Hands of Gold Returns

08 May 2019 09:50

Collect [Event] Golden Troupe Coins and exchange them for precious items!

  • Period: May 8 (after maintenance) -  June 5 (before maintenance)


Event Items


How to Obtain


[Event] Golden Troupe Coin

Complete the event Challenge (Y) or event daily quests during the event period to get the coin.

The coin can be exchanged for items.

[Event] Golden Imp Coin

Defeat monsters during the event period to get the coin.

This coin is needed to complete the event quest [Event] Golden Imp Coin.


How to obtain [Event] Golden Troupe Coin (in detail)

Event Challenge (Y)

Objective: Play 1 hour and receive [Event] Golden Troupe Coin x1.

Period: May 9 (00:00 UTC) – June 5 (23:59 UTC)

Event Daily Quests

Upon completion of the daily quests (combat, gathering, or Red Battlefield), you will be rewarded with [Event] Golden Troupe Coin x1.


Quest NPC

Quest Type

Quest Name

Quest Requirement


[Event] Golden Imp Coin

Must be Lv.15 or above


[Event] Destroyed Golden Wagon

Must be Lv.15 or above

Red Battlefield

[Event] New Hero of the Arena

Must be Lv.51 or above

※ Tapu appears in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, Valencia, Grána.

※ For the gathering-type quests, 1 out of 3 random gathering quest will be offered.

※ The combat, gathering, or Red Battlefield event quests can be completed once per day respectively.


Items Exchangeable with [Event] Golden Troupe Coin



Number of [Event] Golden Troupe Coins Required

Cron Stone x20

Prevents the enhancement level from dropping if Enhancement fails.


Memory Fragment x30

Used to restore an Item's Max Durability.


Advice of Valks (+50)

Increases your Enhancement Chance by +50.

This item can only be used when your Enhancement Chance is 0.


[Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box

Open the box to randomly obtain an item, including TET: Tungrad Belt, TET: Ogre Ring, and 40 more items.



Event Notice

  • Tapu will be available for one more week after the event ends (until June 12 before maintenance) so you can continue to exchange your [Event] Golden Troupe Coins with Tapu!

  • Both [Event] Golden Imp Coin and [Event] Golden Troupe Coin can be sold to NPC vendors.

  • Reward items given out through events can be bound or not depending on the items. Thus, some items cannot be Moved nor Restored.

    • Please check the description of the item to confirm if it's Bound or not.

  • Event period and specs. may change with future notice.

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