Patch Notes - 14th August 2019

14 August 2019 10:00

Greetings Adventurers, 

Continue Bartali's amazing story with the new addition of chapters 11 - 15 and earn special rewards upon completing them!

Also, there is a rumor among fishers that there is yet another type of shiny fish where the Golden Trout was spotted last week. Earn 5,000,000 silver after fishing up the Golden Coelacanth!

Last but not least, the new event "Burn the Night Away" will start after maintenance. Play every day, accumulate playtime and earn amazing rewards!

Good fortune to everyone and enjoy the new patch!



[New Events]

  • Burn the Night Away!

    • Period: August 15 00:00 UTC – August 21 23:59 UTC

    • Play every day and stack up on amazing rewards for your accumulated playtime via Challenges (Y) tab.

    • Click <here> to see the rewards and full details!

  • Fish Golden Coelacanth Event!

    • Period: August 14 (after maintenance) - August 21 (before maintenance) 1 week!

    • During the event period, you can also fish up Golden Coelacanth (worth 5,000,000 Silver) in the areas where you can catch the Golden Trout. 

    • Click <here> to see the details!

  • Monster Zone Event (Extended!)

    • Period: August 14 (after maintenance) - August 21 (before maintenance) 

    • The monsters from the regions below will reappear twice as fast after they die.

      • Mediah: Shultz Guard Post, Hasrah Ancient Ruins, Manes Hideout, Wandering Rogue Den

      • Kamasylvia: Forest Ronaros, Polly’s Forest, Navarn Steppe 

      • Valencia: Bashim Base, Basilisk Den, Roud Sulfur Mine, Titium Valley, Cadry Ruins, Waragon Nest, Centaurus Herd, Pila Ku Jail

      • Drieghan: Tshira Ruins, Blood Wolf Settlement, Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)

      • Other: Protty Cave, Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper zone)


[Ongoing Events]

  • The Golden Current: August 7 (after maintenance) - August 28 (before maintenance)

    • Golden Coelacanth will also be caught from Aug. 14 - Aug.21.

  • Shai Talent Update Events: July 31 (after maintenance) - August 21 (before maintenance)

  • Terrmian Waterpark 2019: July 17 (after maintenance) - August 28 (before maintenance)

  • Mysteries of Summer Continues: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom: 7/31 (after maintenance) - August 28 (before maintenance)

    • Some of the quests in the Mysteries of Summer Continues: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom questline have had their difficulty setting lowered with the August 14th regular maintenance. 

    • Please note "Soul" title will no longer be given to adventurers who completed all 9 questlines after August 14th regular maintenance.


[Ended Events]

  • Shai Talent Update Events - Event 1

    • Event quests given by <Juila Choir> Choir Leader will no longer be available.


[Reward Distribution]

  • Mysteries of Summer Continues: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom

    • Rewards for Top 10 have been distributed. Congratulations to the winners once again!



[Game World]

  • Splashing sound effect (when your character dives into water) will not be played anymore while controlling an Epheria Sailboat.

  • A new Sky Balloon route to Grána was added, thanks to the Gavinya Great Crater Dwarves.

    • Sky Balloon route to and from Grána and Calpheon was added.

    • Ticket Seller Ophelia and Boarding Assistant Muyamoe were added to the Grána Sky Balloon boarding station.

    • You can purchase tickets with the Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor). The sky balloon will arrive once you hand over your ticket to the boarding assistant.


  • Fixed the issue where the damage of Charge and Fore Chop of all 1-8 tier horses and Dream Horses were affected differently depending on the mounted character.

    • Note: The damage of these skills are affected by the AP of the mounted character.

  • Also fixed the issue where the damage of Dark Flame Steps and Dark Sprint of Dream Doom were affected differently depending on the mounted character.

    • Note: The damage of these skills are affected by the AP of the mounted character.


[Developer's Comment]

Unlike other mounts, the damage of horse skills is affected by the AP of the mounted character. This is so that your horse will get stronger as your character grows.

However, the damage of these skills varied depending on which character type was mounted (melee, ranged, caster) and was fixed through this week’s update.



[By Class]


  • Fixed the typo in the tooltip of Forward Slash.


  • You now receive the 2 parts set effect when equipped with a Pearl outfit Vitclari. Also, you now receive the 8 parts set effect when equipped with 7 outfit parts.

  • Sun, Moon, Stars, Time to Shine!, Shout to the Sky, and Summer Rain now increase in range the longer you maintain the skills to affect allies who are farther away.

  • "Instrument" in the skill description of Cheer up, Come Out, Come Out!, Over Here!, Step Aside!, Play Dead, Hop, and Tuck and Roll was changed to "Sol".

