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Featured Partner: Eretriamberle

15 November 2018 16:00


From the North we’re joined by Eretriamberle, who recently returned to streaming ánd Black Desert Online. So join her, in her new adventures in Drieghan.


"I am Monica a.k.a Eretriamberle. Most people just call me by my name or something along the lines of Eretriaberlelelre.

I am currently working as a sales assistant in a tack shop where we sell all kinds of horse equipment and clothing/shoes for riders. I have a burning passion for horses and I own two myself (a real life T9 and a chubby T6). I also have (in my eyes) the cutest dog ever and a little zoo that consists of a hamster, a bunny and two budgies.

BDO is the only MMORPG I have ever played, and have been around pretty much since EU release (Oh and.. I am still a noob) I took a break from the online world back in February and just got back this summer, where my main focus was; TO GET THAT PEGASUS ALREADY. And so I did. So now we glide happily ever after.

No, the story doesn't end there. My focus now is to improve my gear, progress and always get better. Which was also my motivation to start streaming again. I want to show and share my progress. and all the other silly things I end up doing. I have a very chill way of playing the game, no rush, and just do everything my own way. Just how I prefer it.

I love to interact with my viewers, so if you want a chill and social stream to hang out in you know where to go.”


Check out Eretriamberle’s channel at the link and times below:

Streaming Schedule: Monday at 7 P.M. (further streams will be announced on her Discord).

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