[Ended] Regular Maintenance Dear Players, We will perform our weekly maintenance as follows: Date: Wednesday, 15.02.2017 Duration: 6h Server Down: Server Up: Global 09:00 UTC 15:00 UTC West Coast (NA) 01:00 PST 07:00 PST East Coast (NA) 04:00 EST 10:00 EST Central (EU) 10:00 CET 16:00 CET Reasons: Black Spirit's Quest will be reorganized. Class balance will be adjusted. Increased item drop rate event will be started. Attendance Rewards system will be upgraded. Note: Patch Notes including improvements and new features can be found on our forum after the maintenance. Follow us on Twitter/Facebook to stay up2date. Thank you for your support and understanding. Best regards,BDO Team 1487080800
Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion Hello, Adventurers! By now you’ve had your ups and downs and seen numerous updates in our journey together. Do you remember your first fishing rod for the Velia coastline? A bit shabby for fully prepared naval adventurers like yourselves. Right? Wait no more! A vast sea full of passion and adventures has finally opened up in Black Desert. Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion has arrived! Set your sails high and look out to the distant horizon! All will be held in awe at the glistening beauty presented before you. Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion Main Updates There’s a whole bunch of new and specialized content joining Black Desert Online from this update. Open your eyes wide and tune in to find out now! ◈ New Regions, Margoria Sea and Port Ratt The newly opening ‘Margoria Sea’ is proudly presented with an immense area equal to all of previously introduced areas combined. In the vast oceans, enjoy taking on gigantic sea monsters, catching brand new sea life, and dwelling in impressive naval battles. ▲ The massive sea greater than any seen before...! Survive the fierce winds and waves of the sea to discover the new continent ‘Haso’ awaiting adventurers like yourselves. Access into the continent is limited for the time being but you can dock at Port Ratt on the coast and enjoy generous trading deals that will bring in a big fortune. ▲ Port Ratt located just off the land of Haso. Be captivated by the uniquely Oriental architecture! ◈ New Mounts, Galley and Trader Now you can construct your own Galley and Trader ships from the newly-added Guild Wharfs in Guild Houses. If you are a member of a guild, you are welcome to control the steering wheel or fire cannons and add various parts to strengthen and decorate your ship. ▲ New Galley perfectly designed for naval battles The Galley is a battle-focused ship mounting 8 cannons being most fearsome at sea. This mount is utilized mostly in hunting down sea monsters or engaging in naval battles. Maximum passenger capacity is 10. ▲ Though attacking power is rather low, Traders have great durability and large storage space Traders, as the name suggests, are designed for trading by sea. Traders can endure much weight and has big enough storage to transport spoils of the sea or tradeable goods, but they are relatively weak in naval battlers with only 2 cannons equipped. ◈ Brand New Contents, Sea Trading and Sailing Trading by sea requires skillful sailing to avoid all dangers at sea including immense sea monsters and pirate ships, which, in turn, will bring huge profits considering all the danger and efforts taken in. Silvers acquired from trading by sea will be bound to your guild. Characters sailing the Margoria Sea or hunting down sea monsters residing within will learn Sailing. If Sailing level rises, you can perform useful skills to control your Galley or Trader masterfully. The sea will be yours to take! ▲ Characters with high Sailing skills will become your most trusted friends at sea! ◈ Beware of the New Dangers, Colossal Sea Monsters Number of colossal sea monsters are waiting to strike you in between the waves. The enormous sea monsters identified heretofore are Candidum, so-called the ‘White Ghost,’ Hekaru that swallows all in one gulp, Black Rust with a steel-like jawbone, Nineshark with a horrific appearance that makes all tremble in fear, and the mysterious Ocean Stalker. It would be foolish to take on these colossal monsters on a tiny sailboat. Normal attacks would not be effective and only cannon attacks from a Galley or a Trader must be used to take them down. Be on the lookout! Their presence and power will surpass all expectations. ▲ With great challenges come the great prizes. Wanna test your luck? ◈ New Adventures, Undersea Explorations Continent coasts have revealed a good number or undersea tunnels and beautiful corals to mesmerize any adventurer. Try underwater gathering and pick up the most unexpected marine life while earning special knowledge. The ancient underwater ruins and mysterious treasure chests will stimulate all curiosities. But make sure you are well prepared for the wheeling and dealing. Prepare your Splat Fisher's clothes or Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suits! The sea is too vast too explore; make sure you don’t get stranded and know your place. Traveler’s map and compasses can come to your aid at times. ▲ The sea awaiting to reveal the most beautiful sights.Care for the search of a lost treasure ship? ◈ Dawn of Naval Warfare: Margoria Expansion Preview Margoria Expansion has so much more to offer than what you’ve seen so far. Colorful and mystical sea adventures will be presented but this is only the start. Black Desert will continue to give full efforts to satiate your thirst for great adventures. We only ask for your attention and anticipation. Thank you as always. 1486054800
