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Awaken the Striker Now! Enjoying the thrilling kicks and punches of the Striker yet?    Get ready for a whole new chapter as the Awakening of the Striker is right under our noses!  The Striker gets the ultimate weapon for both offense and defense, Gardbrace   Joined by the blazing spiritual alter ego still veiled in endless possibilities, Echo Spirit!     Check out the combat video of the Striker with his awakening weapon, Gardbrace here:            The martial arts of the fist with the longest history in the Orient is the one involving the movements of the tiger, panther, snake, monkey, and crane. Master had told me it all started when the weak mankind shuddering under the greatness of nature, started mocking the beastial motions of the birds and brutes in hopes of gaining some force to stand against nature itself.   The martial arts I trained follows the foundation of such beastial traditions enhanced with sharp weapons and constructive training. Though in no records could I prove I had come close to matching the great powers of nature and the savages. Even my master had told me there was no more to be learned. This was it. This was when I felt I had come to a halt and hit the barrier.     If I could ever go back to the times before the discovery of metal and fire, where only the strong will to survive against the brutal world existed, Will I be able to surpass my limitations? This question mark haunted me all through the lonesome voyages on sea.   When I had finally disembarked at Calpheon, the worries to find my true roots soon melted away as my days went by buried in the crowd of blue eyes and golden hairs. But this is when yet another desire started blazing up inside. The urge to reach the ultimate realm of martial arts. I needed to be, the master of fighting.   I settled down on a small valley in Southern Calpheon and went into meditation and training right away.   3 years had passed.  My days were spent studying the birds and brutes of Calpheon and trying to imitate their behaviors and motions. This was when I felt enlightened by an unknown force. I wanted to embrace the newly-found energy, resembling that of the elementary nature. But this started going into conflict with all the energy I had attained from my years of training.   6 years had passed. Everything had changed if not in the stage of transition. My breathing had changed completely, and I was letting energy of nature flow naturally within my entire body The concept sounded simple. Putting it into action was a whole different story.   Years of old habits got in the way of the hypogastric breathing, and it was hard to tell if I was actually grasping such energy of nature. But when I finally got around to master the breathing, I could feel the fusion of explosive energies building up a harmony inside.   9 years had passed.  The result was indeed, beyond expectations. My hair speckled with white had regained the golden hue and fresh teeth grew out. The energy of nature saw no limits. My movements flowing ever so naturally was pure martial art. I had reached a whole new realm.   When I had felt nothing could stand in my way, I was neglecting my master’s words   that I should always take a step back to look around myself at the zenith of my days. Overwhelmed in the immense energy, I started losing control and getting drained in the labyrinth of energy. The energies I had thought to be fused were just covering up one another,   colliding incessantly in a wild vortex. I felt split up.. stuck in between the energies old and new. Until… the newly-acquired energy, the spiritual alter ego embodied itself out of my body and though I tried to contain the energy, failed to do so over and over again. I felt hopeless and defeated under my own projection.   And this was when I remembered the promise with my master. We had promised to meet in Goma Naru around this time of our lives. Sure I would receive the answer I need, I was already off to meet my master before dawn. “Put my arrogance behind,     receive the teachings of the master again. the great master will see right through me and give me a solution.”   Little did I know… I was never to meet my master again.                    Awakening Weapon Image   Enjoy and download high-quality images of the Striker in Gardbrace and the blazing spiritual ego, Echo Spirit.              Awakening Skills   Gardbrace enhances the strength of hand-to-hand combat of the Striker by far. The Awakened Striker will be able to use the new, powerful skills accompanied by the Echo Spirit.   Enjoy the fast-paced fighting movements with various combos in the ecstasy of combat.   Image of Gardbrace skills. Notice the Echo Spirit skills in the category as well.     The following are some of the main Awakening skills of the Striker.   Hell Break Grabs the target and slams down hard on the ground.   Infernal Destruction Sweeps the ground to knock down targets and pounds down hard.   Skull Crusher Cartwheels to strike down hard on the ground.   Spiral Cannon Springs forward in a twister like a bullet.   Rampaging Predator Raids the target like a savage beast hungry for meat.   Double Flash Lightens the body to move forward in a flash.         Awakening Quest Awakening Quest for the Striker begins by accepting the quest from Black Spirit as you reach Lv. 56. There are total of 9 quests and upon completion of all the quests, you will be rewarded with the Gardbrace and Awakening skills.     Wednesday June 21st, 2017! Feast your eyes on the truest strike!   Happy Awakening,   Black Desert Online Team     1498042800
A True Strike that Binds the Earth and Sky! Greetings Adventurers. Today we proudly present the 14th class to all awaited fans! A stalwart figure trained from street combat and countless brawls, the Striker will dominate all using nothing but his sturdy body. Check out the story and skill of the Striker now and fall into his charms. Striker Dazzling chandeliers, laughter of the noblewomen, mellow tunes and a feast of brew and food. This was my very first memory. Not too long after did the darkened house fill up with sorrows rather than laughter. With my little hands in my parents’, I was soon on the ship sailing far east. I remember it clearly. Besides the foul stink onboard, we were the unwelcomed nobles from Calpheon met with glaring eyes. When the ship had finally reached unknown destination, three of us had become just one. The land filled with black hair as dark as their eyes. I was nothing but an outsider. For a weak boy picking through the garbage in the street markets, running into my quirky master was sheer luck. With him I wandered all over the continent and learned to be literate along with everything else. When my heart seems to have settled in this once-unfamiliar land, I decided to enter the Grand Tournament, the only shot for an outsider and a brawler like myself to earn a fair title. I took the champion title. The Grand Tournament had granted me the chance to join the Western Frontiers, the guild of finest martial artists without segregation of any kind. I was somewhat ready. But for a vagabond who had not followed any rules and boundaries before, the communal life of strict principles felt like prison bars. My background as a blue-eyed foreigner had already received enough attention and discrimination which put me in introspection. Impoverished and confused, I accepted my master’s suggestion to head West to discover my roots. The place of my birth. The place with those in the same hair color and pupils. For someone like me who drew attention everywhere I went, getting onboard the ship set sail for Goma Naru was the journey to find the ordinary out of an extraordinary life. ◈ Striker Introduction Striker has his roots in Calpheon but learned combat skills from a master in the Orient. Through innumerable real-life fights, he is the master of street combat who can handle anyone with his bare hands. From powerful punches and flashy kicks to energy blasts and acrobatics, Striker is truly a fearsome force. Striker’s main acrobatic skills and combos performed beautifully together are as follows. Adamantine Performs a heavy shoulder charge. A starting skill of a combo that can be connected in so many dynamic ways.   Knee Hammer Closes in instantly and strikes hard with the knee to immobilize the enemy. Leads to a barrage of combos to bring all enemies down.   Twisted Collision Upper cuts to launch the enemy in the air. Smashes down from midair or sends enemies flying in a combo.   Somersault Somersaults to launch the enemy in the air. With the right timing and right height, Striker inflicts an extra kick.   Massive Suppression Pounds fists after a choke-hold to send the enemy flying. A true choke-and-fling skill.   ◈ Striker Combat Overview Check out the fearsome presence of the Striker here: Thank you always for all the support. We only hope to return the favor with more fun, more excitement, and better service. Strike in with Striker! 1495634400
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