Patch Notes - February 8th 2019

08 February 2019 14:00

Greetings Adventurers,

We just can’t wait to deliver exciting content to you fast and through the special maintenance today, we are introducing Bartali’s Adventure Log! Go through all chapters of the fantastic adventure log put together by Igor Bartali to claim the biggest rewards yet!

Please read on to find out more about the special content updates and various fixes.




  • Bartali’s Adventure Log has been added.

    • This adventure log contains records of all the fantastic adventures Igor Bartali experienced all over the Black Desert world some 50 years ago. If you can trace back to his tracks, you will be given certain quests to complete.

    • Upon completing quests on the chapters of Bartali’s Adventure Log, you will be rewarded a character stat. bonus which will be implemented on your entire Family.

    • The 1st chapter of Bartali’s Adventure Log can be open after having completed all main quests up to Calpheon region and having reached Lv.51. Please obtain the Bartali’s Adventure Log from the Black Spirit.

    • Bartali’s Adventure Log currently contains 8 chapters (with more to be updated in the near future), and completing chapter 1 will open up chapter 2 and so on consecutively via Black Spirit’s quests.

    • Right-click on the Bartali’s Adventure Log to read the journal entry and see the conditions necessary to complete the special quest.

    • Bartali’s Adventure Log UI has been added.



  • You are now able to trade fish without having to sell it for lowered price even if the Node of sale and Node of origin are not connected.


  • A new window where rewards from Shadow Arena can be claimed has been added.

  • Added a voice chat feature to Shadow Arena.

    • You can hear the voices of your party members in Shadow Arena.

  • Improved the color effect displayed when attacking in Shadow Arena.

  • Item slot hotkey located on the bottom part of the Shadow Arena UI will now be displayed properly.

  • You will now be able to spectate your party member if the member moves far away.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not move in the direction you wanted to move as a Black Spirit when you were first released into the air at the start of the match.



  • Damage for the skill Piercing Spear has been increased by 10%.



  • The skills Dark Flame, Rushing Crow, Darkness Released, and Night Crow will now be obtainable from an Unknown Skill Book instead of the skills High Kick, Shadow Ignition, and Bloody Calamity.



  • Damage for the skill Predatory Hunt has been increased by 10%.

  • Damage for the skill Falling Rock has been increased by 30%.


[Dark Knight]

  • The chance to obtain the skills Nocturne and Hidden Strike from an Unknown Skill Book item has doubled whereas the chance to obtain the skill Lunacy of Vedir and Air Strike has been halved.



  • Damage for the basic skills (Heavy Fist, Soul Basher) have been increased by 15%.



  • Damage for the basic skills (Leaf Slash, Evasive Attack) have been decreased by 10%.



  • The skill Concealment will now be obtainable from an Unknown Skill Book instead of the skill Tendon Cutter.



  • The skill Chase will now be obtainable from an Unknown Skill Book instead of the skill Dragon Bite.

  • The damage inflicted from the following skills has been decreased likewise:

    • Slice: -15%

    • Whirlwind Cut: -20%

    • Steel Gale: -20%

    • Rising Storm: -15%

    • Blooming: -15%

    • Carver: -10%

    • Blind Slash: -15%


[Shadow Arena Notice]  

  • Parties will be dissolved (temporarily) after Shadow Arena closes due to a technical issue.

    • We’ll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible to provide more stable environment for your gameplay.



[Game World]

  • Added a griffon which moves from Velia to Iliya Island.

    • You can conveniently move between Velia and Iliya Island by boarding on the Timber box which the Griffon is holding.

    • The Griffon will depart 3 minutes after stopping at the station.

    • Velia station location: Near the western entrance of Velia

    • Iliya station location: Near the northern entrance of Iliya.

    • Changed the initial discovery dialogue and regular dialogue for certain NPC's at Olvia and Velia to sound more natural.

    • When interacting the Treant Node Manager "Treant Spirit", there will now be a button which allows you to view a large tree figure behind the Node Manager.



  • You can now properly access the Amity shop when you accumulate Amity with the following NPC's:

    • Stable Keeper Yaska of Valencia City

    • Stable Keeper Quichiu of Muiquun

    • Stable Keeper Larina of Arehaza Town


  • Added a description of Strength training in the Courser Training descriptions.



