Patch Notes - February 13th 2019

13 February 2019 12:00

Greetings Adventurers,

We hope you’re sending lots of love to your favourite people in and out of Black Desert Online. This week the ‘Show your Love’ and ‘Be My Love’ event starts! However, be careful while you go through the lovely events as Dark Rifts have been spotted in the wild and powerful monsters have emerged. Finally, guilds from Calpheon to Valencia and beyond are recruiting heroes to fight alongside them. The new War Hero contract system is here for those who are non-committal, but ready for a fight. Read the rest of the patch notes for the full details and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

[New Events]

  • Be My Love event will begin.

    • Event Period: Feb. 13th (after maintenance) - Feb. 27th (before maintenance)

    • Event 1: Chocolate Fun: During this sweet event period, get [Event] Cacao from defeating monsters or gathering.

    • Event 2: Love in a Bottle: During this romantic event period, Fish to get [Event] Message in a Bottle which you can right-click to open to receive various quests and items.

    • Click <Here> to find out more about this lovely event.

  • Show your Love event has been added.

    • This lovely event consists of 2 parts. Please read on below for the details.

    • Event 1: My Favorite NPC’s

      • Event Period: Feb. 13 (after maintenance)  - Feb. 27 (before maintenance)

      • Target NPC

        • Amerigo (Storage Keeper of Heidel)

        • Soryu (Sibyl of Port Ratt)

        • Afuaru (Grave Robber in Valencia City)

        • Ahon Kirus (Chief of Tarif)

      • Raise your Amity with the NPCs above during the event period and receive a special reward after Feb. 27 regular maintenance.

        Upon reaching Amity of 1,000 or more

          [Event] Cron Meal Box x1
        Upon reaching Amity of 1,500 or more

        [Event] Valentine Chocolate Pack x3

        NOTE: Right-click to open [Event] Valentine Chocolate Pack and get:

        [Event] Valentine Chocolate x3

        [Event] Handmade Valentine Chocolate x3

        [Event] Special Valentine Chocolate x3

      • ※ Please keep in mind the Amity reached will count up until Feb. 27 regular maintenance.

      • Rewards for reaching certain Amity will be given separately for each of the listed NPCs above (i.e. if you reach 1,000 Amity requirement with all 4 of the target NPCs, you will get 4 rewards)

      • If you achieve 1,500 Amity with the target NPC, both 1,500 Amity reward and 1,000 Amity reward will be given.

    • Event 2: I’m the Lover of Someone

      • Event Period: Feb. 13 (after maintenance)  - Feb. 20 (before maintenance)

      • During the event period, succeed in becoming a couple with any of the NPCs available for NPC Dating, then [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box x1 will be given in a future maintenance after the event period ends.

    • The reward from the above event will be sent via in-game mailbox (B) in a future maintenance after the event ends. Exact date will be announced in the future.

  • Mount Training Fever Time event will begin.

    • Event Period: Feb. 13 (after maintenance)  - Feb. 27 (before maintenance)

    • During the event period, all Training EXP and Mount EXP will increase by 100% throughout all servers. (currently unavailable in Olvia servers, but will be offered soon with future announcement).


[Ongoing Events]

  • Send Love: Feb. 6th (after maintenance) - Feb. 20th (before maintenance)

  • Gather Serbianca’s Vouchers: Jan. 30th (after maintenance) - Feb. 20th (before maintenance)


[Ended Events]

  • It’s a Cakewalk: Jan. 30th (after maintenance) - Feb. 13th (before maintenance)

  • Mammore is Back!: Jan. 30th (after maintenance) - Feb. 13th (before maintenance)

  • Fortune Favors the Bold: Jan. 24th (after maintenance) - Feb. 13th (before maintenance)



  • Don’t forget to tune in for our official Shadow Arena Stream Royale!

    • Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019 (10AM - 2PM PST/ 7pm - 11PM CET)

    • Find out more <Here>



  • Dark Rifts are spawning all over the Black Desert world where bosses consumed by the Black Spirit are appearing throughout.

    • The difficulty level of these boss monsters depend on the Monster Zone they appear in.

    • These boss monsters have a certain chance to appear when you approach the Monster Zone. If they are not discovered for more than an hour, they will be displayed on the World Map (M).

    • The boss monsters only appear to specific adventurers, therefore they can only be seen by the designated adventurer (other adventurers cannot attack your boss monster).

