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RANGER AWAKENED Greetings Adventurers, Today, we introduce the Awakened Ranger and the story behind her power. Ages ago, the children of the Goddess Sylvia, Ganelle and Vedir, descended on Kamasylvia. In the wake of their destructive conflict, the Kamasylven Sword was created and granted to Rangers who displayed a great strength of will and physical prowess. On October 12th, 2016, the Ranger will be awakened by the true power of the Goddess! “The Last Gift from the Goddess: The Kamasylven Sword” At the beginning of time, before recorded history, a sacred tree took root at the highest point of the forest. The Goddess Sylvia descended upon the forest with the Elves of Nature, and gave the tree a name: Kamasylve. Using the energy of the Sun and Moon, she created life to fill the forest that would be known as Kamasylvia. In addition to the beings she created to fill the forest and land beyond, the Goddess also bore twins. The first, who resembled the Sun, she named Ganelle. The second, who resembled the Moon, was named Vedir. Once her children had grown, Sylvia granted them dominion over the land she had filled with life, and sealed her will into Kamasylve, the sacred tree, before ascending back into the heavens. The twins established a civilization which prospered under the sheltering branches of sacred tree and watchful eyes of the Elves. The power of Kamasylve was abundant, allowing the descendants of Sylvia to grow complacent and ungrateful for the blessings the sacred tree granted. This lack of vigilance allowed the Dark Elves to infiltrate Kamasylvia, ravaging the land and leaving devastation in their wake. The descendants of Sylvia were unable to defend themselves from the Dark Elves and turned to the Kamasylve for protection, draining its bounty of energy dry. As its last task before entering into hibernation, the sacred tree granted Ganelle and Vedir some of its oldest branches. Ganelle and Vedir studied the tree, attempting to understand the power it once held. The branches Kamasylve left them could be altered with the power and strength of their spirit, transforming it into a blade they could use to protect their home. This ability, along with the art of wielding the new Kamasylve Sword, was passed on to their kin. This, in turn, created an army of guardians. These Rangers would be responsible for protecting and safeguarding the citizens of Kamasylvia from invasion. Though the tree was dormant, the Rangers repelled many invaders who came in search of the power that Kamasylve once possessed. In order to remain triumphant and free, the Rangers continued to improve their skills with the Kamasylven Sword and adopted the use of longbows. This allowed them to fight more efficiently; using the forest as a shield and picking off their enemies at range. Though the Rangers remained victorious, Ganelle and Vedir began to disagree over the use of the Kamasylven Sword. Ganelle, descendant of the Sun, sought to commune with the spirit of the sword while Vedir, descendant of the Moon, wished only to dominate the spirit of the sword and bend it to his will. This argument grew until the Rangers were embroiled in a civil war. As hatred and bloodshed spread across the land of Kamasylvia, the sacred tree awoke. In its sorrow and pain, Kamasylve revoked the power imbued in its branches, preventing the Rangers from continuing their war with weapons intended to protect the land that was their home. This was not enough to heal the schism between the two clans, however, and the descendants of Vedir left Kamasylvia in search of a new power. The descendants of Ganelle, however, erected a temple around Kamasylve, and remained to protect it. In order to prevent another war, Kamasylve decided to only reveal the power of the sword to a chosen few who could be trusted to repel invasions and avoid conflict within the clans. These Rangers had to prove themselves to have great strength of will and battle prowess before being able to receive the blessing of the Goddess. Before returning to its hibernation, Kamasylve left this message: "Only those who can commune with the spirt and control the will of their hearts shall fully realize the power of Kamasylve." ◈ Awakening Skills Unlike the Ranger’s previous skills, Awakening Skills using the Kamasylve Sword are melee to mid-ranged. Commune with the spirit and perform powerful attacks using the Kamasylven Sword. The following are some of the Ranger's core awakening skills: Spirit’s Shackles This grapple attack allows you to springboard off your enemy, knocking them to the ground as you land some distance away. Wailing Wind This attack creates an illusion that deals damage to a group of enemies from mid-range, causing them to bleed and knocking them to the ground. Breezy Blade This skill is used while running, causing you to instantly dash and attack multiple targets. Elven Rage Project the collective rage of the elves at the target. Keep in mind, however, that defensive mode is engaged while the rage is being charged. Nature’s Tremble Summon the spirits of Kamasylve in front of you to mercilessly attack the target, dealing tremendous damage. Waltz of Wind