Patch Notes - July 3rd 2019

03 July 2019 13:00

Greetings Adventurers, 

This week, refresh yourself with a Finto's juice and get even more rewards with the Start of an Amazing Summer Challenge!  As announced recently, we are changing the Horse Flute into the Trainer's Flute which can be used to call your horses, but also your donkeys, camels and miniature elephants! You will now be able to see which mount you have taken out for each character in the End Game and Character Selection window. 

Guild Masters can now take a break; Guilds Officers will be able to use the Guild Skills. Keep reading the patch notes to find all the details newly added in the game!


[New Events]

  • Start of an Amazing Summer Challenge

    • Event Period: July 4 00:00 UTC = July 9 23:59 UTC

    • During the event  period (6 days), claim the following rewards including the  Shakatu’s Seals via Challenges tab (Y) for simply playing Black Desert Online

Hours Played


1 hr.

Finto's Sweet Juice x1,

Finto's Filling Juice x1,

Finto’s Fresh Juice x1

2 hrs.

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x1

3 hrs.

Shakatu’s Seal x1

[Ongoing Events]

  • Shai Release Events

    • Event 1: Decisions, Decisions…: June 26 (after maintenance) – July 10 (before maintenance)

    • Event 2: The Case of the Missing Herb: June 26 (after maintenance) – July 10 (before maintenance)

    • Event 3: Treasure Hunt: June 26 (after maintenance) – July 9 (23:59 UTC)

  • Play for a Free Game Pass: June 19 (after maintenance) – July 10 (before maintenance)

  • Buy 5,000 Kakao Cash to get a Free Explorer’s Package: June 19 (after maintenance) – July 10 (before maintenance)

  • Community Event: Art of Thrones

    • Community voting: June 28 - July 8 10:00 UTC

    • Winners Announcement: July 8

  • The following challenges were changed from event challenges to goal challenges.

    • “[Shai] Reach Lv. 60” reward Advice of Valks (+60) x1

    • “Achieved Lv. 50!” reward Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day) x1

    • “Achieved Lv. 56!” reward Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day) x1

    • “Achieved Lv. 58!” reward Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day) x1


[Ended Events]

  • Customize & Win

    • Top 5 winners from BEST OF SHOW and Top 3 winners from BE UNIQUE in NA or EU (Total 16) will be chosen after the event concludes and winners will be announced via Forums shortly.

  • Monster zone event part 3.

    • The monsters from the regions below will no longer appear twice as fast  after they die.

    • Mediah: Shultz Guard Post, Hasrah Ancient Ruins

    • Valencia: Bashim Base, Basilisk Den, Roud Sulfur Mine

    • Kamasylvia: Forest Ronaros

    • Drieghan: Tshira Ruins, Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)

    • Other: Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper zone)


[Reward Distribution]

  • Traces of Black Spirit

    • The rewards for finding Black Spirit’s Marks have been distributed via your in-game mailbox (B).

  • #NotCameraShai SNS Contest

    • Sealed Book of Life (7 Days) has been sent out via in-game mailbox (B) to the winners.

    • If you are one of the Grand Prize Winners, please keep an eye on your email!



  • Guild Officers can now use guild skills.

    • (Command to Gather can still only be used by the Guild Leader.)


[Developer’s Comment] 

We received various feedback from numerous adventurers after the Heidel Ball. There were some points we never thought of before and some we changed priority levels to deal with earlier.

To answer to your call, we are preparing to review and make applications of your feedback in every week's patch.

This week, we changed guild skills so that Guild Officers can also use them. We plan to add more ranks, but added this feature first. We will implement more segmented ranks in a future patch.

  • Guild Officers can now use [Guild] Pledge of the Blood.

    • Added text to guild skills saying that guild officers can also use them.

  • Option for Keyboard LED Animation has been added to: General Settings → Misc. 

    • RGB effects will be available for F1 ~ F8 and W, A, S, D, V keys for certain keyboards.

    • This feature is still in development. List of officially supported keyboards will be announced in a future Patch Note.



[Game World]

  • Fixed the issue where certain parts of the streets of Velia did not look natural.

  • Fixed the issue where characters could not climb up in certain areas of Wizard's Altar.

  • Fixed the issue where certain geographical graphics appeared unnatural during spectator mode.



  • Fixed the issue where some unintended NPCs showed up for Find NPC, causing unnecessary log build up.

    • Related NPCs are Dellus, Shakatu's right hand man and the quest NPC Sealed Black Scroll.

  • Fixed the actions of some of the NPCs of Olvia which did not match the background.