Witch & Wizard Awakening Update Greetings adventurers. The last set of awakenings has finally reached the world of Black Desert Online! Witch and Wizard can now commune with the primal power of the elements through their new weapons, the Aad Sphera and Godr Sphera. The mighty combinations of earth-lightning, and fire-water await you! ◈ Witch Awakening Weapon Combat Trailer Magnificent and elegant! Behold the lively combo of enormous magic skills and summoned keepers! A society of knowledge, the sages of Labreve, an organization of delightful, flourishing Witches. A gifted visionary named Deneve nurtured the group to push boundaries. Let their imagination bloom and soar, inquiring, engaging and experimenting. Their efforts bore fruit, the fruit of enterprise. A magical advancement named Aad’s Pharos. Exciting news, Teleport is here! But onward she went, Deneve never stopped. Under no circumstance would she cease to inquire. Toward different dimensions, joyfully she hopped. There she made an astounding discovery, Marvelous, but not quite a magical encounter. Uncanny footprints from multi-dimensional history. She must pursue, such is her desire. ◈ Wizard Awakening Weapon Combat Trailer Beware of the dangerous moves of Wizard, freely switching between fire and water! Most Honorable Master, Hope this letter finds you well. How have you been doing these days? As you may already know, things have been quite hectic. I have been worrying that your great mind might have been bothered too much because of all this. Let me save your precious time, if I may. Our plan was successful. The young Wizard, who normally goes by the nickname “Lord Red,” was obliterated and reappeared in another dimension. To our surprise, we did not have to lift a finger, for his own pride and enormous power did our work for us. What a waste of talent. He was by far the most gifted Wizard this world has ever seen, but his hubris and ambition consumed him in the end. That is how I assess this incident. My dearest, most revered Master, The day of Red’s rampage was pure horror. Do you remember when Red invented a new form of magic gear called Sphera? What a marvel. But the fire-type Sphera was the problem. Its power was too great for anyone to properly handle. Red could somehow manage it, but not for long. As we all know, Red totally lost his mind when he tried to take control of the entire Gord-Ayed Tier using that fire Sphera. But rest assured, most admirable Master. Lord Red is no more; he has disappeared into another dimension. The stress and pressure he is enduring there must have taken much of his power, and his youth. I heard that a brilliant young Witch from Labreve has successfully executed a teleport and entered another dimension. I am a bit worried that Red might encounter that Witch. She is full of pure curiosity, just like Red used to be. I just hope that the Witch does not rekindle the dying curiosity in Lord Red’s mind. We cannot afford to lose such a great talent once again, can we? My dearest Master, I already did this in person, but again, congratulations on taking the reign of the Godr-Ayed Tier. A commemorative supper I will be preparing is quickly approaching. I will be counting days until then. I hope you like King of Jungle Hamburg! Faithfully Yours, Your Right-Hand Man P.S. The falcon has the egg. ◈ Witch Awakening Skills Witch's Awakening skills consist of powerful magic skills based on earth and lightning elements. Summon a couple of reliable keepers, and your Witch should have various combat options at her hands. With the new awakening weapon, Witches can literally sweep the battlefield with disastrous skills. Unlike the existing staff skills, awakening skills using the Sphera have relatively shorter casting time, allowing Witches to deal with enemies more efficiently making them fearful opponents. The following are some of the prominent Awakening skills: Summon: Keeper Gorr Summons Keeper Gorr to aid the Witch. Summoned Gorr will perform melee attacks and protect the Witch. Summon: Keeper Tett Summons Keeper Tett to aid the Witch. Summoned Tett will perform ranged attacks and protect the Witch. Paralysis Instantly decreases the attack, movement, and casting speed of the target. Fissure Wave Causes a violent wave underground to inflict damage. Your MP will slightly be recovered upon using the skill, and