Pearl Shop Update - July 3rd 2019

03 July 2019 12:00



New Shai Costumes

[Shai] Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set & [Shai] Venecil Costume Set

2,200 Pearls



[Ninja] Obsidian Arrow Outfit Set

2,200 Pearls

Changes the appearance of your defense gear.



[Striker] Syahzar Classic Set

2,900 Pearls

Changes the appearance of your defense gear.





[Event] All In One Training Pack

4,120 / 3,500 Pearls (15% Off)

※ Contains: Trainer's Flute (Permanent), Mount Skill Change Coupon x5, Horse Breeding Reset (Female) x1, Horse Breeding Reset (Male) x1, [Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll x11, and Mount 20% DC Coupon.

※ Available until July 10 (before maintenance).


[Event] Wild Carrot Donkey Gear + Trainer's Flute Bundle

3,500 / 3,000 Pearls (14% Off)

※ Contains: [Donkey] Wild Carrot Donkey Gear Set, Trainer's Flute (Permanent), and Special Carrot x10.


Also sold separately:

- Trainer's Flute (1/7/30 Days)

- Trainer's Flute (Permanent)

- [Loyalties] Trainer's Flute (1 Day)

*Please note that with July 3 maintenance, the previous Horse Flute has been renamed to Trainer's Flute and the specifications have changed that the Trainer's Flute now calls mounts including horse, donkey, camel, and miniature elephants (this does not include a wagon or a boat).

※ Available until July 17 (before maintenance).




New Shai Accessories

[Shai] Badane Glasses - 500 Pearls

[Shai] Inquirer's Glasses - 500 Pearls

[Shai] Cat Whiskers - 200 Pearls

[Shai] Night Sky Ear Studs - 500 Pearls





[Event] Your First Value Pack

2,250 / 1,500 Pearls (33% off)

※ Contains: Value Pack (30 Days), Artisan's Memory x15, Valks' Cry x10, and Pet 20% DC Coupon x1.

Max 1 per Family.

Available until July 10 (before maintenance) for all adventurers.

Available from July 10 (after maintenance) to July 24 (before maintenance) for *New Adventurers.

*New Adventurers are defined as adventurers that can enter Olvia (Growth) Server. Your entry to the Olvia (Growth) Servers lasts for 30 days upon your first login.

- Please note Returning Adventurers who are existing adventurers who can access the Olvia (Growth) servers after being absent from the game for more than 30 days do not count as New Adventurers.


[Event] Surprise Thank You Gift

1 Loyalty

※ Contains: 20% DC Coupon, Value Pack (1 Day), [Loyalties] Blessing of Kamasylve (1 Day), and Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day).

※ Coupon Registration Period: 3 days upon purchase.

※ Coupon Expiration Date: 7 days after registration.

※ Max 1 per Family.

※ This pack is only available for adventurers who have used over 5,000 Pearls since July 1, 00:00 UTC 2019.

※ If you are unable to find this item in the Hot&New tab even after using 5,000 Pearls, please revisit the Pearl Shop (F3).

※ Available until July 31 (before maintenance).




[Loyalties] Garnier Fireworks

1 Loyalty

Garnier fireworks. Enjoy 5 dazzling displays of fireworks.

※ Max 1 per Family.

※ Available until July 10 (before maintenance).

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