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Featured Partner: Filthy_Fish

06 December 2018 16:00


Meet Fish, a streamer that started out with streaming his enhancement attempts and is now showcasing all kinds of (PvP) combat.

"My name is Fish and I make Youtube videos/stream content for Black Desert Online. I decided to record each enhancement I went for without the intention of making a video, but after I got full tet I decided to make a video of my journey. To my surprise, the video got a lot of views and good feedback.

Over a year later I’m now 280 ap and have made videos of all the highlights of my progression. On top of enhancing, I also make PvP videos and guides. After some suggestions from guildies and people who enjoyed my videos, I started streaming on Twitch.

Streaming has been extremely fun and I love to interact and help people in my chat. I have put a lot of effort into BDO and I really enjoy it. Feel free to come check out my Twitch for all sorts of in-game combat”


Check out Filthy-Fish’s channel at the link and times below:

Streaming Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday at 4 P.M. (PST)

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The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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