the target will be launched and fall to the ground. Thunder Storm Maximizes the force of the lightning and inflicts an enormous explosion ahead. Learn the “flow” skill to inflict even greater damage by summoning Tett. Yoke of Ordeal Lifts up the energy of the ground and successively projects that energy forward. ◈ Wizard Awakening Skills Wizard’s mercilessly destructive awakening skills are based on fire and water elements. Learn to work with the two guardians you can summon to expand the horizon of Wizard’s combat ability. In addition to the stronger combat abilities, players will enjoy the spectacular and vivid skill effects based on fire and water elements. The following are some of the prominent Awakening skills: Summon: Keeper Marg Summons Marg, the keeper of fire. Summoned Marg will perform melee attacks and protect the Wizard. Summon: Keeper Arne Summons Arne, the keeper of water. Summoned Arne will perform ranged attacks and protect the Wizard. Aqua Jail Explosion Creates a huge barrier of water to lock up the target and inflict considerable damage. Flame Knot Using the power of fire magic, it instantly captures the target and throws it to the ground. Bolide of Destruction Summons an enormous flame of doom and lets it fall onto a designated area. The flame is supposed to leave nothing behind. Chilling Wave Arne will create a massive wave ahead. Anything swept by the wave will hardly survive. Wednesday, December 21, 2016! Be the first to check out the new and improved Witch and Wizard! Enjoy the long-awaited awakenings. Thank you. Black Desert Online Team 1482325200
Ninja's Sura Katana and Kunoichi’s Sah Chakram Update Greetings, adventurers. Following the unveiling of Ninja and Kunoichi’s majestic weapons, be awed at the sight of Ninja effortlessly wielding six swords, called Sura Katana, his awakening weapon. Also, be the first to witness the gigantic chakram, called Sah Chakram, bestowed upon Kunoichi. Experience Ninja’s smooth transition from a silent assassin to skilled swordsman, and Kunoichi’s signature swift, rhythmic movement. ◈ Ninja’s Awakening Weapon, Sura Katana There once was a poor boy who lived in the forest of a small fiefdom in a far eastern realm. A well-to-do girl occasionally came to the same forest for walks and against all odds this ragtag little boy and this silk-wearing girl soon became best friends. They eventually grew up and fell in love with one another, but this wealthy of a girl could never marry a boy of such poor stock. The girl was the eldest daughter of the house of Narusawa, the ruling family of the fiefdom. Her future groom, the son of another lord, had already been arranged and she was destined to take over as head of her house. The boy had no concern for any of this, however, and decided to leave the forest to learn the art of combat so he could protect the girl one day. Whether fate, so cruel in denying the two lovers, was moved by the boy's devotion was unclear. What is known is that on his journey the boy experienced a great stroke of luck in his encounter with a retired army general known as Sura, who was famous for sweeping through battlefields wielding six swords at once. The boy trained under his guidance for years, and eventually returned to the girl's side as a powerful warrior. Soon after the girl was appointed as the head of her house, a civil war broke out in the kingdom as several lords rose up to defy the oppressive and exploitative central government. In the midst of this turmoil, the boy did everything he could to protect the girl. The sight of this boy covered in the blood of his enemies as he merciless slashed away with his six swords caused opponents to cower, convinced that the legendary Sura had returned to the battlefield. Stability returned to the kingdom after much bloodshed, and soon an era of great peace reigned. Everyone appeared happy on the outside, but the trials were only beginning for the boy and girl. A fierce war eventually erupted between the former revolutionaries as each sought to establish themselves as the master of the realm. The Narusawa house and the girl, now a young woman, were being watched by these ambitious power seekers. The young woman yielded the honor of her house and gave up as much wealth as she could simply to survive, but the harsh reality of the times would not leave her be. Word on the street was that the she could soon be framed for treason. The boy, now a young man himself, felt the need to protect the young woman and the house of Narusawa from the new powers of the realm. However, there was not much a wandering swordsman and his gang of followers could do. He first needed to figure out how to make a living. The young man persuaded the young woman to change the family name of her house and they moved back to the forest where they spent their childhood together. The young man and his gang started a little business for collecting and selling important pieces of information. The young woman took charge of classifying