Instantly disappear from the target’s sight and reappear above them to deliver a spin attack and inflict powerful damage to the targets within range. ◈ Awakening Quest At the top of Longleaf Forest, discover a book read and beloved by an old hero of the Rangers to start the quest “Last Gift from a Leaving Goddess.” You can get a glimpse of Ranger’s history from this story. There are seven main quests, and you will have to finish an additional three "ordeal" quests on the way. The foes you will have to defeat are located in the Mediah region, and should present you with little in the way of obstacles. Once you finish all of the awakening quests for the Ranger, you will obtain the Ranger’s awakened weapon, the Kamasylven Sword, as well as the awakening skills from Herawen, the Chancellor of the Kamasylve Temple. We hope you are thrilled about this new chapter in our Awakening Series. Happy Awakening! - Black Desert Online Team 1476280800
BERSERKER AWAKENED Greetings Adventurers! The next class within our lineup of Awakening releases is upon us. Behold, the power of the Awakened Berserker! In addition to the devastation that the Berserker’s dual axes already bring, no one will stand a chance against the Berserker’s Awakening Weapon, the Iron Buster! Grab, bash and cleave your enemies senseless! ◈ Origin of the Berserker Although the Berserkers are renowned for their superior strength and combat capabilities, they continued to reside in the Keplan region as they had no ambition to conquer other territories. However, after the discovery of abundance in Black Crystals within Keplan, over-excavation by Humans caused the Berserkers to abandon their homes and leave the area. In order to preserve their way of life, Chieftain Geaku of the Berserkers planned to move south so that they may avoid any conflict. However, Tantu, the young Berserker Leader, felt that the greed of Humans would soon bring war against them and lead to the Berserkers’ extinction. Although Tantu was very tiny in stature for a Berserker, he was gifted with the ability to be extraordinarily persuasive. With this, he was able to inspire the younger generation of Berserkers to adventure out and find a new place where they can call home. One night, Tantu and his followers left the other Berserkers and disappeared into the night. According to rumors, they were headed to Mediah - a mysterious and ancient land. Along their journey, Tantu met with Ain Gried, the Dwarven Chieftain, who was already residing near Mediah. Given the past alliance between Berserkers and Dwarfs, Ain Gried agreed to help Tantu by taking them to the Grand Chieftain’s Mausoleum within the sacred lands of the Ancient Berserkers. As Ain Gried, Tantu and his followers arrived at the Mausoleum, they made their way to the center podium where they saw an ancient tome. Tantu slowly approached the podium, opened the tome and looked at the ancient scripture. Although no one else was able to recognize the text, Tantu suddenly began to decode the message as if it he had spoken the forgotten ancient language all his life. He began to recite the text: “To the one that reads this message, the Iron Buster that was forged by the Ancient Dwarfs will save our kind.” Upon reading this, Tantu’s body began to change as he entered a state of metamorphosis. His previously small stature was now transformed into a hulking giant, whose size was larger than the biggest of Berserkers. Much like his body growth, Tantu suddenly began to spark out with new inherent abilities and became even wiser than before. With the help of Ain Gried and the Dwarfs, they were able to forge a new Iron Buster that would be distributed amongst the Berserkers. With the Iron Buster at hand, Tantu was certain that this new weapon would bring forth immeasurable power to the Berserker Race. ◈ Berserker Awakening Quest Berserker’s Awakening Quest is available at Level 56 and once this quest is completed, the Awakening Weapon, Iron Buster, can be equipped. The story begins from Gehaku Plains (where the separation of Geaku and Tantu originated) and follows Tantu and his group leaving for the new land of prosperity. Although the main quest line is made up of 7 parts, 3 of those quests will test your abilities to see whether or not you’re worthy of wielding the Iron Buster. However, as long as you are able to handle the monsters within the Mediah region, you should be fine. When all the quests are completed, you will receive the Iron Buster and obtain various Awakening Skills as reward from Chief Tantu at the Grand Chieftain’s Mausoleum. ◈ Berserker Awakening Weapon Skills The Awakening Weapon Skills can be found in the Skill Menu (shortcut key: “K”) in-game. When the Awakening Quest is completed, all the usable Awakening Weapon skills will become visible. <Awakening Weapon Skills can be found on the upper portion of the Skill Menu.