Pearl Shop - November 28th 2018

28 November 2018 11:00

[Archer Announcement Special]


[Loyalties] Character Slot Expansion Coupon

Available for 1 Loyalty!

*Max 1 Purchase per Family

Available until December 12th (before maintenance)




Outfit 4+2 Set Selection (All Classes)

13,600 ~ 12,300 Pearls

You can choose 6 outfits.

Available until December 12th (before maintenance).


[Event] Drieghan Fisher's Dragon / [Event] Drieghan Battler's Dragon / [Event] Drieghan Pilgrim's Dragon

1,650 Pearls

A Newborn Crimson Dragon with one of the following Special skills: heatstroke and hypothermia resistance, hostility detection or auto-fishing time reduction.

※ Choose a dragon with one of the following four talents: Skill EXP Boost; Life EXP Boost; Knowledge Gain Chance Increase & Higher-Grade Knowledge Gain Chance Increase; Durability Reduction Resistance.

※ Type: Limited ※ Only the pets of the same type can be Exchanged, and some pets might not be eligible for Exchange. ※ Marketplace registration unavailable.

Available until December 12th (before maintenance).




[Mystic] Charles Rene Classic Set & [Lahn] Charles Rene Classic Set

2,900 Pearls






Kibelius Divinus Premium/Classic/Outfit Set (All Classes)

3,400 Pearls


Available until December 12th (before maintenance).

Service Information

The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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