[All Classes]

  • Fixed the issue where you could deal additional damage with the Black Spirit's Rage skill by using Black Spirit's Rage or a locked skill for the following skills:


Skill Name


Solar Flare


Cartian's Protection,

Cartian's Nightmare


Voltaic Pulse,

Fissure Wave,

Thunder Storm


Chaos: Red Moon


Beheading the Dead,

Blade Spin,

Drastic Measure,

Serpent Ascension


Wheel of Wrath,

Lethal Spin Spree

Dark Knight

Lunacy of Vedir,

Obsidian Ashes,

Seed of Catastrophe


Rampaging Predator


Sweeping Kick


Pendulum Kick,


Bridled Despair,


[By Class]


  • Fixed the graphical issue where the effect of the last hit of Warrior’s Absolute: Slash would appear too intensely in Remastered mode.


  • The Forward Guard effect will no longer apply during the cooldown for Dark Flame.


  • Fixed the issue where a knockdown effect would be applied for Flame Buster for its charging attack when used during its cooldown.


  • You can now immediately perform a forward basic attack after attacking while sprinting.

  • Fixed the issue where the character would switch to Celestial Bo Staff mode when pressing the C key after using Absorb Heilang while in Celestial Bo Staff mode.


  • The skill Chase I will no longer be activated during cooldown.

  • The skill Chase I will no longer be activated during cooldown.


  • The Super Armor effect has been removed from Black Moonlight. The stiffness effect will now apply instead.

  • The Super Armor effect has been removed from Black Moonlight. The stiffness effect will now apply instead.


  • The descriptions for hits for the Trap of Vedir skill has been revised to the following:

    • 858% x 5 → 858% x 1, max 5 hits

  • Spirit Hunt, Twilight Dash, and Smoky Haze will now consume Stamina.

  • Stamina consumption for Dusk has been decreased from 250 to 150, and it will now consume the same amount when used during cooldown.


  • Decreased the DP against magic classes (Sorceress, Tamer, Dark Knight, Witch, Wizard) and thus the magical damage inflicted upon them has increased been increased by 6-8%.


  • Decreased the DP against magic classes (Sorceress, Tamer, Dark Knight, Witch, Wizard) and thus the magical damage inflicted upon them has increased been increased by 6-8%.


  • Fixed the issue where only the 5th hit would be activated for the Storm of Light IV (Absolute) when the Storm of Light skill was locked.


  • Added description about the increased Strength EXP effect of the Cron food for the item descriptions of Spirit Essence of Wind, Spirit Essence of Earth, Spirit Essence of Water.

  • Removed the description about Processing from Red Shellfish, Clam, and Five-Star Starfish.

  • Added a description for the [Guild] Barricade item which explains the materials required for building extensions.

  • For details on the latest Pearl Shop Update on Feb. 6th, please click < Here > !


  • Fixed the issue where players in certain channels would occasionally not be able to obtain items when defeating Nouver.

  • Changed certain attack patterns for the Abandoned Iron Mine Executor summoned through the Black Spirit and Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll.

  • The following monsters at Basilisk Den will no longer attack adventurers first:

    • Petrified Soldier
    • Petrified Adventurer

  • Additional monsters have been placed at Basilisk Den.

  • Added and changed placement of monsters at the following Monster Zones so that more adventurers can engage in monster hunting with more ease at the area:

    • Hystria Ruins
    • Aakman Temple

  • You can now obtain the following item when defeating monsters at Blood Wolf Settlement:

    • Eye of the Ruins Ring
  • The list of loot available from the monsters at Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon has been changed to the below in order to provide more convenience in looting items. This is to ease the inconvenience of dealing with the variety of items obtained through the monsters, inventory space and weight issues, and the issue of having to continuously loot the items.

    • The following items will no longer be available through monsters you defeat at Balenos and Serendia:

      • Silver

      • Various materials (gemstones, timber, hide, etc.)

      • Trade goods

      • Magic Crystal

      • Yuria, Bares, Hesus, Elisha, Kalis, Talis accessories

      • Rebar, Reblath, Agerian, Taritas, Zereth, Talis armor

      • White/Green grade weapons, sub-weapons

    • The following items will no longer be available through monsters you defeat at Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon:

      • Silver

      • Various materials (gemstones, timber, hide, etc.)

      • Trade goods

      • Magic Crystal

    • The chance to obtain Junk items from defeating monsters at Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon has been greatly reduced.

    • Though the chance to obtain Junk items has decreased, their value for selling at the shop has increased. Therefore you can expect the similar level of profit through obtaining these items.

    • The chance to obtain Black Stone (Armor) and Black Stone (Weapon) has increased when defeating monsters at Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon.

    • There is now a certain chance to obtain Ancient Spirit Dust when defeating monsters at Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon.




  • As certain sub-quests have been combined with some main quests, the following Story Quests obtainable from Emma Bartali will no longer be available.