    • Background props were added to match the NPC's actions.


  • Fixed the issue where the oars of the Epheria Frigate appeared in unintended positions.

  • The name and function of the Horse Flute was changed to the following.

    • Horse Flute → Trainer's Flute

    • Use the Trainer's Flute to call horses, donkeys, camels, and miniature elephants.

    • Trainer’s Flute cannot be used to call wagons and ships.

  • The mount icon for donkeys, camels, and miniature elephants will now be displayed in yellow if you have an activated Trainer’s Flute.

  • Fixed the issue where donkeys would turn around when attacked by another adventurer using a 100% Black Spirit skill while mounted.

  • Fixed the issue where donkeys would follow the player even after the player rides them into the water.

  • New icons and descriptions were added to the donkey mount information window indicating that skills acquired by donkeys are only usable by Shai.

  • Fixed the issue where the acceleration of horses was affected by the character's jump.

    • This issue occurred for characters who had items such as Magic Crystal of Nature - Ascension (Item effect: Jump Height +25) transfused into their gear.



[By Class]


  • Fixed the issue where logging into a Ranger and using a resource consuming skill sometimes caused the character to stop moving.


  • Fixed the graphical issue of the Durandal Outfit Set where the collar looked awkward during Awakening combat stance.


  • Fixed the process of going into Awakening combat stance by pressing the C key, while pressing the W key, and then pressing the Tab key in the process to return to idle stance to be sequenced more naturally.


  • Fixed the issue where her hair was in a fixed position and color changed when equipped with a Coco Hat.

  • Fixed Shai to be able to auto-run even when not in combat stance.

    • Now Shai will stop from auto-run when the destination is reached.

  • The switch from combat to auto-run stance is now faster.

  • Shai can now look at the camera during auto-run.

  • Fixed the issue where Twirl I, II, and III continued on to do its second hit damage by holding LMB, making it difficult to chain other skills.

  • Fixed the issue where the death message for Shai was displayed 3 times consecutively.

  • Fixed the issue where Shai's Grunil and Fortuna gloves and shoes were not displayed properly when equipped.

  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the skill 'Come Out, Come Out' worked only 1 person although there were multiple hostile adventurers nearby.


  • The Wild Spirit Stone can now be used in Processing (Grinding) to obtain Mystical Spirit Powder.

  • Fixed the issue where the [Event] Golden Bell could not be stacked.

  • The interior point for Cosmic Dawn Chandelier was changed to match other chandeliers.

    • Before: 85 points

    • After: 250 points

  • The Cosmic Dawn Chandelier was changed to have +8 interior points if there are no items nearby its location.

  • Fixed the Alchemy Stone Shard tooltip to display the correct amount of required Black Stone Powder.

    • Before: Black Stone Powder x2

    • After: Black Stone Powder x20

  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !

    • A special offer function was added to the shop, which will be available to adventurers who have certain conditions.


  • Caphras Stone can now be extracted from all enhancement levels capable of Caphras enhancement.


  • The dust effects of the below monsters were improved based on their size.

    • Stoneback Crab

    • Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab

    • Rough Stoneback Crab

    • Beetle Stoneback Crab

  • The below monsters near the Olvia Coast road were relocated away from the road.

    • Wolf

    • Weasel

    • Grass Beetle

  • Fixed the graphical issue of Al Rhundi's face.




  • Fixed the issue where the dialogue for the quest "Finding a Way Out" was awkward.

  • Fixed the issue where the quest guide for the "Even a Small Piece" quest took you to a location where you could not make interactions.

  • Fixed the reward information of some quests, such as "The Sage of Velia", to display the correct information.

  • Added EXP rewards to certain quests to help the growth of your characters.

  • To help the growth of your characters, general quests (excluding main, life, fishing, adventure, trade, and  repeat quests) now have Combat Grade EXP rewards.

    • With Combat Grade EXP, you can receive different amounts of EXP depending on the level of your character.

    • The amount of EXP received is not a set number, but a percentage of your current required EXP.

    • For example, if you complete a quest with a Combat Grade EXP reward, a level 58 character will receive 0.5% EXP, while a level 60 character will receive 0.02% EXP.
      ※ The example shown is not the actual ratio used in game and is used to help you understand its concept.

    • Also, the "Combat EXP Gain +30%" effect of "Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom" is also applied to the Combat Grade EXP reward.
      ("Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom" can be acquired by completing the suggested quest "[Lv.53] The Adventurer's Tome regarding the legend of Chenga".