    • You can obtain accessories through the boxes dropped by these bosses.

    • No penalties will be applied for getting killed by these boss monsters.

    • The bosses from the Dark Rift do not naturally die or despawn.

    • There will be a maximum of 10 world bosses from the Dark Rift spawned. You need to defeat the previous one in order to have a new world boss from the Dark Rift spawn.

    • ※ However, penalties will apply when you are killed by a regular monster nearby. So be careful!

      • These boss monsters will not disappear when you switch characters, change servers, or log out.

      • You cannot attack these boss monsters during a Node War/Conquest War. When they appear, you must move to another server where a Node War/Conquest War is not in progress.

    • You will need to complete the newly added quest [Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past quest to open your Dark Rift.

      • You need to have completed the Awakening Quest of your class to obtain the [Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past from the Black Spirit.

    • Find out more about Dark Rift in the guide <here>

  • You will obtain an item called the Dark Spirit’s Greed when defeating these boss monsters.

    • You can exchange the Dark Spirit’s Greed for the items below:

      • Kzarka’s Latent Aura x1 : Dark Spirit’s Greed x2

      • Nouver’s Latent Aura x1 : Dark Spirit’s Greed x2

      • Kutum’s Latent Aura x1 : Dark Spirit’s Greed x2

      • Karanda’s Latent Aura x1 : Dark Spirit’s Greed x3

      • Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) : Dark Spirit’s Greed x10

      • Supreme Alchemy Tool x1 : Dark Spirit’s Greed x15

      • Supreme Cooking Utensil x1 : Dark Spirit’s Greed x15

      • Valks’ Cry (+20) : Dark Spirit’s Greed x20

      • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience : Dark Spirit’s Greed x30

      • Krogdalo’s Origin Stone : Dark Spirit’s Greed x40

      • Valks’ Cry (+35) : Dark Spirit’s Greed x50

      • Valks’ Cry (+50) : Dark Spirit’s Greed x100

  • You can exchange Dark Spirit’s Greed from the following NPC’s:

    • Skill Instructor Cruhorn Wyrmsbane (Heidel)

    • Commander Cliff (Western Guard Camp)

    • Trina Knights Master Valks (Calpheon City)

    • Archer Military Representative Hazel Azealia (Grana)

    • Head of Mercenary Office Odelphin (Duvencrune)

    • Shroud Knights Captain Sarma Anin (Altinova)

    • Barhan Nesser (Valencia)

  • War Hero system has been added.

    • Adventurers can now join Guild Wars, Node Wars, or Conquest Wars of other guilds other than the one they are a part of and even receive rewards.

    • You can still participate in War Hero system even if you are not part of a Clan or a Guild.

    • As War Hero system has been newly added to Node War, Conquest War, and Guild War content, Militia which was available once a week in Conquest War has been removed.

      [Registering and hiring]

    • You can receive a War Hero Employment Contract from a Guild member ranked Officer or higher to register as a Hero for that Guild.
    • You can register only within the same server. Also, you cannot register if you currently have a guild item in possession, so you must either sell the guild item(s) at the Guild Shop or keep the item(s) at the Guild Storage.
    • You cannot register while a Node War or Conquest War is in progress and you cannot register during the War Hero reset time (00:00 - 01:00 UTC).
    • A guild which is currently occupying a territory CANNOT hire a War Hero, and guild members of a guild which is currently occupying a territory cannot register at other guilds as a War Hero.
    • Guilds which are a part of an Alliance can hire a War Hero and members of the Alliance can also register as a War Hero.
    • Guild Masters CANNOT register as a War Hero, and a guild with a War Hero cannot create an Alliance.
    • The amount of adventurers who can be hired as War Hero depends on the guild size.
    • If your Guild builds a Command Post or Fort in order to participate in Conquest/Node Wars, you cannot participate as the War Hero.
    • Any Command Post or Fort discovered during a Conquest/Node War will also be visible to those who participate as War Hero.

    • Massive Guilds (66/100) can hire 34 adventurers as War Hero.
    • Large Guilds (50/70) can hire 20 adventurers as War Hero.

    • A War Hero in a guild can participate in Node/Conquest War as a part of the guild they are registered with.
    • A War Hero can view the Guild information, Guild Member status, Guild Skills, Guild Alliance, Alliance Status, and Node/Conquest War status of the guild they are registered with. The hero can also board the 2-player mounts, use the Guild Summon Scrolls, and access the annexes. (However, the hero cannot build an annex.)

