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Featured Partner: Biohack

08 November 2018 16:00


Meet Biohack, this week’s featured partner, a biochemist that has a love for trading and life skills for which he has also written guides.


"Hello! My name is Biohack. I have a PhD in biochemistry and work for a small biotech startup in Seattle writing software to do protein engineering hence the username. I’ve been playing BDO since April of 2016 when I fell in love with the games in depth economy and incredibly rich life skill systems.

I am primarily known for trading and processing as I was one of the first players to truly understand the implications of this system and take full advantage of it, at one point controlling about 30% of all plywood and ingot sales through the marketplace. I have made it my personal goal to reach guru 1 trade, a multi-year long effort I am about 2 and a half years into. Utilizing my extremely optimized worker empire of over 100 artisan workers with +3 crate packing I have made over 15 million trade crates and cycled hundreds of billions of silver through my account. Despite this, I anticipate several more years until I can finally complete my goal.

As profits from trading have fallen, and with many of my workshops operating at a loss, I have turned to other life skills to supplement my income. Particularly alchemy which I intend to make my second life skill to cap at guru 20 (in addition to processing) sometime this week!

I have a number of guides for trading, the economy, and general money making on youtube and Reddit and love helping players discover new ways to use life skills to make a profit. Feel free to stop by my stream and ask any and all life skill related questions!”


Check out Biohack’s content at the link and times below:


Streaming Schedule: Monday and Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon (PST)

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