    • Blooming Flowers at the Ruins
    • Nightmares Revealed

    • Traces of Forgotten Cron

    • An Alchemist in Velia

    • Alustin's Two Daughters

    • Clumsy but Exceptional Eileen

    • Life-risking Infiltration

    • A Memorial Service for the Fallen

    • Emma's Nightmare

  • Also, the following Knowledge can now be obtained as main quest rewards. Adventurers who have already completed the main quests can obtain them through a button at Alustin NPC and Emma Bartali NPC.

    • Daughters of a Great Alchemist

    • At the End of the Power

    • Records about the Forbidden Alchemy

    • Clorince's Answer

    • Eileen's Answer

    • Grudging Soul of Cron Cave

  • Removed the "Talk to Refugee" condition for the "Villagers on the Road" quest.

  • Improved the Navigation feature for the "An Eternal Flame" quest.

  • Increased the Contribution EXP reward for the "[Repeat] Good Old Friends" quest from 20 to 100.

  • Fixed the issue where the quests below were displayed on the Suggested quests tab even after completion.

    • [Awakening] Traces of Edana
    • [Awakening] Wizard’s Altar

    • [Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga

    • [Awakening] Bree Tree Cave

  • Some of the selection rewards were either changed to normal rewards or removed from certain main quest rewards.

  • The HP Potion (Beginner) which was included in the below quest reward was changed to the HP Potion (Small).

    • A Test of Skills
    • Knowledge is Power

    • The Finicky Princess

    • The Seasoned Veteran

    • Following the Coastal Road

    • Grusha, the Scout

    • The Straggling Straggler

    • Nightmare Revealed

    • Unveiled Truth

    • Infiltrating Cron Castle

  • Changed the target location display for the "Clearing the Area" quest.

  • Added tent to the completion target for the "The Lost Records of Cron" quest.

  • A character of Lv.20 or below will now have a different message appearing after having completed a main quest depending on whether a mouse cursor is turned on or off.

  • Descriptive text feature regarding main quests for characters of Lv.20 or below has been changed as follows:

    • Shiny area on the right side > Light-green area on the right side

    • Description on Auto-path and description on RMB are now divided.

  • After having created your character, the text balloon of the Black Spirit will now automatically show up to the text “Press the <W> key to move forward.”



  • Fixed the issue where you were unable to obtain Knowledge when completing the "Al Rhundi, the Mortal" quest.

    • Adventurers who were unable to obtain the Knowledge can obtain it by talking to Hervano Tito.

  • The chance to obtain Knowledge for the following monsters has increased.

    • Grass Root Nymph
    • Fire Root Nymph

    • Earth Root Nymph

  • Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit guide would not appear for the following items:

    • The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron
    • Al Rhundi Summon Scroll

    • Saunil Siege Captain Summon Scroll

  • The following conversation buttons have been changed to Knowledge buttons:

    • [Knowledge] Tell me more about Red Nose
    • [Knowledge] Who is the Goblin Chief?

    • [Knowledge] What do you know about Bheg?

    • [Knowledge] Who is the Fogan Chief?

    • [Knowledge] Do we have more information about Al Rhundi?

    • [Knowledge] Al Rhundi, Engulfed in Madness

    • [Knowledge] Red Nose

    • [Knowledge] Giath

    • [Knowledge] Dastard Bheg

    • [Knowledge] Titium, the Fogan Chief.

    • [Knowledge] Al Rhundi, the Head of the Rebels

  • The content of the hints that you can see even when not having the following Knowledge acquired has been updated.

