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Featured Partner: Mizzvaine

05 July 2018 16:00


This week we’d like to introduce you to Mizzvaine, Filipina streamer active on the North American server that wrecks face in-game, but mends bones during her day-job.


“Hi, Mizzvaine here, Filipina Twitch streamer from NA.  I started playing BDO when it was released in NA but fell in love with it a few months after quiting. Enchanting in this game is a love-hate relationship and the thrill of that "success" sound keeps me coming back to this game. Progression is addicting. XD

I have played a lot of MMOs in the past, but this is the only game I stuck with for over 2 years. The combat system in BDO is different from all the games I played. I played a witch at release, witch when buffed, witch when nerfed- WITCH FOREVER.

I used to be a CSGO/H1Z1 streamer during my early days at Twitch. I decided to stream BDO and I’m glad I did because i built a community playing this game. Right now, i am a part of "RESBAK" guild which is a merge of 3 Filipino guilds in NA. We do node wars every week (another thing i love in this game)

When I'm not doing RBF, in the battle arena, enchanting or cooking in game, I work as a fulltime Family Nurse Practitioner. Turns out I can heal and PA IRL too. :wink:"

Check my stream out when I'm LIVE at

Tune in to Mizzvaine at the link and times below:

Streaming Schedule: Monday to Friday at 7PM PST and weekends at 12PM PST

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