The Secret Society Veiled and Forgotten in History

23 February 2017 16:00

Greetings all adventurers of the Black Desert.
Long story short, Dark Knight, the most anticipated new class has finally arrived.

Trace back to the times before history to take a peek at the beginnings of the Dark Knights and the Rangers. Find out with your own eyes what Dark Knight has to offer in Black Desert with her luminescent darkness.

History of Vedir

In primordial times, before history was recorded, the holy tree stood rooted in the highest place in the forest. Goddess Sylvia descended together with spirits of nature and named the tree ‘Kamasylve.’
The energy of the sun and moon begot the Ganelle and Vedir, who received the blessing of the Kamasylve.
While nurturing her children, the Goddess one day ascended back to the sky after sealing her will to Kamasilve, the sacred tree. Ganelles and Vedirs who had been left behind settled down under the blessings of the sacred tree and prospered in its place.

Vedirs who distinguished themselves. Divided Descendants of Sylvia

The calamity of dark spirits to strike over the Kabuya Tribe in the ends of the mountains.
It was the first catastrophe to strike the thriving Kamasylvia. The descendants of Sylvia did not possess the power to protect themselves and only relied on the sacred tree.
Ganelles and Vedirs continued to take powers from Kamasylve to purify the dark spirits. But no longer could they overcome the permeating darkness and had to seek after a bigger power.
Vedirs insisted on burning all the will of life left in Kamasylve to maximize strength. Such collective power was in fact destructive enough to drive out all the darkness.
And so the war with the dark spirits came to a conclusion, but all moaned in great sorrow when Kamasylve fell into a treacle sleep afterwards. No longer could the energy and the life in the womb of the goddess be felt.
The descendants of Sylvia who had sensed the danger concurred to sublimate the power of the spirits of nature from the oldest Kamasylve branch into a sword, calling this the Kamasylven Sword and taught each other on handling the sword.
And this was when the conflict between Ganelles and Vedirs started flaring up. The descendants of Sylvia divided into four factions over the matter of the utility and symbolism of the Kamasylven Sword.
Acher was the first of the four factions to form. Achers demanded absolute principle, law, and order. Rangers were the second faction to be established by those that accepted the consciousness of Kamasylve, In which history and progress coexist.
The third faction, the Dark Knights, were founded by Vedirs and their followers. Like the Rangers, they accepted the consciousness of Kamasylve, but employed a different method of controlling nature’s power.  The Dark Knights went on to be stricken by a coup, out of which formed a breakaway faction led by distinct Vedirs. Those who broke off were the Ahibs, who pined for the power of darkness.
Failing to see eye to eye, the descendants of Sylvia suffered an internal conflict leading to long years of a cold war. This was when the Ahibs fled to the arid lands and peace seemed to have been restored momentarily.
However, the source of the power at the hands of the Dark Knights was different from those of the Achers and Rangers. The power, which once burned the energy of Kamasylve, was inclined to destroy nature. Such dark powers could never be accepted in sanctified Kamasylvia.

In the end, the Dark Knights left Kamasylvia of their own accord to avoid conflict. The Dark Knights disappeared and have not been seen since then. Until...

◈ Dark Knight Introduction

Dark Knight uses the long and beautiful Kriegsmesser to slash, strike, and exhaust powers obtained from nature.
Though her slashes with the Kriegsmesser are heavy and firm, she shows off agile and precise movements as well.
In addition, Dark Knight uses range magic in-between attacks to bring down all those who stand before her. The Dark Knight’s main skills, natural combos elaborated so well together, are as follows.

  • Repeated Annihilation
  • A trademark skill to rapidly slash the enemy at max 4 times consecutively to inflict heavy damage. You can enjoy the dark spirit effects that form in the direction you wield your Kriegsmesser.
  • Corrupt Ground
  • Dark Knight can ‘corrupt’ the powers of the spirits and make them her own. A main magic skill to strike the ground hard to inflict a wide area damage to all those around.
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Slashes surrounding enemies hard and knocks them down. The most effective attack to bring down surrounding enemies.
  • Imperious Command
  • A one-of-a-kind skill native only to the Dark Knight that leaves a special mark on targeted enemies. The marked enemies will suffer heavy explosive damage once Imperious Command is used.

◈ Dark Knight Customization Image

Take a sneak peek at the enchanting Dark Knight thru these image!

Dark Knight entering your adventures soon!

Thank you always for your support and patience.
Relive the dark powers now!