    • The War Hero will be able to access the Guild Skills (Ex: Gather, Max HP increase, HP recovery, etc.)

    • The War Hero can access the guild chat.

    • Allowances can be given to the War Hero and the adventurer who can access the allowance can use the guild's funds.

    • The War Hero CANNOT access the Guild Missions, Guild History, Recruit Guild Member status, Final Battle, and Guild Crafting of the guild they are registered to, and CANNOT use the Guild Storage and Guild Skill Acquisition features.

    • If a guild with a War Hero occupies a territory, then the adventurer who is a part of the guild as a War Hero will not receive the territory occupation benefits of increased item loot chance upon defeat monsters in Monster Zones.

    • We are planning on updating the War Hero to be able to participate in voice chat with the guild members.


    • Upon signing a War Hero contract, the signing adventurer can immediately receive a portion of the guild funds as a deposit (up to 10,000,000 Silver).
    • When making a War Hero contract, you can set up victory bonus in addition to the deposit. Upon winning a Node/Conquest War on the same day, the War Hero can immediately receive the contractual victory bonus (up to 20,000,000 Silver).

    • ※ When making a War Hero contract, the deposit and victory bonus cannot exceed the maximum funds held by the guild. Unlike the deposit which is immediately provided, the victory bonus will be provided from the guild funds upon victory. If victory is not achieved, the bonus amount will be refunded to the guild funds.

    • Refunds will immediately be returned to the guild upon losing a Node/Conquest War, and the amount will automatically be returned to the guild at 00:00 UTC if liberated or if the adventurer does not participate in a Node/Conquest War.

      [Contract termination]

    • An adventurer who is in a guild as a War Hero cannot terminate the contract at will. Instead, contracts for all adventurers hired as War Hero will be terminated daily at 00:00 UTC.
    • ※ War Hero adventurers will automatically reconnect to the game upon contract termination.

    • When the contract is terminated, all guild items in possession will automatically be deleted.

    • ※ The Militia content, which allowed weekly Conquest War participation will now be removed, since the War Hero content has been added.

  • Added a Guild Member Vacation system.

    • While guild members who have selected Vacation cannot receive guild benefits, these members will be able to maintain their guild membership without affecting the guild capacity.

    • When there are 10 adventurers who are Vacation in a massive guild (100/100), the guild can hire 10 adventurers as War Hero.

    • When there are 5 adventurers who are Vacation in a large guild (70/70), the guild can hire 5 adventurers as War Hero.

    • You can use this feature through the “Apply for Vacation”/”Return from Vacation” button within the Guild window (G).

    • Guild members who are Vacation cannot receive the Daily Pay, and cannot access guild quest participation (acceptance/completion/forfeit), guild war declaration, and guild invitation/ban features. Also, they cannot be promoted to Guild Master, and cannot access Guild Skills.

    • If  On Vacation, the Adventurer cannot use the War Hero feature, and cannot participate in Node War and Conquest War for their guilds.

    • Adventurer On Vacation can return through the Guild (G) window, but only after 4 hours have passed.

    • (However, if a War Hero is currently taking the place of a On Vacation adventurer, the adventurer cannot return until the War Hero contract has expired.)

  • You can now view War Hero information in the Guild window's (G) Node/Conquest War status tab.

  • When entering a Guild as a War Hero, there will be an effect on the edges of the Guild to show that the member is a War Hero.

  • Icons which cannot be used in the Guild window will not be displayed to the War Hero.

  • War Hero registration will be rejected when closing the War Hero Contract window.

  • The level restrictions for immediate revival without consuming any items changed from Lv. 10 to Lv. 15.

  • Bartali's Adventure Log Chapter 9 and 10 have been added.

    • These chapters narrate Igor Bartali's adventures in the Mediah region.

    • Adventurers who complete up to Chapter 8 of Bartali's Adventure Log can obtain Chapter 9 from the Black Spirit. You can claim Chapter 10 after you complete Chapter 9 from the Black Spirit afterwards.

    • Adventurers who complete 10 chapters of Bartali's Adventure Log will receive a special gift through the Black Spirit.



  • Olvia 7 server has been changed to Shadow Arena server.

