

[Event] Shakatu's Seal x2


  • The rewards stack, so if you play 120 minutes in a single day you will get all the rewards available for that day!

  • This means you can get up to [Event] Shakatu’s Seal x26 for participating every day during the event period.

  • The event challenges will reset daily at 00:00 UTC.

  • The event challenges can be completed once per day per family.

  • With March 18th regular maintenance, there would be additional items you can exchange with [Event] Shakatu's Seals. Please refer to the chart below fo the list of items that you will be able to exchange in addition to the existing ones effective as of March 18, 09:00 UTC.

[Event] Shakatu's Seal Required

Exchange for


Cron Stone x5


Advice of Valks (+20)


Advice of Valks (+30)


Advice of Valks (+40)


Advice of Valks (+50)


Event 3. Wacky Toshi’s Secret Request


Period: March 12 (00:00 UTC)–March 25 (23:59 UTC) 

Wacky Toshi says he recently found something valuable that you might need. He'll give it to you if you do him a favor of finding more samples to complete his research. Help him out and discover what valuable item he has in store for you!

1. Please check the list of Marni’s Stone research Wacky Toshi needs.


Marni’s Stone

Required Number of Monsters Defeated


Marni's Stone (Bashim) II

Marni's Stone (Cadry) II

Marni's Stone (Desert Naga) II

Marni's Stone (Desert Fogan) II

Marni's Stone (Gahaz Bandits) II

Marni's Stone (Crescent Shrine) II

Marni's Stone (Basilisk) II

Marni's Stone (Centaurus) II

Marni's Stone (Roud Sulfur Mine) II

Marni's Stone (Pila Ku) II

Marni's Stone (Stone Waragon) II

500 monsters each


Marni's Stone (Navarn Steppe) II

Marni's Stone (Manshaum) II

Marni's Stone (Forest Ronaros) II

Marni's Stone (Fadus Habitat) II

Marni's Stone (Polly's Forest) II

500 monsters each


Marni's Stone (Kagtum)

500 monsters

Marni's Stone (Sherekhan Necropolis - Day)

500 monsters

Marni's Stone (Sherekhan Necropolis - Night)

15 monsters

Marni's Stone (Tshira Ruins)

500 monsters

Underwater Ruins

Marni's Stone (Protty Cave) II

Marni's Stone (Sycraia) II

500 monsters each

About Marni’s Stones

  • Marni’s Stones can be purchased or exchanged with NPC Wacky Toshi located in various regions.

  • Marni’s Stones can be used from Lv. 57. Please note that after Lv. 62, you will get significantly less Combat EXP from exchanging these stones.

  • Only the samples of the monsters you hit last will be collected and stacked on the relevant Marni’s Stone.

2. Select one of the Marni’s Stones from the table above.

  • Please note you cannot accept or complete quests with Marni’s Stones that are not listed above.

3. If you have a Marni’s Stone from the table above, you will receive a quest corresponding to the stone you have when you talk to Wacky Toshi.

  • You can easily find the location of Wacky Toshi by clicking on the ‘Find NPC’ button in the upper right corner of the game screen.

4. Defeat the target monsters for the Marni’s Stone you have and collect their samples.

  • Please make sure you have the [Event] Toshi’s Request quest accepted first in order to turn in the completed Marni’s Stone to Wacky Toshi and complete the quest.

5. Hand over the Marni's Stones filled with samples to Wacky Toshi to obtain 2 [Event] Shakatu’s Seals.

Event Quest


Completion Reward

[Event] Toshi’s Request

Wacky Toshi

[Event] Shakatu's Seal x2


  • Wacky Toshi can be found in Old Wisdom Tree, Sand Grain Bazaar, Ibellab Oasis, Shakatu, Valencia City, and Duvencrune.

  • One of the available “Toshi’s Request” event quests can be completed once per family per day during the event period. Event quests will reset at 00:00 UTC after its completion, and can be repeated afterwards.

  • Please note that you must have [Event] Toshi’s Request quest accepted first in order to turn in the completed Marni’s Stone to Wacky Toshi and complete the quest.

  • If you have accepted or have completed one of the event quests, you can no longer accept another event quest for that day. If you want to try another quest, please forfeit the currently-accepted quest first.

  • You can only accept [Event] Toshi’s Request quests relevant to the type of Marni’s Stone you own. For example, if you have a Marni's Stone (Desert Fogan) II in possession, you can only accept the quest [Event] Toshi's Request (Desert Fogan) II from Wacky Toshi.

  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.


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