Pearl Shop Update - April 30th 2019

30 April 2019 11:00



[Event] Midnight Pet Pack

5,500 / 4,400 Pearls

※ Choose 1 out of 3 Fantastic Young Dragon Boxes.

※ Contains: Crow, Karlstein Cat, Helter-Skelter Ceros, and Kanpacho's Chewable Tablet x10.

※ About the Fantastic Young Dragon Surprise box (which you will get from the Fantastic Young Dragon box of your choice): Open the box to randomly obtain one of the following: Young Black Dragon (Tier 1), Young Golden Dragon (Tier 4), Young Golden Dragon (Tier 3) or Young Golden Dragon (Tier 2).

※ Item not available in Belgium.

※ Available until May 15 (before maintenance).




[All Classes] Epheria Marine Classic Set

3,600 / 2,900 Pearls

※ Contains: Epheria Marine Classic Set, and Epheria Marine Underwear.

*Unavailable for Archer.

※ Available until May 8 (before maintenance).


Epheria Marine Underwear & Epheria Marine Underwear (No Stockings)

700 Pearls

*Unavailable for Archer.

※ Available until May 8 (before maintenance).




Gavi Regan Premium Set

3,400 / 2,720 Pearls

2,900 / 2,320 Pearls for [Wizard] Gavi Regan

Available for Warrior, Berserker, Musa, Wizard, and Ninja.

※ Available until May 8 (before maintenance).




Ram Horn Witch Outfit

2,200 Pearls

Available for Lahn, Ranger, Dark Knight, Kunoichi, Maehwa, Valkyrie, and Sorceress.

※ Available until May 8 (before maintenance).




[Event] Dark Horse Pack

4,200 / 3,360 Pearls

※ Contains: Dark Thorn Horse Gear Set, Venia Riding Attire Costume Box, Mount 20% DC Coupon, and Extra Life EXP Scroll x10.

※ Available until May 8 (before maintenance).

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