Black Desert Online


Don’t miss this month-long promotion prepared specially
for the 3rd year anniversary of Black Desert Online!

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Open a treasure chest that gives special card every day
of the event period and receive amazing rewards at random!

Feb. 28 17:00 UTC - Mar. 27 before maintenance
  • 3rd Anniversary Special Title

    Rewarded to players
    who collect all 20 Special Cards
    during the event period.

    Edana’s Third Descendant

    The special title will be given after the event ends. Exact distribution date will be made with future announcement.

  • 3rd Anniversary Special Cards Start your search

Playtime Event

Don’t miss daily items prepared exclusively for the 3rd Anniversary.

Feb. 27 after maintenance - Mar. 13 before maintenance
1 Hour

Finto’s Filling Juice x3
Finto's Sweet Juice x3
Finto's Fresh Juice x3

2 Hours

Valks' Cry x3
Cron Stone x3
Item Collection Increase Scroll x3

3 Hours

[Event] Golden Seal of Panto x3

4 Hours

Sharp Black Crystal Shard x3
Hard Black Crystal Shard x3

5 Hours

[Event] Moonlight Shard x3

Event Notice


You can purchase our gifts of appreciation for 3 Loyalties for the next 3 weeks at the Pearl Shop (F3).
We thank you for the wonderful 3 years and many more to come.

Feb. 27 after maintenance - Mar. 20 before maintenance
What's Offered

Various gifts of appreciation will be offered for
3 Loyalties from the in-game Pearl Shop (F3).
(1 purchase per Family allowed per item).

  1. Week 1
    From Feb. 27 maintenance
    [Event] Appreciation Gift
    More Info
    [Event] Appreciation Gift Right-click to open the item in-game to randomly obtain 1 of the following:
    • Red Nose's Armor
    • Giath's Helmet
    • Bheg's Gloves
    • Muskan's Shoes
    • Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
    • Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box
    • Nouver's Sealed Sub-Weapon Box
    • Kutum's Sealed Sub-Weapon Box
    • Dandelion Weapon Box
    • Griffon's Helmet
    • Urugon's Shoes
    [Event] 3rd Anniversary Cake
  2. Week 2
    From Mar. 6 maintenance
    [Event] Kuku
  3. Week 3
    From Mar. 13 maintenance
    [3rd Anniversary] Gold Pop Earrings
    [3rd Anniversary] Gold Pop Accessory
    [3rd Anniversary] Gold Pop Glasses
Event Notice

Special Attendance Rewards

A new board of attendance rewards will be offered where you can claim fabulous rewards for checking in every day!

Mar. 14 00:00 - Apr. 10 23:59 UTC
Rewards List
  • 1
    Gold Bar Box
  • 2
    Cron Stone x5
  • 3
    [Event] Rare
    Cron Box x1
  • 4
    Item Collection
    Increase Scroll x10
  • 5
    Valks' Cry x5
  • 6
    Memory Fragment x10
  • 7
    Hard Black Crystal
    Shard Bundle : 3
  • 8
    Sharp Black Crystal
    Shard Bundle: 3
  • 9
    Advice of Valks
    (25-35) x1
  • 10
    Lauren Family
    Gift Box
  • 11
    [Event] Enhancement
    Help Kit I x1
  • 12
    Luxury Box x1
  • 13
    Advice of Valks
    (35~45) x1
  • 14
    Gold Bar 100G
  • 15
    [Event] Enhancement
    Help Kit II x1
  • 16
    Cron Stone x10
  • 17
    Memory Fragment x15
  • 18
    Kydict’s Crystal
    - Adventure x1
  • 19
    Moonlight Shard x3
  • 20
    Valks' Cry x10
  • 21
    Advice of
    Valks (+50) x1
Event Notice

Service Information

The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence - Encouragement of the use of alcohol/tobacco
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Shadow Arena vod popup
Shadow Arena vod popup
Event Notice
  • Event Challenge resets every day at 00:00 UTC and you must restart your client and log back in to receive the following daily Challenge.
  • Event Challenge rewards can only be obtained until the event period ends. The rewards may be deleted when the event ends.
  • You can exchange [Event] Golden Seal of Panto x10 for [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box x1 with NPC Girgo Viano.
  • You can perform Simple Alchemy with [Event] Moonlight Shard x1 and Memory Fragment x1 to obtain Memory Fragment x1 - x3.
Event Notice
  • Daily rewards claimed from the Special Attendance Rewards will be sent via Inventory of your character at 00:00 UTC every day.
  • Please make sure to have empty slots in your Inventory to claim your attendance rewards.
Event Notice
  • You can purchase the special items from the Loyalties tab in in-game Pearl Shop (F3). The special [Event] 3rd Anniversary Cake can be placed in your residence. Press hotkey R to interact with and receive a 24-hour boost of Combat/Skill/Life EXP +100%.
    - You can receive this Combat/Skill/Life EXP +100% boost at max 3 times.(You can no longer interact with the item when its Durability is used up).
    - Does not stack with other effect/boosts of other Furniture items (excluding Pearl Items).