and managing this information and eventually they were able to make a living. Of course, there was a period of trial and error; the espionage scene was different from the battlefield. The group eventually gave up the long swords that hindered their mobility for more agile short swords. They revised their martial arts style to make it suitable for infiltration and assassination operations. They hid their identities, patiently waited, and trained endlessly. They called themselves “Ninjas.” The family was on its way back to stability, but tragedy struck from the most unexpected source. One of their colleagues who just returned from a mission to the West seemed to have caught a cold, but that illness turned his eyes red and made him go berserk. He soon began attacking everyone around him. The madman was taken care of, but the disease was already spreading, poisoning the bodies and minds of the entire house. Even the young were infected by the disease. One day the young woman, who had been taking care of the infected day and night, began to show symptoms. The young man had no problem slaying the others once they became infected, but he could never do the same for the young woman. He searched the entire kingdom to find a doctor who could help, but the best anyone could do was put her into a coma using acupuncture so that she might one day be cured. It seemed the worst had passed for the time being, but the young man's trials were only beginning. The young man never lost hope, but he knew he needed to find the source of the terrible disease if they were to ever find a cure. He decided to head to the West, which he determined to be the source of the disease, intending to eventually return to his homeland to rebuild the crippled house. The young man visited the young woman on the day he would set forth. The maids taking care of her left the room so they could be alone for the first time since childhood. However, the young woman did not awaken. Before he left, the young man made a vow to the young woman: "On the day when Sura returns, the Narusawa flag shall fly again on the field of battle." ◈ Ninja Awakening Weapon Combat Trailer Spectacular action complete with six swords! Check out Ninja’s Sura Katana now! ◈ Awakening Skills Ninja’s awakening skills are optimized for clean, instant moves that aim at enemy’s blind or weak spots. Everything about the six swords is unexpected and irregular: the order they are taken out, the movement, and their path. Fully charged with Sura’s aura, Ninja will sweep the battlefield with the Sura Katana. Versatile and swift movement unique to the Ninja class is still there, and you will get an extra layer of blasting action on top of it. The following are some of the prominent Awakening skills: Vengeful Barrier Block an attack and perform a counterattack of three powerful slashes. Ninja will always have a surprise for anyone thinking they’ve finally landed an attack on him.   Sudden Decapitation You can slash the enemy up to 12 times, inflicting fatal damages. Use it in combination with the skill Seamless to utilize two swords simultaneously.   Serpent Ascension Brandish the Sura Katana upward to bring out the powerful aura of Sura from the ground and attack the target.   Bloodthirst: Katana Shower Throw the Sura Katana high up in the air to shower the area with a massive amount of blade energy.   Drastic Measure Charge up Sura’s aura to the extreme and smash it down with all your might. Even a single blow can bring fatal damage.   Seamless Promptly draw the Sura Katana from your back and slash the target. Connect to Quadruplet or Corrupt Sword Dance while using this skill to keep using the Sura Katana you just took out.   ◈ Kunoichi’s Awakening Weapon, Sah Chakram A group of big men that appear chiseled from granite are riding horses through a vast, barren land where the wind settles after travelling through a long valley. The most impressive of the bunch shouts at the top of his lungs, "Run, Ichi, Run!" Ichi, lazing on a rock, is suddenly startled and falls to the ground. It's just another day for Ichi and her father, the chief of the Oeki Clan in Ryuta's southeastern region. Her father is always keen on correcting his daughter's slothful ways. The Ryuta region mostly consists of barren lands, and people usually survive off hunting and gathering while leading communal lives. For the Oeki Clan, "Protect yourself" is the chief motto. The Oeki usually use light weapons such as short swords and kunai, but their level of training has been elevated as a result of the recent territorial conflict with the Sonan Clan from across the Turina River. The Oeki chief had always tried to maintain a friendly relationship with them, but to no avail. This will soon be a grave concern for Ichi, too, since she is supposed to inherit the chiefdom. She is smart, talented in many ways, and compassionate, just like a chief's daughter should be. Drought came to the Ryuta region one scorching summer. Just as everyone was