Pearl Shop Update - 10th April 2019

10 April 2019 11:00



Newborn Golden Dragon is back!

[Event] Drieghan Desert Pack

[Event] Drieghan Hostility Pack

[Event] Drieghan Fishing Pack

9,525 / 5,900 Pearls

Build your own Newborn Golden Dragon, and get other exciting items as a bonus!

There are 12 possible combinations of special skills and talents available for your Newborn Golden Dragon. First, choose 1 among 3 special skills: Resistance to desert diseases; Hostility detection; Auto-fishing reduction. Then, choose 1 among 4 talents: Skill EXP Boost; Life EXP Boost; Knowledge Gain Chance Increase & Higher-Grade Knowledge Gain Chance Increase; Durability Reduction Resistance.

※ Bonus: Marmot, [Event] Pavilla Costume Box, [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days), Value Pack (90 Days), Elion's Blessing x15, [Event] Energy Tonic (L) x10, [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 Min) x10, Book of Training – Combat (5 Hours), Book of Training – Skill (5 Hours), and Outfit 20% DC Coupon.

By the way, Pavilla Costume has the following set effect: Alchemy EXP +15%, Alchemy Time -2 sec.

※ Available until April 24 (before maintenance).

※ Newborn Golden Dragon will be available only in the [Limited] Drieghan Packs.


Double the Pets!

[Event] Double Ribbon Cat Pack

2,200 Pearls

※ Contains: Ribbon Cat x2 and [Event] Kanpacho's Organic Feed] x10.

※ Ribbon Cat: – Type: Limited. – Talent: Cat (Life EXP Boost). – Special skill: Finds resources.


[Event] Double Fluffy Puppy Pack

2,050 / 1,600 Pearls

※ Contains: Fluffy Puppy x2, Pet Appearance Change Coupon, and [Event] Kanpacho's Organic Feed x6.

※  Fluffy Puppy: – Type: Classic. – Talent: Dog (Skill EXP Boost). – Special skill: Hostility detection.


[Event] Double Long-tailed Rosefinch Pack

2,450 / 2,000 Pearls

※ Contains: Long-tailed Rosefinch x2, Pet Appearance Change Coupon, and [Event] Kanpacho's Organic Feed x6,

※ Long-tailed Rosefinch: – Type: Premium. – Talent: Long-tailed Rosefinch (Knowledge Gain Chance Increase & Higher-Grade Knowledge Gain Chance Increase). – Special skill: Finds rare monsters.

※ Available until April 24 (before maintenance).


[Event] Anemos Horse Gear Package

3,200 / 2,000 Pearls

※ Contain: Anemos Horse Set, Mount Skill Change Coupon x2, Extra Mount EXP Scroll x10, Merv's Palette (7 Days), and [Event] 10% Discount Coupon.

– Coupon Registration Period: 3 days upon purchase.

– Coupon Expiration Date: 7 days after registration.

※ Available until April 24 (before maintenance).




Anemos Outfit Set

2,200 Pearls

※ Contains: Anemos Outfit Set

※ Bonus: [Event] Peach Flower Coronet, and Merv's Palette (1 Day).

※ Available until April 24 (before maintenance).




Naphart Campsite on Sale

4,900 / 4,165 Pearls

It lets you use Villa, Camping Container, Anvil, and Camping Shop (buying only, double-priced).

※ Items from the Shop: Extra Large Potions (HP, MP, WP, SP), [Camp] AP towards Monster +10, [Camp] Skill EXP Gain +10%, [Camp] Desert Adaptation +40%, Gold Bar 1G, 10G, 100G.

※ Container: 16 slots, 200LT (Stored items are not shared within the Family).

※ Anvil: Repairs gears.

※ Remote use of Villa Scroll.

※ Only one can be registered per Family.

※ On sale until April 17 (before maintenance).

Service Information

The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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