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Featured Partner: Shird

29 November 2018 16:00


Hailing from Spain we’re joined by a new partner: Shird, who despite his love of the dark cold of space is also more than willing to explore the more grounded world of Black Desert Online.


"This is Shird, although most people call me the SpaceSnail. I am passionate about retro, space exploration games, and I’m also very passionate about MMOs.
I have played almost every single MMORPG in existance so far, playing Ultima online, Ragnarok Online, and Lineage II ( which I personally enjoyed a lot ) and I must admit BDO is the one that got me really interested as the mechanics are really interesting, even the RNG has its own personal touch. I started playing it at the EU and NA release and had to stop, but I started to play again since the catch-up system is really nice.
Now I will primarly focus on getting those PEN's and trying to improve my Sorc Skills as I completely love that class!
So if you want to enjoy some Spanish BDO Streaming and learn with me, don't think twice and join the fun!
I Hope not to get hurt so much by RNGesus!”


Check out Shird’s channel at the link and times below:

Streaming Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday at 6 P.M. (CET)

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The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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