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Featured Partner: BladeBoques

21 June 2018 16:00


For this week's feature, we bring you the 1st L60 Warrior on the North American server: Blade Boques.


Hello! Black Desert is the game I've been waiting for all my life! I became a streamer in 2013 and am still pursuing the goal of doing it full time. Gaming & streaming is my passion and I am so grateful for any time I get to do it. My favorite aspects of games, outside the PVP, is analyzing the systems and markets to find opportunities for investments and profit, then teaching my findings to others. It's my joy to share what I learn with everyone else rather than withholding the information. It takes everyone else to make a marketplace, everyone else to make a community, everyone else to make an MMO. The more we share and help each other the better off they will be. Yes, everyone likes to win, but we are not truly in a competition with each other; we are in a fellowship. This is a personal journey for each of us and the quality of our decisions in relating to others will determine what we get out of it much more so than the finale of our gearscore or power.


For a myriad reasons we all spend time in this world together instead of spending our lives and time elsewhere. By helping others improve we pave the road for innovation otherwise impossible. People who suffer from greed, hope for more than their share, for gains at the expense of others. These players are afflicted by a scarcity mindset which colors their every interaction from online to in person. I believe firmly in an abundance mindset, and lead Exceptional Legion in the NA region to do the same. Legitimate ambition enjoys the fruits of its success at the service of others.  Thank you Kakao, and Black Desert Community for allowing me to be your Partner in this journey. Its my privilege to serve the community, and thus earn my living through your support, with my guides and my stream!





Lastly, from the combat mechanics, to the artistry, Black Desert is just amazing! With unending progression available to us, not in increments, but available from the beginning we can set our own pace at gaming. The extreme diminishing returns allow for the most hardcore gamers to plateau and strategize their gains over the long term, while giving everyone else the ability to get close to their progression at a fraction of the time. All without the need for catch-up-mechanics! ...though some still show up lol. I've played Star Wars Galaxies as an Elder Jedi, Elder Scrolls Online as a PVP Emperor and SWTOR as a Nightmare 16-man Raid Leader. Now residing firming in Black Desert I consider their stand against the "gear churn", where every 4-6 months your progress is nullified only to repeat the process, to be a breakthrough in MMORPG development.  Anyone who enjoys the genre should sink their teeth into this great game! Pearl Abyss has gone the distance! After all they describe themselves as a "marathon runner that fight with himself!"

Tune in to BladeBoques at the link and times below:

Wednesday 7AM-1PM EDT, Thursday 12PM-7PM EDT, FRI-SAT 11AM-2AM EDT

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The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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