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Our Newest Region, DRIEGHAN

Pack up for an adventure to Drieghan,
the land of dragons!

The Founding of Drieghan

Great and terrible dragons roamed the skies. The first settlers of Drieghan would pay tribute to the dragons, but it was not enough. The dragons would prey upon the settlers, and during the breeding season, they would get even more aggressive and reduced entire towns into piles of ashes. When the atrocity of the dragons reached its peak, giants came over from the mountains to the east. The giants called themselves the “Sherekhans” and brought together all the tribes of Drieghan to fight the dragons.
The day the last of the dragons’ throat was slashed, the Black Dragon cursed the Sherekhans with its last breath. One by one, the Sherekhans succumbed to death. The last of the Sherekhans, Akum, said to his companions with his dying breath, “The dragons are gone. Take this dragon’s tooth and bury it. If you are then blessed with rain, make that place your new home.”
Touched by what the Sherekhans did for them, his companions traveled far and wide for a place to bury the tooth. However, no matter how nice and fertile the land looked, when the buried the dragons’ tooth the sky remained clear and the vegetation began to wither from the lack of rain.
After many years of wandering, they found themselves back to where Akum was buried. They buried the teeth there, not because they wanted to live there but to honor the Sherekhans’ memory. When rain starting falling onto the barren, they rejoiced and called all of the tribes to that place. And thus, Drieghan rose again.

- The Founding of Drieghan, The Great Library of Calpheon