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Featured Partner: Jonlaw

02 August 2018 16:00


For this week’s feature we’re taking a look beyond the world of livestreaming and into the world of Youtube. Jonlaw has made over 300 videos for his Dark Knight Let’s play videos with more video being uploaded daily.  


“My name is Jon, I have been creating videos on YouTube casually since 2011 and it's still really enjoyable to this day! In 2014 I decided to take this more seriously in hopes to turn it into a full time job, and have been uploading videos 7 days a week since. I create Let's Play video series of various games, along with unboxings and vlogs. There you have an idea of what my channel is about!

When I first started creating videos of Black Desert Online in 2016, I knew this game had a lot of potential to show my ups and downs of progression so others can watch my journey from the very beginning to where I am now. My most popular BDO series on the channel is my Dark Knight Let’s Play, with over 300 total videos to this day. Feel free to ask questions, as I am more than happy to answer any questions and help my community.

You can check out this link to playlist of all my BDO Videos or watch my other videos on my channel


Tune in to Jonlaw at the link and times below:

Upload Schedule: New videos every day @ 9:00aM EST

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