Weekend Flash Sale: Buy One, Get One Free

20 December 2019 10:00

Greetings adventurers, come and enjoy this limited offer starting this weekend!

Friday, December 20–Tuesday, December 24 (before maintenance).


Buy One Get One Free

Inventory Expansion BOGO Event

Available until Dec. 24 (before maintenance).

Available during this special period:

  • [Event] Inventory 1+1 Expansion Coupon
    • 300 > 150 Pearls
  • [Event] Inventory 4+4 Expansion Coupon
    • 900 > 450 Pearls
  • [Event] Inventory 8+8 Expansion Coupon
    • 1,600 > 800 Pearls
  • [Event] Inventory 16+16 Expansion Coupon
    • 2,900 > 1,450 Pearls

• Max 1 purchase per Family.

• You cannot purchase this item again if you have purchased it before.



Naphart Campsite

4,900 > 3,675 Pearls (25% Off)

Available until Dec. 24 (before maintenance).

Changes the appearance of your Tent, Camping Container, Anvil, and Camping Shop.

It lets you use Villa, Camping Container, Anvil, and Camping Shop (buying only, double-priced).

  • Container: 16 slots, 200LT (Stored items are not shared within the family)
  • Romote use of Villa Scroll
  • Anvil: Repairs gears
  • Items sold at the Camping Shop:
    • Extra Large Potions (HP, MP, WP, SP)
    • Instant Extra Large Potions (HP, MP)
    • [Camp] Ancient Grindstone
    • [Camp] Combat Technique
    • [Camp] Desert Adaptation
    • Gold Bar (1G, 10G, 100G)

• Only one can be registered per family.

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The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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