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Beta client download is available now

14 December 2015 16:00

The download for Closed Beta Test-1 is now available. If you purchased a Conqueror's Pre-Order Package from our Pre-Orders page or won a key and and have applied it via registration page you may start your download now.

CBT-1 will start on Wednesday, December 16th.

• Start: Wednesday, December 16th – 07:00 a.m. UTC
• End: Tuesday, December 22nd – 07:00 a.m. UTC

Redeem your Beta Key here.
Download the Beta Client here.

Note: To be able to download the Beta Client, you have to register a valid Beta Key first. The application process on our website has already been closed, yet you may still have a chance to win on certain websites.

If you are experiencing any technical issues with the download or the launcher, please let us know here.

Thank you for participating, we hope you will enjoy the game!
Your Black Desert Online Team

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The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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