    • Quests with Combat Grade EXP rewards are indicated with the orange Combat EXP icon in the quest rewards list.


[Developer’s Comment]

All quests of Black Desert give Contribution Points as rewards and they were used as a resource to live in this world. However, they are not used as they were first intended to be anymore.

We've also noted that many adventurers enjoy completing quests after the addition of Rulupee's Travel Log. To help these players, completion of quests now increase amity with the NPCs of the quests and reward more Combat EXP.

It is not a big change, but we hope this brings more meaning to those who enjoy quests.

  • Amity rewards were added to some quests.

    • Completing quests will make it easier for you to become better acquainted with NPCs.

    • Amity rewards vary depending on the characteristics of the NPC and quest given.

    • This does not include recurring and life advancement quests.

  • Event quests [Event] I love becoming stronger!, [Event] I love life skills!, [Event] I love adventures! can now only be accepted at level 25.

  • New quest description for the event quests above has been changed accordingly.

  • Condition to accept the quest [Event] They Took the Herb Bundles! has been added to the quest description.

  • You can now see where the quest takes place when you do the quest [Event] They Took the Herb Bundles! 

  • Quest objective of [Event] They Took the Herb Bundles! has been changed.



  • Fixed the "Southwestern Gateway" knowledge to now be obtainable by talking to Xaviero Vitello.


  • The Special tag was added to certain items listed on the Pearl Shop.

  • Fixed the Marni's Stone count to adjust to the size of the 3D minimap.

  • Attempting Edit UI with a character below level 7 will now display the message "The Edit UI function is available from level 7.".

  • Fixed the issue where the My Information (P) menu would display the character with no titles even when one is applied.

  • Fixed the issue where you could interact with NPCs and the Black Spirit while moving the character selection window.

  • Fixed items that cannot be Black Stone extracted to be unable to be registered for Black Stone extraction.

  • Fixed the mail description at the bottom right of the screen to display the correct information.

    • This message is only shown when you have unread mail.

  • Fixed the expired tabs in the attendance reward UI to be removed.

  • The accumulated trade numbers of the Central Market is now divided by units.

  • New UI (horse or anchor icon) was added to the Select Character (Character Selection) screen and End Game menu showing the mounts being used by each of your characters.

    • No Guild mounts will be displayed.

  • Search for the Web Central Market is now not case sensitive for English.

  • When giving feed to your pet by pressing Give Feed button, the first one in the list of feed you have will now be selected (from Select Feed window) as default. This will be the same for when selecting Feed All option.

  • All other windows will now be closed when you start the harpooning minigame.

  • Fixed the issue where the camera perspective was unnatural when using the keyboard after log-in.

  • Fixed the issue where the system message "Please try again in a moment" was displayed when you join a platoon.

  • Fixed the issue where the system message "Please try again in a moment" was displayed when you create a party or a platoon.

  • Fixed the issue where items were not updated properly when you move them between slots with the Item Count UI open.

  • Fixed the issue where you could use a Crystal Extractor in the Extraction Mill consecutively, even after you complete timing the extractor correctly 3 times, in certain situations.

  • Fixed the issue where the number of Likes increased when you apply customization in the Beauty Album.

  • Fixed the issue where the notice on the top of the screen during fishing would overlap with other UI when text size is set to the largest size.

  • Now you can see in the Central Market list whether the item reached its Max or Min price.

  • Fixed the issue where the mount skill list UI was abnormal when the description text was longer.

  • Fixed the issue where the information about summoned mount was not displayed intermittently.


  • Fixed the issue where Shai's skills were unusable when performing them with Quick Slot 11 through 20 that are set up through the Edit UI.

  • The Fighting Spirit social action for Shai now displays the correct facial expression.

  • Fixed the issue where the dialog of 'The Truth Behind the Treasure' was repeated when accepting the quest.


  • We are aware of the error message "This is a customization file for a different class." that is displayed when you enter the character select menu.

  • We are aware of the issue where the effect of Finto's Fresh Juice is not applied when used while the character is swimming.

  • We are aware of the issue where you cannot call your wagon even in close distance by pressing LMB on the Mount icon when you have a Trainer’s Flute activated.

  • We are aware of the issue where the following system message is displayed when pressing LMB on the Mount icon to try to call your wagon/ship. Please note Trainer’s Flute cannot be used to call Wagons and Ships.
    • Your mount is too far away. (You can call mounts from a further distance with a Trainer’s Flute).


Reach us on the »forums« to share your feedback, opinions, and suggestions.

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