  • Party will be maintained even when you go back to Character Selection screen, Server  Change, disconnect, and after you play a match of Shadow Arena.

  • A new system where the funds claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market will vary depending on Training level has been added.

    • Currently, 30% tax is implemented on the Silver claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market.

    • In order to make up for the tax increase that appears big with the recent price soar of Courser and Dream Horse, a new system where the funds claimed will vary depending on Training level. (This applies to cases where the Silver for selling a Horse in the Horse Market has not been claimed yet before this change is implemented.)

    • ※ The Silver increase range depending on Training level for Horse Market and Breeding Market is as follows.

Training Level

% increased on Silver claimed


Training Level

% increased on Silver claimed


Training Level

% increased on Silver claimed


Training Level

% increased on Silver claimed


Guru 20


Master 25


Artisan 10


Skilled 5


Guru 19


Master 24


Artisan 9


Skilled 4


Guru 18


Master 23


Artisan 8


Skilled 3


Guru 17


Master 22


Artisan 7


Skilled 2


Guru 16


Master 21


Artisan 6


Skilled 1


Guru 15


Master 20


Artisan 5


Apprentice 10


Guru 14


Master 19


Artisan 4


Apprentice 9


Guru 13


Master 18


Artisan 3


Apprentice 8


Guru 12


Master 17


Artisan 2


Apprentice 7


Guru 11


Master 16


Artisan 1


Apprentice 6


Guru 10


Master 15


Professional 10


Apprentice 5


Guru 9


Master 14


Professional 9


Apprentice 4


Guru 8


Master 13


Professional 8


Apprentice 3


Guru 7


Master 12


Professional 7


Apprentice 2


Guru 6


Master 11


Professional 6


Apprentice 1


Guru 5


Master 10


Professional 5


Beginner 10


Guru 4


Master 9


Professional 4


Beginner 9


Guru 3


Master 8


Professional 3


Beginner 8


Guru 2


Master 7


Professional 2


Beginner 7


Guru 1


Master 6


Professional 1


Beginner 6


Master 30


Master 5


Skilled 10


Beginner 5


Master 29


Master 4


Skilled 9


Beginner 4


Master 28


Master 3


Skilled 8


Beginner 3


Master 27


Master 2


Skilled 7


Beginner 2


Master 26


Master 1


Skilled 6


Beginner 1


  • Default setting for Voice chat UI in Party play will be set at off.

  • The Black Spirit notifications which appear on top left corner in phases as soon as a Shadow Arena match starts will now change whenever 10 players have been eliminated.

  • Added a timer which counts the time survived at the bottom of the minimap.

    • The timer will be displayed after the match begins.

  • When the maximum cap of 50 is filled up in a match of Shadow Arena, a system message ‘Starting soon’ will now appear.

  • Fixed the issue where the play time reset, that took place when entering Shadow Arena, would prevent completion of Challenges (Y) that required accumulated playtime.

  • Fixed the issue where certain Challenges (Y) would be completed even when not all the conditions were met intermittently while in Shadow Arena.

  • Fixed the issue where items would be used automatically when putting in items in Quick Slot of Shadow Arena.

  • Party will be maintained even when you go back to Character Selection screen, Server  Change, disconnect, and after you play a match of Shadow Arena.



[Game World]

  • Added more NPCs available for you to confess your love in NPC Dating.

    • Give a gift to an NPC waiting for you around the world and obtain special titles:



Knowledge Scroll Afuaru

Afuaru’s Lover

Leader of Tarif Ahon Kirus

Ahon Kirus’s Lover

Splashing Point Captain Moguly

Captain Moguly’s Lover

Third Prince of Valencia Manmehan Nesser

Manmehan Nesser’s Lover

Valencian Princess Saya Nesser

Saya Nesser’s Lover

Imperial Delivery Manager of Port Ratt Sanmyoung

Sanmyoung’s Lover

Sibyl of Port Ratt Soryu

Soryu’s Lover

Amerigo the Storage Keeper of Heidel

Amerigo’s Lover

Deve the Storage Keeper of Altinova

Deve’s Lover


  • Fixed the issue where a wrong quest was being displayed from NPC St. Pejon.


  • A new usage option of houses, Old Moon Costume Mill, have been added. You can create Karlstein outfit in the following Old Moon Costume Mills:

    • Design: You can obtain the Karlstein as a completion reward for 'A Hero in Karlstein'. You can receive this quest from NPC Rubin when you have 1 or more Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard.