  • Landing action will now be done when the character is in mid-air after using Hop, Tuck-and-Roll, and Twirl Three.

  • A new Florang skill “Gather Around!” was added.

  • The application method of buffs from Misty Haze, Delusive Light, and Sun, Moon, Stars was changed to the following.

    • The level of the skill has priority over the caster's Sol enhancement level.

    • When affected with the same buff, the higher level skill will have priority.

    • When affected with the same buff from the same skill level, the skill used with higher enhancement level item will have priority.

      • Example 1)

      • Caster A: Sun, Moon, Stars I, used with Artina Sol V

      • Caster B: Sun, Moon, Stars III, used with Artina Sol I

        • If cast at the same time, Caster B's buff will be applied.

      • Example 2)

      • Caster A: Sun, Moon, Stars III, used with Artina Sol V

      • Caster B: Sun, Moon, Stars III, used with Artina Sol I

        • If cast at the same time, Caster A's buff will be applied.


  • Added items you can acquire through fishing.

    • Torn Sail Piece, Rusty Anchor, Broken Trade Box

  • You can take junk items to certain NPCs to trade them for other items.

Item Name

No. Required

Trade NPC

Trade Item

Fish Bones


Velia Fish Vendor 


Crio's Fishing Chair

Tattered Boots


Velia Fish Vendor 


Crio's Fishing Chair

Broken Fish Hook


Velia Blacksmith Tranan Underfoe

Breezy Conch Seaweed

Broken Bottle Fragment


Velia Blacksmith Tranan Underfoe

Breezy Conch Seaweed

Broken Trade Box


Velia Trade Manager Bahar

Contribution EXP

Fertilizer Sack


Loggia Farm Seed Vendor

 Camellia Loggia

Contribution EXP

Torn Sail Piece


Velia Fish Vendor 


Fishing EXP

Torn Net


Velia Fish Vendor 


Fishing EXP

Rusty Anchor


Velia Skill Instructor Tachros

3,000 Silver

Snapped Rope


Velia Skill Instructor Tachros

3,000 Silver

  • “Fish Bones” and “Tattered Boots” will be available for trading for “Crio’s Fishing Chair” once the Life Skill is updated later down the road. Please note that “Crio’s Fishing Chair” is currently unavailable, and please keep an eye out for the update! 


[Developer’s Comment]

Auto Fishing was greatly improved by adding the feature where you could choose to discard fish according to their grade.

However, this also caused unwanted items to pile up in your inventory.

To resolve this, we've added traders so you can make use of these items for Fishing, Courser Training, Contribution, and etc.

  • EDIT 8/15: Swapped the names of the items "Flawless Magical Black Stone" and "Pure Magical Black Stone" to correctly match the items.

  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !


  • Added a Trade Goods exclusive Wagon to the Transport function.

  • Changed the parts of the description of Transport Information.


[Developer’s Comment]

Now you can transport Trade Goods across long distances.

However, this wagon costs more than the usual to operate, so that those who still use a wagon or miniature elephant full of trade goods themselves could still benefit a better profit. 




  • Added Bartali's Adventure Log Chapter 11 to 15.

    • You can follow the path of Igor Bartali's adventure from Mediah to the golden land of Valencia.

    • Bartali's Adventure Log Chapter 11 will be available once you finish up to chapter 10.

  • You will obtain a special reward upon completing 'Heritage for the Adventurer' quest after completing the final chapter of Bartali's Adventure Log.

  • Added Contribution EXP to the “Heritage for the Adventurer” quest of Bartali’s Adventure Log.

  • Deleted the video guide in the description of the quest "My Little First Pony".

  • The completion NPC for "A Wound that Starts to Heal" quest, Fiory, will not disappear right after completing the quest anymore.

  • The following quests were changed so that when you forfeit them, you need to discard their corresponding boss summon scrolls to accept the quests again.

    • [Boss] Giath, the Goblin Chief

    • [Boss] Dastard Bheg

    • [Boss] Prince of Invaders

    • [Boss] Muskan of Madness

    • [Boss] Saunil Siege Captain

    • [Boss] The Final Battle

    • [Boss] The Mastermind of the Catfishmen

    • [Boss] The Witch of Horrors

    • [Boss] The Overlord of Omar Lava Cave

    • [Boss] Commander of the Abandoned Iron Mine

    • [Boss] Illezra's Creation

    • [Boss] Ancient Power, Moghulis

    • [Boss] Illezra's Servant

    • [Boss] Awakened Black Spirit


  • Fixed the issue where the "Do not board other adventurer’s ships" function did not turn off when you change to your main weapon without disabling your fishing rod.

  • Fixed the issue where "Do not board other adventurer’s ships" was turned off after you return from manual fishing or interacting with an NPC.

