Featured Partner: WallofKai

04 April 2019 16:00


This week’s partner, WallofKai or Kai for short, is a true Berserker rocking some very respectable gear. Join his stream for great tunes and insightful discussion in a relaxed environment.


" WallofKai here! Often known as just Kai or Silverback in game. I'm a Zerker who started streaming BDO in late 2016 after i started to get a good handle on the game. I strive to play the game at the highest possible tier including gear progression and end game PvP.

A day before the Central Market was released for NA I managed to complete one of my goals of full PEN boss armor and weapons by acquiring PEN Urugons for 17billion on a pre-order.

Overall I have had subpar luck when it comes to enhancing for gains So I have often had to resort to purchasing my upgrades. Currently, I sit at  284/287/337 and I don’t plan on stopping. In my stream you can expect to see a lot of grinding, pvp, good music, game discussion, and advice in a laid back atmosphere.”


Check out WallofKai’s channel at the link and times below:


Streaming Schedule:  Changes week to week based on my work schedule.

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