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SAVAGE RIFT, The Ultimate Co-op Experience Savage Rift The Ultimate Co-op Experience      Savage Rift is a defense game where you and your allies must protect the Sealed Tower from what seems to be endless wave of monster attacks.   Monster raids will flood in periodically and aim straight for the Sealed Tower. Every adventurer participating in the Savage Rift must take down all monsters charging towards the Sealed Tower.   ▲ Protect the Sealed Tower from the monster raids!    Savage Rift is available for any character Lv.56 and up. Press menu [ESC] - [Savage Rift] to check the status of the defense game. You can enter any Savage Rift available for entrance.     A maximum of 10 adventurers can participate in the event. The game will start automatically if at least 8 adventurers are participating. From the start to the end of the 4th wave of Savage Rift, new participants may join the current party.   For a party of less than 10 participants, The Party Leader has to click on Enter Savage Rift button in order to participate in an available Savage Rift with his/her party members. However, clicking on Enter Savage Rift button of a different server will only move the Party Leader and not the members.   Monster raid is composed of 25 waves, for 30 minutes in total. Monster raid will continue unless all the participants are defeated or the Sealed Tower is destroyed. Stronger and fiercer monster raids will sweep in every next wave.   In certain stages, bosses like Red Nose and Giath will also appear. Taking down such bosses will give you a chance to loot precious and rare items.   Utilize your Points to Succeed!   Although you can face monsters with your character’s skills and stats, it may be too much to take on the incessant raid of monsters with just your character gear.   When you take down a monster, you can accumulate certain amount of Points which you can use to assist in your defense of the Sealed Tower.   Defeat the weaker monsters in the earlier stages of the monster raid to build up on points. You can use these points to purchase exclusive items for Savage Rift such as Matchlock, Hwacha, and more. Utilizing these exclusive items will help you take down monsters faster and with ease.   The go-to item in the beginning stages of the monster raids is definitely the Matchlock.’  [Savage] Exclusive Matchlock and [Savage] Exclusive Ammo require 30 points respectively. Make sure to have a Matchlock handy as early as possible.   Imp Soldier monsters can be taken down with just 2 shots from the Matchlock which enables even faster points build-up.   ▲ Points build-up will stack much faster if you have a Matchlock from early stages.   Co-op is also a crucial factor in the success of Savage Rift.   You can even transfer the points you have accrued to a fellow party member. At times it might be a good strategy for multiple members to transfer points to a single party member to acquire a stronger weapon quicker which cost a considerable amount of points.   - Items purchased in Savage Rift can only be used inside Savage Rift and not anywhere else. Tip 1.  Points need to be used carefully to make sure you don’t run out for unexpected occurrences.   If you fall, resurrection cannot be done by yourself, but you need the [Savage] Medical Kit to be used by another party member. (Resurrecting skills of a Witch or Wizard cannot be applied)   If the whole party is defeated, you fail the Savage Rift entirely so make sure to have some points left over or [Savage] Medical Kit purchased and stocked beforehand.   ▲ Use of [Savage] Medical Kit may decide on success and failure.   Even if Medical Kit is not available in certain situations, defeating the boss monsters that appear on stages 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 would resurrect any fallen members.     Tip 2.  Monsters that appear in Savage Rift do not attack only by land. Harpies that appear on stages 8, 13, 18, and 23 will attack your party from midair.   If you do not have a [Savage] Matchlock and [Savage] Ammo handy, You will be helpless against the air strikes.   [Savage] Matchlock aids not only in shooting down Harpies, but it is effective on most of the monsters on earlier stages.   ▲ [Savage] Matchlock is key against monsters that attack by air.     Tip 3.  Blocking and hindering the path of the monster raids are also important. Set up a [Savage] Barricade up front and place Flame Towers or Hwachas behind to tighten your defense.   As the stages progress, it will take longer to take down stronger monsters so effective use of barricades is key.   Purchasing a [Savage] Iron Ingot will allow you to turn your barricades into [Savage] Iron Barricades which are much stronger   and can help greatly in the later stages with powerful monsters charging at the Sealed Tower.      ▲ Barricades are key as you go up the stages.   ▲ Flame Tower, Hwacha, and defense installments can strengthen your defense.   Savage Rift Rewards   Savage Rift is composed in total of 25 stages and successfully protecting the Sealed Tower will end the Savage Rift.   Failing to protect the Sealed Tower or having all of your party defeated will also end it. The rewards for the highest stage you and your party reached will be given out in the form of Gold Ingot.   A fixed amount of Combat EXP and Gold Ingot will be given out But Gold Ingot is rewarded starting Stage 4 And Combat EXP is rewarded starting the completion of Stage 10.    For better understanding, if your party is defeated or Sealed Tower is destroyed during Stage 6 wave of monster attack, your party will receive the completion reward for Stage 5, the one prior.   However, if you exit Savage Rift when the Sealed Tower isn’t destroyed or your party hasn’t fallen, No rewards will be given out. In addition, you must have had at least 1 point for yourself in order to receive any rewards. Any points transferred from other party members does not count as your voluntary points so every party member must build his/her own points as well.   If there are not empty spaces in your inventory or if your weight is too heavy, you cannot receive any rewards. Do not forget to have enough inventory space and weight before you enter Savage Rift.   Keep in mind that rewards are given out starting Stage 4 of the monster raids. This simply means monsters that appear on Stage 5 are the first ones to give you any rewards.   Stage Gold Ingot Rewarded 4 1G x1 5 1G x1 6 1G x3 7 1G x4 8 1G x5 9 1G x6 10 1G x7 11 1G x9 12 1G x11 13 1G x14 14 1G x17 15 1G x20 16 1G x23 17 1G x27 18 1G x31 19 1G x35 20 1G x40 21 1G x45 22 1G x50 23 1G x55 24 1G x60 25 1G x70 ▲ Savage Rift Rewards. Gold Ingots will be rewarded into your Inventory.   This is not the end!   Taking down boss monsters in certain stages will loot you  valuable items that range from Bheg’s Gloves, so-called the ‘boss gear’ as well as Serap's Necklace and Mutant Enhancers. In order to obtain an item from these bosses   you would have to have hit the boss monster at least once. So make sure all of your party members have landed a hit on the boss monsters.   Boss Stage of Appearance Loot Item Red Nose Stage 5 Hunter’s Seal, Black Stone(Weapon), Black Stone(Armor), Red Nose’s Armor, Imp Captain's Knife Giath Stage 10 Hunter’s Seal, Black Stone(Weapon), Black Stone(Armor), Giath’s Helmet, Goblin Chief Helmet Dastard Bheg Stage 15 Hunter’s Seal, Black Stone(Weapon), Black Stone(Armor), Bheg's Gloves, Bheg's Shining Helmet, Mutant Enhancer Titium Stage 20 Hunter’s Seal, Black Stone(Weapon), Black Stone(Armor), Serap's Necklace, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Mutant Enhancer Org Stage 25 Hunter’s Seal, Black Stone(Weapon), Black Stone(Armor), Mutant Enhancer, Memory Fragment       1504101600
Hold the Line! Or Face Annihilation! Who will protect the Sealed Tower from the raving raid of monsters? 1504099800