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Featured Partner: Vert

28 June 2018 15:00


Coming at you this week is Vert, a streamer that is all about PvP and his one and his one true love: the ‘Baehwa’.


I started streaming BDO in late 2016 just because a few friends wanted to see my Berserker gameplay.  Over time streaming BDO, while growing a community within the game, my stream started to take off. I realized how much I loved to share info, teach people, and have an awesome community of people who wanted to hang out and share Black Desert with.

It went from a small stream for my friends, to a hobby, and then it took off and turned into my full-time job.  I couldn't be any more blessed and happy to do what I do for a living. I absolutely love it. I am living the dream."


Tune in to vert at the link and times below:

Streaming Schedule: Every day from 8am-12pm EST and 6pm-12am EST

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