  • Fixed the issue where protected guild members could attack enemy mounts.

  • Fixed the issue where the grass in certain areas of the Treant Forest, Loopy Tree Forest, and Calpheon Castle was floating in the air.

  • Fixed the following skills where you could use them at a range farther than intended when targeted first and then used after moving away with the mouse.

    • Valkyrie: Sanctitas de Enslar, Wave of Light

    • Dark Knight: Nocturne

    • Ninja, Kunoichi: Ninjutsu: Block Jump, Flow: Block Jump

    • Ninja: Boss Slaughter, Ninjutsu: Decapitation

    • Striker: Rampaging Predator, Echo Spirit

    • Musa, Maehwa: Arrow Grapple

    • Maehwa: Black Spirit: Maehwa: Decapitation

    • Lahn: Flailing Blades

    • Sorceress: Nightmare

  • [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where the sword draw sound was played when you select a Valkyrie from the character select screen and load the game.

  • [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where you could not dye your helmet with the Jousting Armor equipped.

  • [Kunoichi] Fixed the graphics of the top of the head when equipped with the number 12 hair.

  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the Trilby Headpiece was not displayed when equipped.

  • [Shai] Deleted Shai's Talent Weapon (Outfit) slot and moved the Underwear (Outfit) location in the inventory.

  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where you could not dye the Florchestra Headband with certain hairstyles.

  • [Shai] Fixed the description for dyeing Shai weapons to correctly display Talent instead of Awakening.

  • [Shai] Fixed the description of Sun's Fury in the Talent description.

  • [Shai] Fixed Shai's landing action to be more natural.

  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where Shai looked unnatural when mounted on a cannon and pressing Z, X, C, or V.

  • [Shai] Fixed the movement speed increase description in the tooltip of Sun, Moon, Stars II from 10% to 5%.

  • [Shai] Fixed Misty Haze, Delusive Light, Sun, Moon, Stars, Shout to the Sky, Time to Shine!, Summer Rain to apply their buffs even if you move right after taking out your instruments.

  • [Shai] Fixed skills using Tute and Tring to be able to combo into Twirl and Sprinkle-Sparkle.

  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where it seemed as if Shai could utilize Skill Add-ons.

    • The message "There is no skill add-on that can be learned." will now be displayed for Shai.

    • Changed the Awakening skills to Talent skills in the Skill Add-on window.

  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where the cooldown of Awakening: Daru's Celestial Bo Staff synced with Allround Spinner when Allround Spinner was used with Black Spirit's Rage.

  • [Ranger] Fixed the issue where, when Absolute: Descending Current is learned, the first shot of Ultimate: Descending Current did not fire an arrow when not on cooldown.

  • Fixed the issue where guild voice chat sometimes did not work.

  • Fixed the issue where you received an error message that the item cannot be registered when you choose the enhancement grade of an item for purchase at the Central Market.

  • Fixed the issue where the auto path route to Longleaf Tree Sentry Post was discontinued midway.

  • Fixed the navigation of the "Heart of a Turtle" quest to correctly guide you to the quest NPC.

  • Fixed the completion condition description of "Reluctantly Helping Katio" to match the actual completion condition of the quest.

  • Fixed the issue where Povios was floating in midair during the "Precious Footsteps" quest.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not unlock lower level skills when you lock skills and learn their higher level version from another PC.

  • Fixed the issue when transporting items with decreased Max Durability, their decreased Max Durability was not correctly shown in the transport status.

  • Fixed the issue where canceling an item upgrade still played the "item upgrading" sound effect.

  • Fixed the item upgrade window to not close when other buttons, such as equipment enhance or crystal transfusion, are pressed during item upgrade.

  • Fixed the Transportation list to display all available wagons.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not see your campsite in the dye menu when you activate the "Hide Other's Campsite" option in settings.

  • Fixed the issue where the HP bars of the below monsters of Sycraia were not displayed when you didn't have their knowledge.

    • Force Field Defender

    • Tower of Restoration

    • Eyes of the Deep Sea

  • When wearing the Terrmian Casual Wear, your equipped helmet will not be displayed.

  • Fixed the graphics issue of the [Shai] Serendian Soldier Armor behind the knee.

[Updated 19/08]

  • Fixed the issue where the mouse cursor was always activated when taking screenshots from Photo Gallery or Beauty Album.
  • Fixed the issue where additional Transport could not be possible after having sent 100 goods via Transport already.
    • Now with the addition of the Wagon exclusive for trade items, a total of 120 goods can be transported at once.



[Updated 16/08]

  • We are aware of the issue where event zones where Golden Trout can be caught has lowered drop rate of Ancient Relic Shards along with some other items. After the Golden Current ends on August 28. the drop rate on the affected items will return to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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