3rd Anniversary Sale (Part 3)

13 March 2019 10:00


[Event] TRI: Sylvian Wolves Pack

3,300 Pearls

※ Contains: Borrum Wolf, Sylvian Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Elion's Blessing x5, and Kanpacho's Chewable Tablet x30.

※ Type: Limited  ※ Only the pets of the same type can be Exchanged, and some pets might not be eligible for Exchange.

※ Talent: Durability Reduction Resistance.

※ Market registration unavailable.

※ This wolf will grow in size as its tier increases. However, if you exchange multiple wolves and you select a wolf as a main pet but select to inherit the appearance of another wolf pet, the appearance (including the size) of the selected pet will be inherited.

※ Available until Mar. 20 before maintenance.


[Event] Golden Wonders

4,300 / 3,000 Pearls

※ Contains: Rare Item Box and Golden Bell

※ Open the Rare Item Box to randomly obtain one of the following:

Golden Hedgehog, Hedgehog (Tier 4), Hedgehog (Tier 3), Hedgehog (Tier 2), Polar Bear (Tier 4), Polar Bear (Tier 3) or Polar Bear (Tier 2).

※ Item not available in Belgium.

※ Available until Mar. 20 before maintenance.


Golden Loyalties


[3rd Anniversary] Gold Pop Earring, [3rd Anniversary] Gold Pop Glasses & [3rd Anniversary] Gold Pop Accessory

3 Loyalties

Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary with something special!

※ Equipped on Ears, Eyes, and Mouth depending on the accessory.

※ Max 1 purchase per Family.

※ Available until Mar. 20 before maintenance.


[Event] Saint Patrick's Day Pack

3 Loyalties

St. Patrick's Day celebratory dye bundle.

※ Contains: Lime Dye Box, Mint Dye Box, and Aqua Dye Box.

※ Max 1 purchase per Family.

※ Available until Mar. 20 before maintenance.


[Loyalties] Pet 10% DC Coupon & [Loyalties] Inventory 20% DC Coupon

3 Loyalties

※ Registration Period: 3 days upon purchase.

※ Coupon Expiration Date: 7 days after registration.

※ Max 1 purchase per Family.


※ Available until Mar. 20 before maintenance.




[Archer] Canape Classic Set

2,900 Pearls

※ A socket cannot be made on this product using Black Spirit's Claw.

※ Outfit Slot Equip Effect is applied to this product.



Floree Outfit Set

2,200 Pearls

※ Available for Ranger, Sorceress, Tamer, Valkyrie, Maehwa, Witch, Kunoichi, Dark Knight, Mystic, and Lahn.



Leonidas Outfit Set

2,200 Pearls

※ Available for Warrior, Berserker, Musa, Wizard, Ninja, and Striker.

※ Unavailable for Archer currently.



[Guild Master Only] Reset Guild Skill

2,000 Pearls

Resets all guild skills of a guild.

※ Exclusively for Guild Master

※ Upon use, all guild skills will be reset.

※ Protected guild members and guild size (number of members) do not get reset.



EXP Transfer Coupons

2,200 Pearls

※ Available:

Hunting EXP Transfer Coupon / Processing EXP Transfer Coupon / Fishing EXP Transfer Coupon

Trading EXP Transfer Coupon / Alchemy EXP Transfer Coupon / Cooking EXP Transfer Coupon

Training EXP Transfer Coupon / Gathering EXP Transfer Coupon

Farming EXP Transfer Coupon / Sailing EXP Transfer Coupon

You can transfer your current EXP to a different character in the same Family.

The current character's EXP will become 0 after the transfer.



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