about to collapse in exhaustion from the drought, Ichi felt a drop of water hit her nose. It was just a drop, but rain to be sure. Excited, Ichi mounted her horse and galloped to the Turina River in no time. When she stopped by the riverbank to rest, she discovered a woman who had fainted on the other side of the river. Ichi put the woman on her horse and ran to the town. The woman was on the verge of unconsciousness, but the Oeki Clan's care and treatment worked wonders. After waking up, the woman confessed that she was from the Sonan Clan, which embarrassed and upset everyone around her, including the chief. Ichi begged and begged her father to accept her, and the Oeki Clan finally decided to take the Sonan woman in. After fully recovering, the Sonan woman woke Ichi up one night, saying she wanted to show Ichi something. What she brought with her was a traditional Sonan weapon. It was shaped like a gigantic ring big enough to cover one's entire body, and was sharply bladed on one side. The weapon's name was Sah Chakram. Ichi told the Sonan woman that the Sah Chakram reminded her of the gleaming moon, which caused the woman great joy. The woman explained that the circular shape of the Sah Chakram symbolized acceptance of all things and that for everything the beginning and the ending are the same. Of course, Ichi was too young to comprehend all that, but there was something about it that made her deeply compelled to learn the art of the Sah Chakram. Tragedy struck when Ichi just got used to handling the Sah Chakram. The Sonan Clan found the refugee woman, and she knew she had nowhere else to run. After agonizing long and hard, the woman sent a message to her own clan, stating that she was willing to help them infiltrate and destroy the Oeki Clan at once, as long as she would be set free afterward. While Ichi was asleep, the village burned. Chaos reigned as people ran through the camp in a panic and the sounds of weapons clashed in the night. After awakening, Ichi too was forced to fight with nothing more than a short sword she picked up from the ground. No one was able to fight with their full might because the Sonan woman had poured a mysterious substance in the well. The enormous power of the Sah Chakram would also be the Oeki's undoing. The Sonans had been unable to conquer the Oeki before because they were always outnumbered. But this time was different. The Oeki clan was eradicated, save for a few prisoners of war. After managing to flee into the forest, Ichi shed bloodstained tears. After days of crying she sat up, eyes as wide as the full moon. At that moment she swore she'd survive the ordeal. She then returned to her village, only to witness a terrible scene. Amidst a pile of dead bodies, she managed to find a Sah Chakram the Sonans had left behind. She felt a mixture of profound sadness and rage. Ichi searched for the traitor, but it seemed the Sonan woman had already fled the Ryuta region. Ichi softly uttered a vow to her dead father at the foot of his grave: "With this Sah Chakram, I'll make them pay for what they've done. I won't rest until the moon turns pale and all else is covered in the Crimson of blood." ◈ Kunoichi Awakening Weapon Combat Trailer A gigantic circular blade flying throughout the battlefield! Behold the magnitude of Sah Chakram’s force! ◈ Awakening Skills The awakened Kunoichi will now freely wield the bladed Sah Chakram. Based on Kunoichi’s signiture style which involves parsimonious close combat, she can now deal with enemies a little farther away. In the blink of an eye, of course. Sah Chakram embraces Kunoichi like soft moonlight landing on a lake, but it can be merciless in battlefields. Everything will be bathed in bloody red after the Sah Chakram sweeps the place. With the Sah Chakram, Kunoichi’s action becomes even more powerful and flowing while keeping her signature swift movement. The following are some of the prominent Awakening skills: Wheel of Wrath Perform a poweful upper cut followed by an extra attack. It hits critical every single time.   Lunar Dash Dash forward and perform a quick upper slash with the Sah Chakram.  Forward Guard is effective while using the skill. The impacted target gets the  Stiffness effect. Be creative with this skill!   Danse Macabre Mark the target by throwing the Sah Chakram when the enemy’s least expecting, then dash towards its back to reclaim the Sah Chakram and inflict damage.   Lethal Spin Spree Holding the Sah Chakram in both hands, Kunoichi spins fast to inflict damage to the targets nearby. HP recovery amount depends on the number of successful hits.   Chain Crash: Sah Chakram Even Kunoichi cannot control the Sah Chakram’s destructiveness once it leaves her hands. The Sah Chakram knows no mercy when it lands on the enemy’s side.   Delighted Blast Kunoichi shoots fully-charged Sah Chakram’s energy ahead. The impacted targets will be stunned.   Confront the new, real, awakened Ninja and Kunoichi! Enjoy the long-awaited awakenings. 1481119200