Weekend Flash Sale: Golden Opportunity

25 October 2019 09:00

Greetings adventurers, come and enjoy this limited offer starting this weekend!

Friday, October 25 (09:00 UTC) – Monday, October 28 (09:00 UTC).


Inventory 8+8 & 16+16 Expansion Coupons

[Event] Inventory 16+16 Expansion Coupon

2,900 > 1,450 Pearls (50% Off)

[Event] Inventory 8+8 Expansion Coupon

1,600 > 800 Pearls (50% Off)

Available until Oct 28 (09:00 UTC).

• Two items that permanently add 8/16 inventory slots each.

• The inventory can have a maximum of 192 slots.

• Available for adventurers who have already purchased this item before.

• Purchase limit of 1 per Family.


Newborn Golden Dragon is back!

9,525 > 5,900 Pearls (38% off)

Available until Oct 28 (09:00 UTC).

  • [Event] Golden Desert Pack
  • [Event] Golden Hostility Pack
  • [Event] Golden Fishing Pack


Build your own Newborn Golden Dragon, and get other exciting items as a bonus!

There are 12 possible combinations of special skills and talents available for your Newborn Golden Dragon. First, choose 1 among 3 special skills: Resistance to desert diseases; Hostility detection; Auto-fishing reduction. Then, choose 1 among 4 talents: Skill EXP Boost; Life EXP Boost; Knowledge Gain Chance Increase & Higher-Grade Knowledge Gain Chance Increase; Durability Reduction Resistance.

– Also get: Marmot, [Event] Pavilla Costume Box, [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days), Value Pack (90 Days), Elion's Blessing x15, and [Event] Energy Tonic (L) x10.

– Bonus: [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 Min) x10, Book of Training – Combat (5 Hours), Book of Training – Skill (5 Hours), and Outfit 20% DC Coupon.

• Please note, Pavilla Costume has the following set effect: Alchemy EXP +15%, Alchemy Time -2 sec.

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