BDO Theme Park Announced

01 April 2018 00:00
Pearl Abyss and Realplay Parks 
to build Black Desert Theme Parks

Seoul, South Korea - April 1st, 2018 / Pearl Abyss and Realplay Parks LLC today announced their plans to build two theme parks based on the former’s Black Desert Online IP, which has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2014.

Black Desert Online (published in North America, Europe and Korea by Kakao Games) is a critically acclaimed video game for PC that has been launched in over 100 countries and shifted over 8 million units worldwide. Aside from the PC version of the game, Black Desert Online will also be released on mobile and console platforms in the near future.

Black Desert Online is known for its beautifully designed large open world in which players can role-play, discover new lands and overcome challenges. It is the goal of Pearl Abyss to incorporate these features in a real-life theme park and make the experience as engaging and mystifying as it is in-game.

The first theme parks will open in Irvine, California and Jeju Island in South Korea in late 2021. Other locations in Europe, Russia and Japan are also being considered.

Concept art of Black Desert World

Igor Bartali, International IP Licensing Senior Director at Pearl Abyss said: “We are excited that we can provide our fans with a tangible version of the Black Desert World they already love and we feel confident that our partner Realplay Parks can make our vision a reality.”

Leonardo Patrigio, Founder & CEO at Realplay Parks added: “We are overjoyed to work with Pearl Abyss on their ambitious plan and we can’t wait to welcome our first visitors in 2021.”

The creative developers behind Black Desert Online and the award-winning visionaries of Realplay Parks will work together to make the world of Black Desert into reality. These new blockbuster parks will bring the characters, action and adventure of Black Desert Online to life in breathtakingly authentic fashion. New, innovative, never before seen technologies will be used to make visitors feel as if they would be living inside the videogame.

  • Two parks are already in early development stage and will open their doors before the 2021 Holiday season. Building will commence in the Summer of 2018. Both parks will be similar in scope and content.

  • Rides will be highly immersive combining the latest technologies such as VR and other visual trickery to let visitors experience and feel the world of Black Desert Online.
  • The center of the park will contain most of the park’s thematic hotels, restaurants, bars and merchandise shops. The design of this hub will closely resemble the in-game city Heidel, which in turn was inspired by the real-life French village Beynac-et-Cazenac. Within the town there will be a huge permanent LAN party where fans can partake in Black Desert Online tournaments, meet with the game’s developers and community representatives. Cherry on the cake is an interactive medieval dinner show that will feature all of the game’s key characters, incorporates spectacular horseback combat stunts and will depict the siege of Heidel in which the audience will also play a huge part.
  • Based upon the in-game topography, the park will be divided into several parts. These will include Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia, Balenos, Kamasylvia, Margoria and Drieghan. Each area will have a specific look and will have rides that closely matches the theme of the in-game territories.
  • Most world bosses from the game will receive their own rides. Ancient Kutum is an indoor roller coaster VR ride that lets you explore the Valencian desert, cave systems and temples whilst Vell - Heart of the Sea is a wild roller coaster water ride where visitors will encounter the huge leviathan monster Vell. Finally, the Karanda themed ride will let visitors fly as a pack of harpies whilst giving them a great view of the world of Black Desert Online.
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