Pearl Shop Update: UP TO 50% OFF

16 October 2019 08:00



[Event] Halloween Coupon Set

1 Loyalty

Available until November 2 (09:00 UTC).

  • Contains:
    • 30% Discount Coupon
    • 20% Discount Coupon
    • 10% Discount Coupon
  • Max 1 purchase each per Family.


  • Coupon Registration Period: 3 days upon purchase.
  • Coupon Expiration Date: 7 days after registration.
    • You will have 3 days to right-click on the coupon to put it into Coupon book in your Pearl Shop (F3) for use after purchase. Then it will last 7 days in your Coupon book before it expires.




[Event] Spooky Halloween Pack

4,900 > 3,900 Pearls (20% Off)

Available until November 6 (before maintenance).


  • Contains:
    • Wizard Gosphy
    • [Event] Spooky Halloween Box
    • [Event] Spooky Halloween Furniture Box
    • Artisan's Memory x50
    • Cron Stone x10
    • Valks' Cry x10
    • [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x10
    • Apparel 20% DC Coupon


  • Open [Event] Spooky Halloween Box to get all of the following:
    • Jack-O'-Lantern Mask
    • Sweet Cone Hat
    • Wolf Nose
    • Devil Horn Headband


  • Open [Event] Spooky Halloween Furniture Box to get one of the following randomly:
    • Halloween Decorated Bedside Table
    • Halloween Decorated Drawers
    • Halloween Decorated Wardrobe
    • Halloween Decorated Dining Table
    • Halloween Decorated Table
    • Halloween Decorated Chair
    • Halloween Decorated Sofa
    • Halloween Decorated Bookshelf
    • Halloween Decorated Bed
    • Halloween Pumpkin Chandelier
    • Halloween Pumpkin Doll Lamp
    • Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern
    • Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern for Wall
    • Halloween Carpet
  • Max 1 purchase per family.
  • Item unavailable in Belgium.




Vestillio and Vespena Outfit Sets

2,200 Pearls

Available until November 6 (before maintenance).

  • Vestillio Outfit Sets available for all male classes except for Archer.
  • Vespena Outfit Sets available for all female classes except for Shai.



Halloween Apparel avaliable for Limited Time!

2,200 Pearls

Available until November 6 (before maintenance).

  • Ram Horn Witch Outfit Sets available for Dark Knight, Kunoichi, Lahn, Maehwa, Ranger, Sorceress, Valkyrie.
  • Grave Keeper Outfit Sets available for Berserker, Striker, Musa, Ninja, Warrior, Wizard.
  • Fairy Jackie Outfit Sets available for Tamer.
  • Ghost Bride Outfit Set available for Witch.
  • Gloomy Fox Outfit Sets available for Ranger, Sorceress, Valkyrie, Maehwa, Kunoichi, and Mystic.



Kibelius Divinus Premium Outfit Sets

3,400 Pearls

Available until October 30 (before maintenance).

  • Kibelius Divinus Premium Outfit Sets are back for a limited time.
  • Bonus:
    • [Loyalties] Blessing of Kamasylve (1 Day)
    • Underwear 90% Discount Coupon
  • Unavailable for Shai



Interior and Beauty Category 50% Sale!

Please check each item for exact prices

Available until November 6 (before maintenance).

  • Interior Category 50% Off
    • Excludes Halloween-themed Furniture.
  • Beauty Category 50% Off!
    • Excludes Equipment Tailoring Coupons.

Service Information

The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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