    • You can obtain Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard by defeating monsters at a very low rate.

    • Lv.1 Old Moon Costume Mill has been added to the following residence.





Heidel 2-3, 2F

Heidel 3-4

Heidel 7-4, 2F

Noble Quarter 1-6

Slum 3-4

Merchant Lane 2-5, 1F

Market Street 7-6, 2F

Chapel 2-5, 2F

Altinova 2-3

Altinova 6-5

Grána 2

Grána 14

  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !


  • Adjusted the time for boss spawns to allow world boss monsters Quint and Muraka to appear twice a week.

    • Please check the newest added time slot for Quint and Muraka <here>

  • The location where some of the Desert Fogan Chief Gatekeepers appear changed.




  • Added the following quests obtainable through the Black Spirit upon character Awakening.

    • [Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past


  • A new notification system that lets you know of better Equipment has been added.

    • If you acquire Equipment better than the ones you have equipped currently, a notification message will appear on screen.

    • Press hotkey <R> to equip the better Equipment.

  • Improved the effect for the reward button for completed Igor Bartali Adventure Logs based on the type of stat. reward.

  • The effect for the button to receive rewards for Bartali's Adventure Log will appear behind the text.

  • Added a 'stamp' effect which stamps the reward button when you receive rewards for Bartali's Adventure Log.

  • The design of the UI that shows how to progress with Bartali’s Adventure Log changed.

  • Changed the effect which appears when you complete a Goal or receive the Reward in Bartali's Adventure Log.

  • Monsters other than Advanced Altar of Training, Mirumok Watcher Offin, and Mirumok Destroyer Offin will no longer be displayed on the Monster Rank list.

  • The Black Spirit notifications which appear in phases as soon as a Shadow Arena match starts will now change whenever 10 players have been eliminated.

  • Changed the text which appears when a character dies from "Resurrect at the closest Node" to "Resurrect at the closest Safe Zone".

  • Changed the order of the Revive button which appears when you die.

  • You can now see the status of members (away status), and Apprentice Guild Members in the Status of Alliance Members.

  • Added an icon on the right side of the party widget to show that you cannot obtain items when the difference between the lowest and highest party member level is more than 10 levels in a party.

  • When you die without any penalties, the following text will appear:

    • You will not be penalized for this death. Please try again!

  • Fixed the issue where ‘Injured’ mark would be displayed on the HP bar on top of the Character Name  even when the character was not injured.

  • A new sentence that talks about increased funds upon using Breeding Market has been added to the descriptive text box that pops up when putting your mouse over Training tab under Life Info in My Information (P) window.



[Class Changes]

  • The followed classes will no longer display an abnormal motion when getting off from a running horse without a main weapon equipped:

    • Warrior, Ranger, Striker, and Mystic


  • When kneeling with the Gotha Rensa Armor equipped, the character’s knees will no longer be revealed.

  • Fixed the issue where the location of the Bartali’s Adventure Log would be tilted slightly when flipping the chapters over.


  • We are aware of the issue where right-clicking on Minimap or World Map to set Navigation is not working properly after reaching Lv.7 at the end of the Tutorial. You can resolve this by restarting your client or going back out to Character Selection screen then logging back in. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • We are aware of the issue where Training EXP and Mount EXP increase effects are not being applied to Olvia servers.


[Updated 14/02/2019]

  • We are aware of the issue where a certain icon’s tooltip description is not being displayed

    • When there is a difference of more than 10 levels between players in a party, the party UI displays an icon which explains that items cannot be obtained. This icon’s tooltip description is not being displayed, and we plan on having this issue fixed for next week’s update.


[Updated 15/02/2019]

  • We are aware of the issue where the icon for Mount Training Fever Time event is not showing up on the top part of the game screen. However, the Training EXP and Mount EXP boost of 100% is correctly applied and this is an UI issue. We will resolve this icon missing issue during next week's maintenance.


[Updated 18/02/2019]

  • We are aware of the issue where the loading image appears twice when selecting Solo mode in Shadow Arena. This issue will be resolved with future announcement; we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Currently Ancient Phuturm from the Dark Rift disappears 2 hrs. and 30 mins. after its initial spawn. This is a known issue and will be resolved shortly.


Reach us on the »forums« to share your feedback, opinions, and suggestions.

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