Featured Partner: Wakayashi

13 February 2020 09:00



The Wizard (and Witch) Succession launched this week, and when he heard the news, our partner Wakayashi was eager to start showing it to his viewers. But first a little backstory on the man himself:


"Hey guys! My name is Wakayashi and I‘m addicted to BDO. If you have a similar problem, join my stream and let‘s be addicted together! My main content is grinding in a circle the whole day, trying to learn about life skills and sometimes you‘ll even see a little bit of PVP (I got a very cool Naruto headband, be careful).

Sometimes I’m organizing little PVP tournaments for my community and if you're confident, you are very welcome to participate! I‘m also known for my very exciting box openings and my self-made RNG tinfoil hat which helped me to become a full PEN wizard (no Kappa). Main language is German but if you write in English I will answer in English too. See you in the stream mate!"


He’ll be looking at how the new Wizard Succession is performing, testing out its performance in a PvE environment, so join his journey to discover what it’s all about.


Check out Wakayashi’s channel at the link and times below:


Streaming Schedule: 3 days a week, on Tuesday, Fridays and Sunday’s

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