Balenos Adventure Journal II

Beautifully Bloomed Grudge

Daughters of a Great Alchemist

At the End of the Power

Records about the Forbidden Alchemy

Clorince's Answer

Eileen's Answer

Grudging Soul of Cron Cave

Serendia Adventure Journal II

Cannonball Master

Laborers of the Quarry

Mine Imps Gone Berserk

Bloodstained Letter

Melissa's Heart

Secret Mission at the Abandoned Fort Site

Risk Factors Everywhere

Broken Cannon

Ornella's taste

Orcs and Spirits

Broken Wagon

Demibeast and Shai

Serendia Adventure Journal III

Glish Commemorative Coin

Donatt and Mudsters

Donatt's Will

Freharau and Enlightment

Delicious Water

Cultist's Burned Document

Fogan Language

Fogan Test Subject

Naga Sculpture

Extraction Mill Laborer

Water Purifying Facility

Disappearing Maiden

Black Crystal Pouch

Ceasar's Secret Method

Calpheon Apprentice Priest

Freharau's Scar

Secret Place

Cave That Nobody Knows

Parts Delivery to the Extraction Mill

Serendia Adventure Journal IV

Heidel Street Dance

Good Deeds of Serendians

Neither Friend Nor Foe

Serendia and Goblin Workers

Design of the Extraction Mill

Black Crystal Extraction Mill

Pumpkins at Alejandro Farm

Lord's Table

The Pope and the Pauper

Portrait of the Princess

Jordine's Ring

Jordine's Necklace

Spoiled Jarette

Lynch Family Gone Missing

Vagabonds of Serendia

Serendia Adventure Journal V

Serendian Soldier and Rabbit's Foot

Tooth Custom

Torn Alchemy Journal

Lost Chest

Shadow Knight Master's Grave

Object of Envy and Jealousy

Marine Technology of Heidel

Who is the Successor of Cliff?

Calpheon Wine

Stories of Fogans

Northern Calpheon Adventure Journal

Mysterious Creature

Florin and Growing Herbs

Herb Cookies

Romance in Florin

Keplan Adventure Journal

Missing Workers

Happy Batuetta

Southwestern Calpheon Adventure Journal

Calpheon and Kamasylvia I

Calpheon and Kamasylvia II

Calpheon and Kamasylvia III

Nightmare in Crioville

King of the Otters?

Bloody Ogre Tear

Hexe Marie's Hut

Witches and the Skeleton Servants

Hexe Marie's Witch

Trina Knights and the Baby Dragon

Mansha Hut

Forgotten Bullets


  • The Knowledge Hints will continuously be displayed when selecting unobtained knowledge in the Knowledge window.

  • Improved the background sizes of the descriptions for the below customization related buttons within the Beauty Album (F4):

    • Save Temporarily
    • Save File

    • Load File

    • Restore to Default

  • Improved the alignment of the text which is displayed when there are no search results for titles in the title tab within the My Information (P) window.

  • When moving items while the Inventory, Storage, and Mount Inventory is opened, there will now be a button from which you can select where you would like to move the items.

    • For better visibility, the Mount Inventory button will display which mount button it is referring to.

  • Revised the description about crystals for Transfusion.

  • The Black Spirit quest window will now display the number of quests for Main Quests, Recommended Quests, and Recurring Quests.

  • Added an icon which displays the changes in AP and DP when changing equipment.

  • You can now see what extra-regional quests are available on the left side of the minimap.

  • Added an icon which displays main quests on the quest button within the NPC conversation windows.

  • Fixed the issue where a text related to the weight of Silver would be displayed when selling items worth more than 500,000 Silver.

  • Removed the combat tutorial which allowed you to practice basic skills during the tutorial after creating a character.

    • As this combat tutorial has been removed, some of the quest progress in the relevant questline has been revised to progress smoothly.

  • Improved the notification which is displayed when a guild member changes grade.



[All Classes]

  • You will no longer be able to instantly swap into Axe, or Matchlock from a state with Harpoon or fishing rod equipped.

[Quests & Knowledge]

  • Fixed the issue where certain hints for some of the Knowledge in Great Desert Expedition Log IV was being displayed abnormally.

  • The location of the mouse arrow that appears on the conversation window during the tutorial will now be displayed properly.

  • Fixed the Navigate feature for the "Infiltrating Cron Castle" quest so that you do not go to the area in a roundabout way.

  • Fixed the issue where the Navigate feature for the  "Infiltrating Cron Castle" quest would stop while going to the target area.

  • Fixed the issue where the same quest that is included in the other Crossroad quest-chain would appear even when having completed it.

  • Fixed the issue where Navigation feature would not work for the "The Fallen" quest.


[Interface Change]

  • Fixed the issue where a character’s name could not be entered intermittently on the slot to create a character’s name upon character creation.

  • Fixed the issue where the Recently Successful Cooking window and Alchemy window could not be moved when selecting certain areas of the title bar.

  • Fixed the issue where Knowledge Hints would bleed outside of the UI in the Knowledge screen.

  • Fixed the issue where some of the text for NPC dialogues would overlap for certain quests.

  • Fixed the issue where certain edges within the Edit UI window looked unnatural.

  • Fixed the issue where upon pressing the sticker button on the Black Spirit's Adventure window, the button would appear abnormal.


  • We are aware of the issue where Striker and Mystic will keep going back to the motion of dismounting the horse when trying to dismount a horse while running after unequipping Main/Sub-weapon. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please go back to Character Selection screen then log back in to resolve the issue.


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