Weekend Flash Sale: Premium Outfit Sets 20% Off

12 October 2019 09:00

Greetings adventurers, come and enjoy this limited offer starting this weekend!

Saturday, October 12 (09:00 UTC)–Wednesday, October 16 (before maintenance)


Premium Outfit Sets 20% Off


Premium Outfit Sets: 3,400 > 2,720 Pearls (20%)

[Shai] Florchestra Classic Set: 2,900 > 2,320 Pearls (20%)


Available until October 16 (before maintenance).


​The following outfit sets will be 20% off starting this Saturday! The discounted prices will be as below, and each day will offer a sale on different class-specific outfits.


Saturday, October 12 (09:00 UTC)–Sunday October 13 (09:00 UTC)

• Warrior: [Warrior] Goyen Premium Set

• Sorceress: [Sorceress] Cartian Premium Set

• Ranger: [Ranger] Sylvia Premium Set

• Berserker: [Berserker] Tantu Premium Set

• Valkyrie: [Valkyrie] Enslar Premium Set


Sunday, October 13 (09:00 UTC)–Monday, October 14 (09:00 UTC)

• Tamer: [Tamer]Daru Premium Set

• Musa: [Musa]Western Frontiers Premium Set

• Maehwa: [Maehwa] Order of the Apricot Premium Set

• Witch: [Witch] Labreve Premium Set

• Wizard: [Wizard] Lord Red Premium Set


Monday, October 14 (09:00 UTC)–Tuesday, October 15 (09:00 UTC)

• Ninja: [Ninja] Narusawa Premium Set

• Kunoichi: [Kunoichi] Ayo Premium Set

• Striker: [Striker] Blazing Inferno Premium Set

• Dark Knight: [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna Premium Set


Tuesday, October 15 (09:00 UTC)–Wednesday, October 16 (before maintenance)

• Mystic: [Mystic] Banha Premium Set

• Lahn: [Lahn] Sanguine Petal Premium Set

• Archer: [Archer] Luanwulf Premium Set

• Shai: [Shai] Florchestra Classic Set


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