Pearl Shop Update: Double Inventory Expansion

07 August 2019 09:00



Naphart Campsite and Housekeepers Pack

6,100 / 5,200 Pearls (14% Off)

 Available until August 21 (before maintenance).

– Choose 1 among different Maid and Butlers and get a Naphart Campsite.

• Naphart Campsite lets you use Villa, Camping Container, Anvil, and Camping Shop.(buying only, double-priced).

• Container: 16 slots, 200LT (Stored items are not shared within the family).

• Remote use of Villa Scroll

• Anvil: Repairs gears.

• Items sold at the Camping Shop: Extra Large Potions (HP,MP,WP,SP), Instant Extra Large Potions (HP, MP), [Camp] Ancient Grindstone, [Camp] Combat Technique, [Camp] Desert Adaptation, and Gold Bar (1G, 10G, 100G).

• Only one can be registered per family.


[Event] Book of Kamasylve Pack 2+1

3,750 / 2,500 Pearls (33% Off)

Available until August 21 (before maintenance).

– Choose 3 from Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Days), Sealed Book of Combat (15 Days), and Sealed Book of Life (15 Days).

• You can select the same item.

• Max 1 per Family.


[Event] Inventory 16+16 Expansion Coupon - 2,900 / 1,450 Pearls (50% Off)

[Event] Inventory 8+8 Expansion Coupon - 1,600 / 800 Pearls (50% Off)

 Available until August 14 (before maintenance).

– Two items that permanently add 8 or 16 inventory slots each respectively.

• Inventory can have a maximum of 192 slots.

• Max 1 per Family.

• Unavailable for adventurers who have already purchased this item before.


[Event] Life EXP Transfer Pack

5,300 / 4,200 Pearls (20% Off)

 Available until August 21 (before maintenance).

– Choose 1 Life EXP Transfer Coupon.

– Contains all of the following: Inventory Expansion Coupon +16, Sealed Book of Life (15 Days), and Energy Tonic (L) x11.




[Witch] Fairybleu Outfit Set

2,200 Pearls

– New outfit for the Witch!


[Archer] Ignis Classic Set

2,900 Pearls

– New outfit for the Archer!


[Shai] Canape Classic Set

2,900 Pearls

• A socket cannot be made on this product using Black Spirit's Claw.

• Outfit Slot Equip Effect is applied to this product.


Mirror of Illusion x11 Bundle - 500 Pearls

Mirror of Illusion x1 - 50 Pearls

– If you have the item, you can use it to retry the Altar of Blood stage you were unable to clear.

• The effects will not be applied when used outside of the Altar of Blood.

• Cannot be used with Nightmare Fragment.

• Nightmare Fragment will be used first if you possess both items in your inventory.

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