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Featured Partner: Big&Shiny

07 June 2018 11:00

For this week’s feature, meet Big&Shiny. A hardcore grinder and the record-holder for being the server first level 62 and 63 player in NA/EU.

“Hello.  Not to sound cheesy, but I stream BDO because I love this game, and I want to help the community learn.  Whether it is gear advice for new players, or more advanced topics such as the scaling of different offensive and defensive stats, I enjoy teaching others (But I'm bad at lifeskill related questions).  

This game is truly unique and special to me because of how nonlinear it is.  There is no structured endgame, and there are nearly infinite ways BDO can be played.  BDO feels just as flexible as real life, except with a lot less pay-to-win and much more relaxed PVP rules.  Even though I love how flexible this game is, my personal endgame is hardcore grinding for levels and gear progression.

I have always enjoyed the type of long-term progression that BDO offers, and I was the first player to reach levels 62 and 63 on the NA/EU servers.  Aside from grinding, I also love the testing of game mechanics. I always liked to share the results of these tests, but the idea of streaming my gameplay never really came to mind until I talked to Darkcrusade (another hardcore grinder).  I was usually under the impression that grinding and talking about 'nerdmath' didn't qualify as the content most people wanted to see on streams, but he mostly streamed grinding, and did very well. He told me I should give it a try, and I guess here I am 

Tune in to Big&Shiny at the link and times below:

Live daily @ 6:00 or 8:00 AM EST

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