> ◈ Berserker Awakening Weapon Skills Below are the new Awakened Skills for the Berserker. Using the Iron Buster, Berserkers specialize in concentrating their energy for swift, powerful attacks and increased movement speeds. Blasting Deals damage using both fists alternately. It has possibility of Down Attack and Air Attack to use for a continuation of attack combinations. Also, using this skill will heal HP (not applicable when used during cooldown). Flame Bustger Fire a shell from your Iron Buster within mid-range distance. Using normal shots, you can quickly eliminate your enemies. Shooting after concentrating your focus will deal more powerful damage and can knockdown your enemy. When used against multiple targets, WP will be recovered in bulk Giant Leap Fire a shot with Iron Buster to the ground and use the recoil to leap a far distance. You do not take any damage during the leap. Titan Blow Concentrate focus to the Iron Buster and attack enemies in forward direction 3 times which causes Bind. The final attack of this powerful skill will also deal Knockdown. Ground Lifting Lift up the ground from below your feet and launch the enemies in your forward direction skyward. Along with the Berserker and all those that came before it, each class is reborn with new abilities and become much more powerful after their Awakening. The next class to reach their Awakening will be coming in 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for it! Thank you! 1475053200
SORCERESS AWAKENED Greetings Adventurers, We’re pleased to announce the continuation of our bi-weekly Awakening release schedule with the introduction of the Sorceress Awakening. Upon reaching level 56 prepare yourself, steel your mind Sorcerer. The true power of your heritage awaits as a descendant of Cartian. Unleash the Reaper Scythe! Origin of The Sorceress The lineage of Black Magic, as recorded in the Book of Ancients, dates far back in time. The first Sorceress was Cartian, she began it all. All present-day Sorceresses are considered the descendants of Cartian, and the little town of Tarif holds the grounds for such a claim. Tarif was founded around three hundred years ago by Cartian and Allan Serbin. The Book of Cartian, only found and circulated within Tarif, has always been considered the Holy Scripture for Sorceresses. However, not everything was mentioned nor explained in Book of Cartian, not even the Reaper’s Scythe, the weapon solely used by Cartian, the Great Sorceress. During Cartian’s time, there was a great territorial war between the Humans and the Cyclopians. The Cyclops were about to completely consume the outnumbered and physically weaker humans,until Cartian appeared and vanquished them with the Scythe. The Sorceresses were divided into several clans after then, one of which is said to have settled down in Hexe Sanctuary. It is said that was Cartian, who had lived in Tarif for an outstandingly long period of time, much longer than an average human being. Just before Cartian, an almost immortal being, disappeared, she injected every single string of her destructive power into her Scythe, and then sealed it away. It did not take long before the Scythe became uncontrollable to most Sorceresses, and Allan Serbin, a long-time friend of Cartian and the chief of Tarif, had to seal the Scythe again under the sacred tree of Scuffling Letusa. As a result, Allan Serbin lost his body, his spirit trapped in a picture frame, still watching over Tarif to this day. Sorceress Awakening Skills You can check out the various awakening skills in the usual location, your combat window (K). Upon successful completion of the awakening weapon quest (available at level 56 ) you will be able to browse and train into the available awakening skills, provided you meet their level requirements. <Awakening Skills tab will be added on the top of the Skill Window (K)> Some of the most notable skills from the Sorcerer line are as follows: Dead Hunt Successively attack the enemy with strong down attack moves. Use this skill outside the cooldown period to suck HP out of the enemies. Violation Penetrate the enemy ahead with your Scythe, allowing you to move and attack simultaneously. The damaged targets will be launched up in the air. Nightmare Use Fragment of Darkness to momentarily conceal yourself in the darkness, then perform a counter attack from any direction you desire. Blade of Darkness Summon Blade of Darkness using Shard of Darkness. The Blade of Darkness will slowly move forward to attack the enemy. In the meantime, Sorceress can use other skills in addition to the already activated Blade of Darkness. Cartian’s Nightmare Open the gate of darkness and summon a flock of crows. With the high hit number and burn damage combined, it is the most powerful skill. Awakening Quest Reach Lv. 56 and speak with your Black Spirit to start the quest to obtain the Sorceress’s awakening weapon. The quest will guide you through the story of “Cartian’s Descendant,” where you will be able to find Cartian’s Seal, hidden in the Lion Statue on top of the Wizard’s Altar. There are 7 main quests with 3 “trial” sub-quests within, which should not be extremely hard if you have no problem confronting the monsters in Mediah. Upon completing all the quests, you will be able to obtain the Scythe, Sorceress’s awakening weapon, along with the awakening quests from Allan Serbin, the skill instructor of Tarif, you will also be able to acquire the “Dandelion Scythe” from Dandelion Weapon Box after defeating Karanda. 1473847200