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06 March 2019 09:00

Greetings Adventurers,


Reaching Lv. 60 on any class in Black Desert Online takes some serious time and effort.

Well ,“Trial” Characters will allow you to try out several different classes at Lv. 60 at certain arenas.


▲ The tab for Trial characters is on the top right corner of the Character Selection window


You will have a maximum of three Trial Character slots available. You can delete and create a new Trial Character if you run out of slots.

You can choose from 17 Classes and customize your Trial character’s look to your liking!

Then, you can try out your Trial Character in Battle Arena, and it will already be Lv. 60! You can also try our Trial Character at  Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, and Savage Rift.



When you first enter Battle Arena with your Lv. 60 Trial Character, you can open up your Inventory (I) and check out the following free items:

  • Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon x3

  • Basic main weapon and sub-weapon (You can purchase Awakening Weapons from NPC Haz)

  • [Battlefield] Body Enhancement

  • “Awakening Secret” skill book (right-click to be able to use Awakening weapon)


If you bring up the Skill window (K), you will see that you have 4,000 skill points available! You can use the points to learn all the available Main and Awakening skills! You can also press a button to reset all skills and get the Skill points back.


▲ There are enough Skill Points to learn all Main and Awakening skills!


Having all the skills available is no good without proper weapon and defense gear, right? If you go to NPC Haz in Battle Arena, he will offer you a wide array of items and gear from his exclusive shop, and the the option to add Skill Add-ons.

Here are some of the items and gear offered by Haz:

  • Arsha’s Chest (Available March 13th, after maintenance)

  • (Class-exclusive) Trial Weapon Box

  • Ramones’s equipment

  • [Battlefield] Instant HP Potion (XL)

  • [Battlefield] Instant MP Potion (XL)

  • [Battlefield] Exquisite Cron Meal (Cannot be used in Arena of Arsha)

  • [Battlefield] Giant's Draught (Cannot be used in Arena of Arsha)

  • [Battlefield] Perfume of Courage (Cannot be used in Arena of Arsha)

  • [Battlefield] Body Enhancement (Cannot be used in Arena of Arsha)


▲ Find Haz in Battle Arena!


What’s more, Haz sells all these items and gear for only 1 Silver each, and each of your Trial Character will start with 100,000 Silver to shop with. Try using different items, experience boosts, and gear to further customize your Trial Character, and its stats. (You cannot enhance gear and accessories sold by Haz).


▲Try putting on all the gears and accessories sold by Haz and enjoy high AP, DP, and stats!


After you have geared yourself up and learned all the skills you desire, then it’s time for battle! You can test out your PvP skills by calling up a friend for a fight. You can also approach a fellow adventurer and ask for a Duel!


▲ Approach another adventurer and press F8 to request a Duel.


Trial Characters can only enter Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, and Savage Rift. They cannot receive Savage Rift rewards.

Trial Characters do not affect your Family Fame and cannot request/receive/complete certain contents such as attendance rewards, in-game mail, Challenges (Y), Node investment, and Guild Bonuses.

Trial Characters can Duel with characters that are not Trial Characters, but will not receive any benefits or bonuses for doing so.

Characters allow you to experience how the classes of your choice would perform at Lv. 60, and are a good vehicle to practice your PvP skills. Try different customizations, practice skills and combos, and visualize how you would like your own regular characters to develop.


So, what are you waiting for?

Try out Trial Characters today!

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